Apr. 7. The Freedom's Dream spots the Rocky Rogue.
(Airship) (Envoy) (City of Hands) (Kaela) (Paradys Lost) (Roho) (Wynona) (Zoltan)
The Freedom's Dream
This faintly exotic-looking airship makes its way across the skies, newly refitted, a gleaming jewel of a craft with "Freedom's Dream" proudly emblazoned on the side … though the keen-eyed might be able to spot some painted-over scratches that would, to a Vartan, translate as "Shokar's Silver Bell". Another hint at its Vartan origins is a figurehead that resembles the upper body of a hippogryph, wings spread back, carved to appear to be bursting forth from swirls of "cloud" carved lovingly in wood.

Night has fallen not long ago, and most of the Eeee are starting to stir from their slumber, many of them inclined to revert to nocturnal tendencies on a ship mostly crewed by Eeee … especially when their skills are especially useful at night.

Toward the back of the ship, Wynona has already gotten out and set up her magic circle, redirecting air to jet backwards and thrust the "zeppelin" forward over an ocean of broken clouds. Fortunately, she hasn't started sniffling yet.

In their shared stateroom, Envoy cleans up the remains of the evening meal she brought for Kaela.

Zoltan slowly climbs down from the riggings on the ship. He's just repaired a few of the older ropes up there.

A pair of large tan ears poke up onto the deck, followed soon thereafter by the rest of the fox. Roho walks out onto the deck, carrying his staff now, and walks to the middle. He stands there, eyes closed, just sniffing the night air…

Kaela quietly sits in one corner of the stateroom. She's remained shuttered up in that room for the whole voyage so far, only agreeing to let Envoy visit her.

A bat patrol flutters onto the deck. "No sign of any ships anywhere near us," one squeaks by way of report. "Looks like clear sailing!"

"Thank Dagh for small favor… " Zoltan murmurs to himself.

Envoy sits next to Kaela, and says, "You should get some fresh air. Have you seen the figurehead yet?"

Roho walks over to a railing, and sits on the low bench there. He wraps his thick, battered cloak around himself.

Zoltan starts coiling the old rope. It's brittle, but might come in handy later. He spots Roho out of the corner of his eye and smiles at the fennec. "Hello doctor… how you likes trip so far?"

Roho smiles, "Hi, Zoltan. Trip's fine, but I'm having a hard time sleeping belowdecks. Happened on the way from Babel, too. What are you doing out at this hour?"

A tall, dark gray bat known as Boghaz, previously known as son of Sabaoth, comes up from below-decks, stretching his wings and yawning, then pausing to breathe in the fresh, crisp air. He slowly makes his way to the navigator's station.

Zoltan chuckles. "Is sleep strange hours when working on airship. Chores no sleep. As long as there warm meal waiting at end I no mind much."

Zoltan spies his captain and straightens himself up. He makes a quick gesture of greeting and goes back to working on the last bits of the rope.

Kaela looks up towards Envoy and shakes her head.

Envoy smiles to the kit, "Will you at least practice your dancing?"

Boghaz notices Zoltan and nods, continuing … and then he stops himself and walks back over to the dark Vartan. "It seems our journey has gotten off to a rocky start. Are our chances of locating Paradys in any way affected adversely?"

Roho's ears perk, half-listening to the news of the journey, as he huddles by the railing.

Kaela blinks slowly. "I don't feel like dancing," she signs. "And it won't help any, anyway."

Envoy says, "There must be something you'd like to do?"

Some of the bats who have nothing better to do have gathered in a circle on the deck in a spot sheltered by a few stacked (and tied-down) crates, and have started playing some instruments. Boghaz jerks his head toward the noise, but then smiles, deciding that he enjoys some music after all – especially that in the style of his homeland.

Zoltan's brow wrinkles in thought. "Is no sure. Think there mights be more trouble when we arrive than I first thoughts… but Zoltan thinks there probably still way to track island from city."

Boghaz frowns. "Hmm, 'probably' doesn't make me happy, but I recognize there are always risks. Paradys is certainly worth the risk. You've done well." He pats the Vartan on the shoulder, then heads on toward the navigator's booth.

Kaela shrugs a little bit, absently scratching at the fur around her neck, where her collar used to be. "I wish we were there already. So we could just finish this."

Envoy cocks an ear towards the ceiling. "I think some of the crew are playing music."

Zoltan bounces a bit at the sound of the music… it drowns out the sound of that chanting mage very nicely.

Kaela sighs quietly, leaning in against Envoy's side.

Zoltan puts the rope away and ambles back to Roho. "I going below to get something to drink. You wanna come with?"

Roho smiles, "Well, I'm not getting sleepy anytime soon apparently… why not?" He stands.

Zoltan grins and makes a 'follow me' gesture that Roho obviously can't see, then starts walking towards one of the ladders that leads down below.

Roho follows the Vartan to the ladder . o O ( I'll give Vartans one thing, they're easier to follow than any other species I know! )

Envoy hums along to the music filtering through the deck.

Kaela dozes off, relaxed against Envoy.

Zoltan heads down the corridor that leads to the storage room, there's always some casks of interesting liquids in there. He pauses at Envoy and Kaela's doorway. ( Might as well invite them along, the child probably shouldn't drink anything… but Envoy might be able to come along. )

There are a few bat cries from the deck. "Ship! PIRATES!" One of the scouts grumbles, "Honest! I didn't see a thing!" The music abruptly stops.

Envoy waits for Kaela to fall further into sleep, then tucks her into the bunk and slips out of the room.

Zoltan blinkblinks!

Roho follows Zoltan through the corridors, then raises his head, "Did you hear a shout, Zoltan?"

Zoltan's ears flatten. "Is think there trouble… maybe they fake pirates, but I doubts it." He gently pushes past Roho and half runs, half flies back towards the deck.

Another bat cries, "No! Don't start raising the sails! That will slow us DOWN, don't you understand? With the mage … well, there's no time to explain!"

Roho pads quietly behind the hippogryph, making his way towards the deck…

As Zoltan reaches the deck, he can see … darkness out there. No, wait, there's this very faint glimmer… Something IS out there.

Envoy follows the commotion up onto the deck.

Roho turns as Envoy emerges beside him, then finds an out-of-the way place to stand ready.

Zoltan rushes up to the side of the deck, squinting his eyes.

"It's a pirate ship!" a bat squeaks. "They're so brazen they fly the skull and crossbones on their SAILS!"

Zoltan looks to Captain Boghaz, "You wants me to fly out to get better look? They no see me at night with black feathers."

If there's a ship out there, it's a black one that blends into the night fairly well … but then, it is betrayed as a dark shadow which passes in front of the clouds. An airship, certainly, and moving at a pace comparable to that of the Freedom's Dream.

Envoy peers at the silhouette of the other ship.

Boghaz nods his head. "Be careful, though. Don't tire yourself. We're moving along at a fast clip thanks to the air mage. Just as long as she doesn't sneeze."

Perhaps that fake pirate ship from the previous journey was fairly authentic after all. The craft faintly visible out there is a dead ringer for the one that "attacked" the Savan Queen during that last journey to the jungle.

Zoltan mumbles a quick prayer and launches himself from off the deck.

Envoy hmms. There isn't any reason two different ships shouldn't look alike.

Zoltan tries to keep himself angled so that his flight won't be given away by any passing clouds. He squints at the deck of the ship… hoping to catch a glimpse at its passengers. ( Bah… if only I could see in the dark like the Khatta do… )

The lanterns on the deck are all quickly shuttered in hopes that the pirate ship hasn't seen them yet. One of the bats squeaks, "It's … It's BLACKEAR THE PIRATE! I've heard about him! We're all DOOMED!" *smack* "Thanks. I needed that."

Envoy looks up at the hysterical Eeee, wondering what is so special about having black ears?

The lantern lights of the other ship are shuttered as well, but there is a ring of what are probably candle lights toward the aft of the ship … a ring just like that around where Wynona would be back on the Freedom's Dream. Some shapes can be seen moving about … hard to pick out, but humanoid, and no fliers can be seen just yet.

Zoltan growls to himself. Should he fly closer and risk capture or try and get back to the ship? He takes a deep breath and angles down a bit closer, hoping that the darkness will continue to hide him… and that the candles might light up the figure on the deck.

Shadows occasionally block the glow of the candles. There is a figure dancing within the ring of candles, and other figures dancing in a circle around them. Cheetahs.

Envoy tries to pick out Zoltan against the clouds.

Envoy goes over to one of the Eeee on deck and asks if there are any bows and arrows aboard.

The Eeee nods. "Yep!" He thumbs over his shoulder at some bats who are already sporting some ranged weapons of that sort.

Envoy smiles her thanks and goes over to see if she can have a bow.

Zoltan orients on the dancing cheetas and places a stone in his sling. He tences himself for a quick getaway as soon as he flings it…

Roho sits near the hatch, clutching his staff tightly, feeling like so much extra baggage right about now…

Zoltan whirls his sling over his head and lets the stone fly.

The stone hits the railing of the "pirate ship", making a loud *crack*, then disappearing into the darkness below.

The dance continues, uninterrupted. But some of the other Savanites on the ship are moving about.

Zoltan quickly changes position in the air, hoping that the night continues to hide him, he tries to get in just a bit closer as well from his new angle.

After a bit of convincing required, one of the bats lets Envoy hold his bow and arrows. He had a cold coming on anyway.

As Zoltan comes in closer, he notices some more movement toward the fore of the ship … another ring of dancers? But there are no points of light to suggest candles there. Nonetheless, his odds seem better here.

Envoy thanks the bat, and goes back to rail to watch the other ship.

Zoltan reorients on the new dancers; he takes a deep breath, loads his sling, and lets the stone fly one final time.

Kaela stretches and yawns belowdeck. She casually glances out the porthole, then quickly gets up and hurries up onto the deck of the airship, looking about quickly.

Whoop! Bad luck. The stone drops out of the sling before Zoltan can get it properly flung.

Envoy motions Kaela over to the railing.

Zoltan grumbles… he's running out of stones and his wings are tiring. He pulls out another stone, kisses it and loads his sling again.

Boghaz mutters, "What's taking the Vartan so long? Is he still in the air? Did they hit him?"

Kaela hurries over to Envoy's side. She signs, "What's going on?"

Envoy says, "Does that look like the Rocky Rogue to you, Kaela? Zoltan is investigating it."

The black ship seems to be a bit hazy now. Maybe Zoltan's eyes are fogging up?

Kaela nods a few times to Envoy. "That's it!"

( Here we go. Please… if only to slow them down. ) The Vartan lets the stone fly with all his might.

Wynona sniffles in between beats, but keeps on chanting.

The shot SHOULD have been right on target … but the image is … so hazy. In fact … the ship seems to be blending in with its surroundings right before the Vartan's eyes.

Envoy blinks as the silhouette begins to fade…

Envoy says, "Magic."

Wynona "nghs". The ship bobs a bit.

Zoltan angles back towards the Freedom's Dream. Whipping his wings as fast as he can.

Fortunately, the Vartan's eyes aren't getting foggy after all. The Freedom's Dream is quite clearly ahead.

Kaela frowns hard at the other ship. "Can we get to the City of Hands before them?"


Several bats squeal as suddenly the lurch of the ship sends them rolling. (They're a lot more light-weight than the others on the deck.)

Kaela scrabbles and holds tightly to the railing as the ship lurches beneath her.

Roho acks as he suddenly finds himself rolling. He winds up against a railing, where he picks himself up and carefully works his way back to the hatch.

"Sails!" squeaks one of the bats. "Put out the sails! Can't let them catch us dead in the air!"

Zoltan dives down to the deck as fast as he can… his goal is speed more than anything right now. His hooves *WHAM* against the wood as he touches down, and promptly falls over as the ship lurches.

Envoy grabs for Kaela.

The Eeee and Savanite crew scrambles to hurriedly put out the sails, as the "jet" of air that has been propelling the ship whips about and fizzles away entirely.

Roho wraps himself around a sturdy piece of the deck, and hangs on tight!

Kaela looks up at Envoy nervously as she's gathered in close to the Aeolun.

At last, things on the deck calm down considerably. The spell has subsided, thankfully without any large explosions or sudden storms. Or, at least, none that have popped up just yet.

Zoltan sturdies himself, he shouts to his captain. "Ship is going invisible! They gots mages aboard."

A couple of white bat legs stick out of a pile of sacks. "*moannnnn*!"

Boghaz furrows his brow. "Invisible? They're going to attack us while invisible? Those dastardly cowards!"

Zoltan growls and starts working on the sails as fast as his sore arms can manage.

Kaela swallows hard. "She can't have freed the Twelve-times-Twelve already," she signs. "There wasn't time to get to the City… "

Envoy says, "Zoltan! What did you see?"

Zoltan scrawks to Envoy as he madly unties the ropes that bind the sails, "Is see two circles of dancers… one in candles and one in dark."

Some Savanites pull an apologetic and sniffling white bat out of a pile of sacks. She dusts herself off, then returns to her circle, righting the toppled candles (which all went out in the gust) and setting to starting over again… which ought to take a while.

Envoy says, "Dancers? What do you mean?"

Kaela looks up at Envoy quickly. She signs, "How many dancers?"

Zoltan takes his anger out on the ropes. "DANCERS!" He motions to Kaela for a moment, indicating that they were Savanites; it probably wouldn't be a good idea to let the crew know that the mages are cheetahs.

Envoy says, "One dancer in a circle of candles, and others outside of it. Did you see anyone else?"

"Can we do something to hide ship? Or maybe slow pirates down?" The Vartan angrily scrawks.

Kaela nudges Envoy several more times. She urgently signs, "How many dancers?"

Envoy says, "I don't think they're pirates… "

A bat squeaks, "Hide? Hide this ship? I don't think so… "

Envoy signs, "One… " to Kaela.

Kaela looks confused. "But… he said there were two circles of dancers… how could there only be one dancer?"

Envoy says, "But we have to slow them down. I doubt they can use magic to move their ship and hide it at the same time."

Boghaz makes his way over to Wynona. "This time, just do it the regular way, pushing the sails. We can't afford dead time the next time you sneeze. And you obviously HAVEN'T been cured of your allergies."

Envoy signs, "Only one in the circle of candles. Only one that does the magic."

Zoltan squawks, "Was others on deck I thinks… crew." He manages to unfurl one of the sails and starts working on another. "Is fogbank anywhere? Clouds? Maybe even storm? Crew probably no good at flying as we. Maybe no as fast… but we probably more maneuverable."

Kaela frowns. "Just ask him. How many other dancers were there? It's important!"

Envoy says, "Zoltan, how many dancers did you see, exactly?"

Zoltan squawks, "Ten."

Kaela suddenly looks immensely relieved. "Thank you," she signs.

Zoltan squawks, "Two group of five. Four on outside of circle and one inside."

A bat, Zebulun, squeaks back, "The clouds are piling up in that direction. If we have to, we can head right in. It doesn't matter to US if we can't see… except we didn't spot that ship earlier, either, and I don't CARE if it's black… "

Envoy signs to Kaela, "What does it mean?"

Zoltan's ears go back even more. "Invisible ship still disturb clouds… might make easier to see if they decide to follow."

Envoy says, "They'll try to get ahead of us. How can we slow them down?"

The bat nods, and flutters over to Boghaz with the suggestion.

Kaela just signs, "It means she hasn't gotten to the City yet."

Zoltan hands tremble with exaustion as he continues to work on the ropes. His fear and anger are the only things keeping his on his feet right now.

Envoy shifts her quiver of arrows around so that it rests against her chest.

Envoy goes over to Roho, "Do you have anything that will cause nausea or sleepiness if it burns?"

Roho blinks at Envoy, "Not offha – wait. Yes, I have something that will cause dizzines. But you need to breathe the smoke fairly concentrated, and it won't last too long."

Envoy says, "That will do, I think. I only need to distract their mage."

Zoltan opens up another sail and rushes to one of the final ones as soon as it's secure. He roughly shoves Eees out of the way as he yanks the ropes free.

Roho nods, "I'll bring it… " He disappears belowdecks.

Several Eeee squeak and tumble as the Vartan runs amok! But he IS getting it done faster…

Kaela remains near to the railing, holding onto it tightly. She just stares towards the spot where the pirate ship used to be visible…

Roho returns with a tied bundle of dried leaves. "I don't have too much of this, I hope it'll do." He hands the bundle to Envoy.

Envoy says, "Thank you, Roho!"

The sail unfurls as the Vartan's shaking hands tie it into place. The rope soaks in his dripping sweat. As soon as he finishes Zoltan snatches up his sling and joins the Eee poised at the deck with their bows and arrows.

Envoy places the bundle into the quiver.

Several bat ears swivel about. "I don't hear anything." "SHADDUP!" "How are we supposed to spot an invisible ship?" "SHADDUP!"

"Be careful." Zoltan hoarsely croaks to Envoy. "We needs you later… come back as fast as you can if it get dangerous."

Roho stands at the railing by Envoy and Kaela, clutching it with one hand, his walking staff in the other. He keeps his ears and nose pointed towards the sky…

Envoy nods, and takes up a torch. She's not too concerned about being seen…

Envoy hops over the rail, and wings towards where she projects the black airship should be.

Kaela smiles up at Envoy.

Kaela signs, "Be careful."

Envoy waves back to Kaela!

Kaela edges over a little closer to Roho's side.

The clouds drift by, billowing up higher as the Freedom's Dream intentionally steers into the thick of them.

Zoltan keeps his eyes focused on Envoy, he tenses himself to fly after her if need be… even if he's too exhausted to make the flight back.

Zoltan mumbles hoarsely to the Eee nearby, "Listen for her. If you hear anything… let Zoltan know."

The bat nods, and shuffles over to a quieter part of the deck to listen.

Hours of fruitless searching later, Envoy still has yet to find any trace of the other ship. Perhaps it changed course after hiding itself. Maybe it is maneuverable enough to see the approaching torchlight and avoid it. Or maybe it's just too fast.

Envoy dives back into the clouds, following the wake of the Freedom's Dream after giving up the search.

"Incoming!" squeaks one of the bats, moments before the approaching torchlight can be seen.

Zoltan jerks his head upwards, violet eyes scanning the sky.

Envoy comes in slow, white and gold wings showing clearly as she lands at the stern.

Zebulun's jaw drops at the torch-bearing angelic being soaring in through wisps of cloud. "Wow. The way you flew in like that … that was beautiful." He blink-blinks at himself, then shakes his head, and flutters off to tend to something else and look busy.

Zoltan runs up to Envoy. "What you find?"

Puffs of cloud whip by, then break up as they catch the magical wind now blowing the ship along – since Wynona finally managed to recast a spell and hasn't sneezed … yet.

Kaela hurries over towards Envoy, swallowing hard.

Envoy pants, "Nothing."

Kaela gives Envoy a quick, tight hug. She's been worried about her for the past few hours…

Envoy sets aside the bow and quiver. "I need to eat something soon."

Zoltan sighs. "We need to fly as fast as we can. Is would be very bad if they get there first." ( Maybe if we're lucky… the shadow mage won't have heard about the zapping barrier over the ruins. One can pray… )

Kaela signs, "How much longer until we reach the City of Hands?"

Boghaz walks up to the group, followed by some servants bearing several fruits. "I heard someone wanted something to eat? How about joining me below-decks? I certainly appreciate your efforts on the behalf of the Freedom's Dream. I sincerely hope we've lost those pirates."

Zoltan looks at his Captain, then back to Envoy.

Envoy smiles, "Thank you, Captain."

Envoy takes the herb package out of the quiver, and looks for Roho.

Zoltan nods eagerly… his stomach also voices its approval. *GgGrrROWL!*

Boghaz smiles and leads the way below-decks. Meanwhile, Azhtar remains above, still keeping vigil for anything that might break through these clouds … or maybe just watching for the sake of watching.

Kaela pauses for a moment, then goes to follow Envoy and the others.

Zoltan follows behind. ( I hope they have meat at the table… and not just Eee tidbits. At this point I'll happily eat some of those bugs I see everyone else devouring. )

Envoy follows along, keeping close to Kaela.

After a meal below-decks, thankfully serving more than just bugs and fruits, eventually things clear out, leaving Envoy and Kaela alone, while Boghaz has gone up to the deck and Roho and Zoltan have gone to get some rest after the night's adventures.

Kaela moves over towards Envoy. "I've been thinking," she signs.

Envoy sits on the edge of the bunk, and nods.

Kaela sits next to Envoy, quietly working through her plans. "Even if we get there first… Jezebel won't be far behind."

Envoy says, "We can't attack her ship though, your mother may be on it."

Kaela nods a few times. "She's on it." There's no question in her mind about that. "It just means… that I have to do things fast once we get to the City… And it would be best if the others weren't watching me."

Envoy nods.

Kaela pauses for several moments. "Perhaps… it would be best if you took them to the map room… " She doesn't look particularly pleased with the prospect, though.

Envoy says, "I had only planned to take you and Zoltan inside. You mentioned there were hidden buildings that didn't appear on the map. Can you use one of those?"

Kaela nods a bit. "I will, but only for a few minutes. I have to get to the Twelve-times-Twelve before Jezebel does, and free them if I can. If not… I'll just have to persuade them… "

Kaela signs, "No one else should see… if you can find something to occupy them… "

Envoy nods, thinking…

Envoy says, "Jezebel has never been to the City, and we know where the traps are."

Kaela nods a little bit. "I thought about that too, but I don't know what good it would do us… there are no traps near the palace ruins… "

Kaela signs, "I don't think she knows about the map room… "

Envoy says, "We could set a trap there."

Kaela looks up at Envoy. "What sort of trap?"

Envoy says, "The entrance can only be opened and closed from the outside."

Kaela swallows a bit. "You would trap her within?"

Envoy says, "It would give you time."

Kaela nods slowly. "If we need the time… then all right. I would rather the Twelve-times-Twelve deal with her… It would be more… " She ponders the appropriate word for several moments before finally signing, "… right."

Envoy nods.

Envoy says, "There isn't anything they can do inside the chamber, I think. And there is a boobytrap on the entrance."

Kaela nods softly. "All right. But Jezebel will come straight to the palace, I think… "

Envoy smiles, "What palace?"

Kaela fidgets a bit. "The ruins, I mean… where the Twelve-times-Twelve are… "

Envoy says, "We can block the entrance. Or rather, you will have to."

Envoy says, "Azhtar will be with you, I hope? And maybe Janus."

Kaela signs, "Azhtar can come. But it won't matter. If I can't sway the Twelve-times-Twelve, it won't matter if others are with me or not."

Envoy says, "Be sure to wear your princess clothes."

Envoy says, "The Priest-King recognized you, so should the Twelve-times-Twelve."

Kaela nods a few times. "I was planning to."

Envoy says, "Do you know how to wake the shamans?"

Kaela shakes her head. "No… but I'll think of something. I have to."

Envoy hmms, "It would help if you thought of that something before we arrived."

Envoy says, "Jezebel could just wait until the Freedom's Dream has left before coming in herself, if you can't rouse the ancient mages."

Envoy says, "Then we'd have to kill her."

Kaela shakes her head softly. "If I can't rouse them… then you must leave me. I'll hide somewhere until Jezebel wakes them, and then confront her."

Envoy blinks three times at Kaela.

Envoy says, "Why should I leave you? Is Jezebel so much fiercer than the Priest-King was?"

Envoy says, "And how can you confront her if she still has hold over your mother?"

Envoy says, "We will also need plans for rescuing her."

Kaela shakes her head. "I mean… the ship will have to leave… so she thinks I'm gone, too… "

Envoy says, "The ship will be leaving before we are finished anyway."

Kaela signs, "She won't hurt my mother… if she did, no one would follow her… "

Envoy says, "They only want a map to an island they seek. And Jezebel won't need to hurt her in order to hurt you."

Envoy says, "Your mother does not want you to practice magic, does she?"

Kaela shakes her head. "I don't think so… "

Envoy says, "I do not what Jezebel's powers are, but I see no reason to let you face them alone if it comes to that."

Kaela shakes her head a few times. "I won't face just Jezebel's powers… Either I'll sway the Twelve-times-Twelve and be safe, or they'll follow her, and no one will be safe… "

Envoy says, "That cannot be allowed, Kaela. Jezebel should not even set foot in the palace courtyard."

Kaela looks up at Envoy. "Do you think you can stop her?"

Envoy says, "There is one far better able to do so. Janus."

Envoy says, "He can at least slow her down and harass her from the jungle."

Envoy says, "But if you cannot rouse the Twelve-times-Twelve, and Jezebel is about to get to them… you should consider the possibility of destroying them first."

Kaela shakes her head quickly. "They will not follow her simply because she rouses them… I only thought that if I couldn't rouse them… I might hide somewhere nearby and watch Jezebel do it… and then confront her with her crimes in front of them."

Envoy says, "Jezebel has ways of controlling people. She may use this on the mages before rousing. I can only speculate, and I am probably adding to your worries needlessly."

Kaela fidgets. "Jezebel can't be more powerful than them… "

Envoy says, "After thousands of years of warding, it is uncertain."

Kaela fidgets nervously. Envoy was right. She's adding to her worries. "It's all I can do," she signs. "I can't do any more… "

Envoy nods.

Envoy says, "I will make sure the air mage, Wynona, can send an alarm if Jezebel's ship arrives while this one is moored. There was only one mooring spot that I saw."

Kaela nods softly. "Okay. I'm… going to try to get some sleep. Do you know how long until we get there?"

Envoy says, "I don't know. It will depend on when Wynona is recovered enough to drive the ship again at full speed."

Envoy turns down the bedclothes for Kaela.

Kaela climbs into the bed and curls up tightly, burying her muzzle between her knees.

Envoy smiles to the kit, and says, "Say hello to the Princess for me, if you see her." She then sits down with her back against the door, and goes into the state that serves as sleep for her.

Kaela closes her eyes and slowly drifts to sleep. . o { I hope I do see her again… }


GMed by Greywolf

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