Apr. 6. Roho is visited by several patients on the Freedom's Dream.
(Airship) (Envoy) (City of Hands) (Paradys Lost) (Roho) (Wynona) (Zoltan)
The Freedom's Dream
This faintly exotic-looking airship makes its way across the skies, newly refitted, a gleaming jewel of a craft with "Freedom's Dream" proudly emblazoned on the side … though the keen-eyed might be able to spot some painted-over scratches that would, to a Vartan, translate as "Shokar's Silver Bell". Another hint at its Vartan origins is a figurehead that resembles the upper body of a hippogryph, wings spread back, carved to appear to be bursting forth from swirls of "cloud" carved lovingly in wood.


Wynona looks miserable, as she sits on a table in Roho's office. "Ugh. I was doing so well. Not safe for me to try casting a wind spell like this… "

Roho chuckles, "Wynona, it seems you've had this problem since I've known you. Not exactly a sudden thing, is it?"

Wynona sniffles, "No … but it comes and goes. And each time it goes, I keep hoping it will stay that way."

Roho rasps, "When did it start up again?"

Wynona sniffles. "Well … a few days ago, before we shoved off, I was in the park, and there was this awful smell from some bait… " (sniff) "I just started sneezing again. Ugh. I was starting to get the sniffles again, anyway, though. It just comes and goes."

"My ears are getting better, though," Wynona says. "They stop up a lot, but when they're clear, I can hear a lot better. I still can't find my way around in the dark, though," she grimaces, wrinkling her nose.

Roho chuckles and starts some water boiling, "Well, has it gotten any better since we went airborne?"

Wynona nods. "I think so. I think the fresh air does me good."

Roho drops some leaves in the water, "Wynona, I don't think it's going to go away for good. I think your body has an allergy to something. I'm not even going to guess what, but if it comes and goes, it's probably something in the plants… "

Someone taps lightly on the door.

Wynona sniffles and frowns. "That's not what I like to hear. I wasn't ALWAYS like this. I mean, I first started noticing it when I was in the College Esoterica … It's real musty there… I mean… " She looks to the door. "Hello?"

Roho turns to the door, "Come in!" He stirs the broth…

Envoy opens the door and enters, "Hello, are you very busy?"

Wynona smiles and waves a wingtip. "Hello, Envoy! I'm just seeing the doctor about my sniffles. I figured it was worth a try. *SNIFF*"

Roho smiles, "No, come on in. I'm just making some stuff for Wynona's nose."

Envoy smiles to the mage-bat, "Do you have allergies, Wynona?"

Wynona nods. "Yah." *sniffle*

Envoy thinks of all the flowers and plants in the jungles of the Savan…

Envoy says, "Roho, you know a lot about herbs. A Savanite had mentioned that there were some herbs that could be used to ward off the bloodflies and predatory vines of the Savan jungles. Would you know about these?"

Roho pushes the steaming bowl in Wynona's direction, and drapes a towel over her head. "Breathe this steam for a few minutes. We'll see if things are any better then."

The towel-draped head nods, and then leans over the bowl. The bat breathes deeply.

Roho nods, "Some. I've spent a lot of time in the Savan territories, though more often the drier areas."

Envoy says, "I've been attacked by the flies and vines before. Do you have any of the herbs here, or know where to get them?"

Roho shakes his head, "No, the only herbs I have here is my own private stock, plus what I could find on Rephidim. I haven't been to the Savan in a long time."

Envoy frowns, "That's too bad, they would have been very useful. Maybe someone can help you find them when we arrive… "

Roho rasps, "But, once we get there, it shouldn't be too hard to find. Depending on where we go."

Wynona coughs, sniffles, then resumes breathing deeply again. "I think it's work – *ACHOO!* … nevermind."

Envoy smiles again, "That's good. Do you know what Wynona is allergic to yet?"

"Just about everything," comes a muffled mutter from underneath the cloth.

Roho chuckles, "I don't know. I guess I could observe her for a while, checking what cycles her sneezing comes and goes with. Or try testing some plants on her."

Wynona shudders. "Do we have to?"

Envoy looks at the suffering bat. "Have you checked the soap she uses to wash her clothes?"

*rapraprap* There comes a tapping at the door.

Roho shakes his head, "No, this is her first time coming to me. That's a good suggestion! What do you use, Wynona?"

Envoy goes to the door and opens it a crack. "Hello?"

Wynona uhms, "Well … soap. I don't know what KIND it is."

Azhtar is visible behind the door, looking a bit ill. She signs, "Oh, good, you're here. May I come in?"

Wynona, the cloth still draped over her head, muffles, "Who's there?"

Envoy turns and asks, "Azhtar would like to come in. I would suggest Wynona not bathe or wash her clothes for several days to see if it alters her reactions."

Wynona gasps! "Not bathe or WASH? That's … that's … that's disgusting!" She'd cover her face at the thought, if it weren't covered already.

Roho nods at Envoy, "That's a good idea. Come in Azhtar." He turns back to Wynona, "Can you do that, do you think?"

Envoy opens the door for the Savanite and smiles.

Azhtar comes in, looking a bit nauseous. She leans against a table, then signs to Envoy, "I haven't travelled by air in a while. Can you see if the doctor has anything for air sickness?"

Envoy nods to Azhtar, and asks, "Do you have anything for air sickness, Master Roho?"

Wynona grumbles. "If anybody complains, though… "

Envoy says, "Perhaps if you just used warm water to wash with, Wynona. Or summoned a little storm cloud for a shower, like you did before."

Roho starts rooting through the cabinets, "Well, you can always use plain water, Wynona… "

Wynona sighs. "Well, I'll see what I can do… I wouldn't want to make everyone sick of me."

Envoy doesn't suggest that Wynona might be allergic to the fabrics of her own clothing. She doesn't think the bat will agree to being both unwashed AND naked just to see if it helps her allergies…

Azhtar signs to Envoy, "How is Kaela doing? I worry about her."

Envoy signs to Azhtar, "She is emotionally exhausted, and resting. It may be a while before she is willing to have company."

Azhtar nods. "I understand. I will not disturb her," she signs.

Envoy signs, "How are you doing? I heard the Audit found the hands, and there is now a bounty on you."

Wynona sniffs. "Boy. It got real quiet out there. Nobody's planning on doing something sneaky to me while my head is covered, are you? I don't react well to practical jokes, you know."

Roho chuckles, "I think they're talking… can't be sure, though… "

Envoy blinks, and asks, "I did not know jokes had to be practical?"

Azhtar looks to Envoy and nods, ignoring the towel-covered bat. "Yes. I received word while I was away from the Temple, investigating a lead on a ship that might bear us to the Savan – this ship, that is. Plans have changed. I cannot return to Rephidim to make my report."

Envoy signs, "I will make the report for you then."

Envoy says, "Wynona, do you know if this ship uses normal molecular hydrogen gas or if it is using tritium isotope for lift?"

Roho gets out a wooden pipe, and starts packing it with dried leaves, "About time for the second part of your nasal treatment… "

Azhtar looks to Envoy, and signs, "That will depend upon whether there is anyone left there to receive your report. The balance of power is changing in Rephidim. There will be a new Captain-Astromancer soon. And alliances are shifting."

Wynona is silent a few moments, before responding (to which question? It's interchangeable… ), "What?"

Envoy signs to Azhtar, "The Captain-Astromancer can be deposed if necessary."

Azhtar's ears flick at this, then signs, "Don't sign such things. It's true enough, but I don't like such suggestions, even though I have no love for the Temple."

Envoy assumes Wynona was responding to her question, and tries to clarify it. "Tritium is a heavier form of hydrogen, containing two extra neutrons in the atomic nucleus."

Wynona rrrrs, "Well, whatever's in that bag, it's not hydrogen. I think it's something else."

Envoy says, "I see. I was hoping to confirm a theory of mine regarding radioactive elements on Sinai."

Roho places a few leaves in front of Azhtar, then takes the towel from Wynona. He lights the pipe with a splint from the little stove he heated the water on, "Take a few breaths from this. It tastes lousy."

Roho grins, "I'm told my bedside manner is lousy… "

Envoy says, "That is okay, Roho. Your patients are not on beds."

Wynona wrinkles her nose. "Well, at least you're honest." She takes a few breaths. She doesn't look like a happy bat.

Azhtar looks to Envoy and signs, "Am I to chew this? Or is it to be made into tea?" She points to the leaves.

Envoy asks Roho how to use the leaves…

Roho rasps, "Just chew it. Once in the morning, and once at night, should be enough… "

Azhtar nods, and signs to Envoy to please convey her thanks to the kind doctor, and picks up the leaves. She looks eager to try something out as soon as possible.

Envoy thanks Roho for Azhtar.

Roho smiles, "You're welcome. I hope it works."

Azhtar bows, then heads out of the office, leaves in hand, looking queasy but hopeful.

Roho smiles, "Feeling any better, Wynona?"

Wynona gags. "Am I supposed to? … Well, I haven't sneezed in a while… "

Roho takes the pipe back and taps it out, "Give it a minute… "

Envoy says, "Perhaps a filter of some sort can be put over your nose, Wynona. A silk kerchief might be sufficient… "

Wynona hmms. "Except that might get messy if I have to sneeze. But it would look rather exotic. Hmmm."

Wynona imagines herself in a Himaatian Nights look.

Roho chuckles, "Up to you, Wynona… could even help."

Wynona says, "Okay. And if it doesn't work … then I just have a silk hankie, I guess."

Envoy says, "Perhaps there are some antihistamic or immunodepressant herbs you can use. The Savan jungles are thick with exotic plants and animals."

Roho ignores Envoy…

Wynona says, "Uhmmmm… "

Wynona shrugs apologetically, "I'm sorry, but I don't know that language."

Envoy blinks. "I suppose it is forbidden anyway by some sect within the Temple."

Wynona says, "Well, I guess we'll just see when I get there. Oh boy. I won't actually have to go INTO the jungle, will I? I mean, surely I can just stay with the ship while everyone gets off. I mean, I'm just here to push the ship along, that's all."

Roho grins, "That depends on how long we stay, and what we do. Which isn't my business, I'm just the doctor."

Envoy says, "I don't think the ship will be staying there long."

Wynona squeaks, "Well, that's fine with me. I don't like long stay-overs in the middle of nowhere. It took me long enough to get back to civilization after my journey to Ur… "

A black Vartan taptaps on the doorway with his knuckle before poking his head into the room. "Roho? Was told to come see you… think I hurt shoulder while on deck."

Envoy waves to Zoltan!

Wynona blinks several times, then squeaks, "HERBIR!" She leaps off the table and flutters over to the Vartan, throwing her arms around him. "You're ALIVE!"

Roho grins, "Rush hour in the doctor's office… c'mon in, Zoltan!"

Zoltan stumbles backwards a few steps as he's pounced by the bat. "Ack!"

Roho blinks, "Herbir?"

Wynona blinks at the Vartan. "Herbir? Don't you remember me? It's me! Wynona! You know – flappyhappyhocuspocussneezywheezybatbat!" She grins.

Zoltan gently pulls Wynona off. "You second person to call me thats. Is sorry… but you gots Zoltan mixed up with someone else."

Envoy blinks, and tries not to giggle!

Wynona blinks a few more times, until at last she's convinced she made a mistake after all. Her wings and shoulders droop. She sighs, "Oh … I'm sorry. I thought … "

Wynona sniffles, and goes back to sit on the table again.

Zoltan rubs his shoulder and takes a seat next to Envoy.

Roho moves over behind Zoltan, and starts probing at his shoulder, "Any sniffles yet, Wynona?"

Wynona says, "Yeah, a little, but that's not my allergies… "

Zoltan squawks, "This Herbir seem popular bird." He winces a bit at Roho's touch. "Where you know him from?"

Roho droops a little, "You'll have to tell me about Herbir, sometime… " He turns back to Zoltan, "It feels like you've popped this shoulder out and back about a hundred times! Has it bothered you before?"

"The Lalee-Papu," Wynona answers. "We both served aboard that airship. Until … over the Himaat … I'm sorry. You look so much like him, you stirred up some memories. I mean, I didn't know him all THAT well, but … he was still kind of cute, in a Vartan sort of way."

Zoltan squawks, "Is come and go. Been behaving for while tho, until I lift crate full of rocks… or I think was rocks. Felt like."

Zoltan's ears go back a little at Wynona's words. "Hrr…

Wynona looks curiously at Zoltan, a puzzled expression on her face. "Why do you have that funny look?"

Roho chuckles, "Well, it's not dislocated or anything. But you've definitely strained it. I can help some, but if you're not careful, you'll be right back down here!" He starts working at the muscles.

Wynona glowers at Zoltan. "Oh! I see. You've heard those rumors, haven't you? You think it's my fault, don't you? Well, it wasn't," the white bat huffs, looking indignant.

Zoltan looks away, gee… what an interesting crack in the wall that is over there. "Is nothiAIEE!" His feathers *POOF* out at Roho's massaging.

Envoy looks between Zoltan and Wynona, not quite sure what's going on.

Roho blinks at the exchange, trying to keep from massaging in such a way as to get a Vartan fist in the gut.

Zoltan sighs, looking at his feet. "Is know it not your fault… " He mumbles… just barely at hearing level. "Was stupid poodle's fault."

"I saw what happened, you know," Wynona says, her voice rising to a squeak. "At Master Zahirinee's pool. He conjured up a vision that showed the whole thing. I saw it all. I saw the Savanites taking the torches to the envelope, and I saw the Captain abandoning ship, and that exile 'knight' taking a ride on his back, after attacking him and his bodyguard. I SAW it!" Wynona says more firmly, before pausing to listen to Zoltan.

Wynona blinks. "Poodle's fault? What … what – Who are you, anyway?"

Envoy says, "He's Zoltan."

Zoltan seems numb to Roho's poking now. "I run into them in Himaat on way home from Himar. Was big trouble… You captain told me all abouts it."

Wynona sputters, "Them? Who them? What?"

Roho keeps poking, listening curiously. He's only heard parts of this before, from Wynona.

Zoltan squawks, "Jarik and Kazhir."

Wynona's eyes go wide. "Then it's true! They DID abandon the ship! Are they still alive?"

Zoltan looks up. "They alive when I leave them at Oasis. Although fox seemed to be in trouble. Kazhir probably in Abu Dhabi getting fat on sugarbugs."

Wynona frowns. "Okay … but … why is it Kazhir's fault?"

"I mean, he wasn't even really the captain. He was hurt when we went through the … storm," Wynona drops her gaze a bit. "I mean, the captain was. But Kazhir owns the ship, you see, and… " Wynona gives up and just waves her hand at Zoltan.

Zoltan just looks at the floor, swinging his legs back and forth.

Roho waits til a lull in the conversation, "Give that a try, Zoltan… "

Zoltan mechanically works his shoulder and arm around. "Is feel better. Thank you for help."

Roho nods, "Try not to lift any more rocks."

Envoy says, "Zoltan, you wouldn't happen to have any more of those crystal hands, would you?"

The Vartan halfsmiles to Roho. "Not even shiny ones?"

Roho chuckles, "Well, lemme clarify. Lift rocks in groups of less than 100."

"Yah… I gots whole bunch more." Zoltan scrawks, "I borrow them from Titus."

Envoy ohs…

Zoltan squawks, "What happen to two you say you gots?"

Envoy says, "The Temple has them."

Wynona blinks at the mention of the Temple, and wonders if this is a conversation she should be listening in on…

Zoltan's eyes go wide. He mouths a few words, but no sound comes out.

Envoy's eyes go wide watching Zoltan's eyes go wide.

Envoy says, "Are you alright, Zoltan?"

Zoltan looks at Roho. "I gots ache in head now… "

Wynona looks back and forth, then ahems, "Doctor Roho, I'm very grateful for your help. I think I'm feeling MUCH better now … uhm … I think I'll go take a nap. Bye!" She hops off the table, grabs her things, and rushes out of the office.

Roho waves to Wynona as she runs out the door, then takes out some minty leaves, "These'll help your head, Zoltan. I don't know what you two are talking about, but it sounds worthy of a headache."

Envoy says, "If you have Titus' collection, we can probably find replacements for the missing pair."

Zoltan rubs two of the leaves against the temples of his head.

Roho gently reguides the leaves to Zoltan's beak, "Try it this way… "

Zoltan grumbles and pops the leaves into his mouth. "Is not having replacements for hands I worry abouts. Is that last people on Sinai I wanted to get hands now has them. Should have never left them at Master's shop… hope he make enough selling them to pay off Zoltan's jailer… "

Envoy says, "They are in the hands of the Audit, not the Inquisitors. The Temple is undergoing an involuntary restructuring it seems."

Zoltan looks back to Envoy, "As long as they no can trace back to me… or Master Nicodemus. I never forgive myself if he get hurt because of stupid shinies."

Envoy says, "They found them in Azhtar's room, and Azhtar is here. I don't think they can trace them further."

Zoltan nods, not entirely comforted. "Hrr… so how spotty kitten doing? And what you find outs about her mother?"

Envoy says, "Kaela is a bit drained, and resting. Her mother was kidnapped by her eldest sister in order to have herself proclaimed a queen or something. Royal politics… "

Envoy says, "Can you introduce me to the ship's navigator, Zoltan? I need to see the charts… "

Zoltan slowly rises. "Yah… I takes you to him. Is should be getting back to work soon anyhow. Eeee no can carry boxes as well as Zoltan."

Roho seems to have dozed off, as old folks are prone to do, off to one side, snoring lightly.

Envoy makes sure to close the door quietly…


GMed by Greywolf

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