5 Apr 1998. Roho's break is interrupted by visiting patients.
(Jynx) (Mircus) (Rephidim) (Roho) (Sabaoth's Wrath)

It's a fairly normal day at Roho's clinic at the edge of Freedom Park. While things were very hectic in the panicked period during and after the Babelite attack on Rephidim during the evening of Candlemass, things have at last died down to a more manageable level. Still, it has left an impression on the populace, and despite rumors that the war may actually be over, there are those still afraid of "Babelite agents" lurking here and there, ready to sow discord and cause random destruction…

Roho is sitting on a bench outside of his hospital, eating a piece of bread with some sort of stew. This is the first proper lunch he's been able to grab since the attack, and, with the beautiful weather, he seems determined to enjoy it.

Some young mouse-like Skeek children run noisily past, tossing a leather ball back and forth in a game with no discernable rules.

A rumpled and slightly dejected-looking young Rath'ani pads across the park, heading towards the hospital and only half-paying attention to where he's going. Glancing in the direction of sudden movement, Mircus sees the doctor relaxing behind the rowdy kids, and brightens slightly. And heads straight towards him.

Roho keeps munching resolutely, not hearing the approach through the noise of the play. He puts the meal down for a moment, and takes a sip from a mug, leaning back and enjoying the sun on his face.

Mircus says, "Hello Doctor!" The not-so-dejected-looking-but-still-rumpled youth weaves around the game-playing-children (nearly getting hit by the ball in the process) and half-jogs up to Roho.

Roho puts down the mug, and stands up, "Yes, hello?" He dusts some crumbs from his tunic, and greets the (momentarily) unfamiliar Rath'ani with a proffered paw.

It takes a moment for Mircus to remember that the Doctor's blind and can't see him. "You d… Oh! It's Mircus, Doctor." He shakes Roho's hand (just a bit too enthusiastically) then adds, "From the airship?"

Roho smiles and nods, "Mircus, yes! I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you, it's been a busy few days. The cartographer, right?" He picks up the remains of his lunch, "How can I help you?"

Mircus picks at his armfur, "Well, I've not been feeling all that well lately, and… " The young Rath'ani trails off and looks at his hand for a moment, then shrugs and drops the fur that he just plucked out of his arm.

Roho nods, "And you want to know what it is? Well, I'll see what I can do. Come inside, please." He opens the door, and leads the nervous Rath'ani in.

After a parting glance at the fur he's leaving behind, Mircus follows the doctor in, still picking at his armfur.

Roho leads Mircus through the waiting area, and into a room straight ahead. The room has a cot, a few chairs, and some general medicines and instruments. He gestures at the cot, "Have a seat, please?"

Mircus nods and drops onto (barely) the cot. "Uhm… Yessir."

Roho smiles, "Now, first… any clarification on not feeling well?"

Mircus nods, then catches himself and responds, "Yessir. I've got a headache… and I have had for some time, and then there's… " He glances at the new tuft of fur he's holding, "… and well… My fur's loose."

Roho nods, "Okay. Well, have there been any sudden changes recently? Any changes in your dietary routine, injuries, sudden changes of daily routine?"

Mircus scratches his head, dislodging a small puff of hairs. "Not… really… there was that trip… I'm just worried it could be something about the bugs… " The Rath'ani sighs.

Roho searches through a drawer, "Bugs? Did you have any direct contact with anything during the attack?" He brings out a small hammer from the drawer.

Mircus watches the hammer cautiously. "Uhm… You mean like touching one of them?"

Roho walks back up to Mircus, with the hammer, "I mean anything. Smelling them, being touched or attacked by one, anyone in your household affected by the attack… "

From the waiting room can be heard a loud sneeze. It doesn't sound bat-pitched.

Mircus twiddles his thumbs for a moment, then counts on his fingers, "Smelling them, touching one, attacking and being attacked by one… " He glances up. "… does that count?"

Roho nods, "You fought with them? That definitely counts." He places a large ear to Mircus's chest, and lightly taps the raccoon's back with the hammer. He takes his ear away after a few moments, "Care to tell me what happened?"

Mircus shrugs. "I suppose… "

Roho chuckles, "Mircus, it'll help if you do. Not much is known about what happened, but I've seen enough wounded to pick up some of the patterns the insects followed."

Mircus shakes his head and takes a breath, muttering, "I seem to have the worst luck with airships… I was on one that was trying to land when the bugs attacked… I… One of the bugs landed on the deck and… "

Mircus takes another breath, "… and attacked and killed one of the Vartans on board… and… "

In the main room, the door can be heard opening and closing, as an Eeee courier comes in, carefully carrying a shipment of routine medicinal supplies through the waiting room. (Or, at least, Roho can tell this much with his wonderful sense of hearing, even if this is all out of Mircus' line of sight.)

Then, there's another loud sneeze, this one much more violent than the last – and an alarmed "Squeak!" – and a call of "Watch out!" – and the sounds of jangling glassware … something crashing and falling over … "EEEEEEEEE!"

The Rath'ani looks down at his hands and continues. Eventually. "… its stomach opened up, and all these little bugs… " Mircus jolts and glances out the doorway at the crashing.

Roho jumps at the sound, and calls to the other room, "Everything okay back there?" He apologizes to Mircus, "Please, go on… "

An Eeee courier pokes his head in. "Uhm … Terribly sorry, Doctor Roho. I don't THINK anything broke. … " He adds, in a much smaller tone, "I really hope not… " and then disappears back into the waiting room.

A nervous, feline type voice can be heard out in the waiting room, "I-I sorry, I jus- ahh… AH-CHOO!"

Roho mutters under his breath, and sighs, "Hope so… "

Mircus nods; his eyes unfocus. "… and all these little bugs flew out. Th… " He stops as the courier enters, then continues, "The captain killed it. It made pretty good cover from the little bugs… "

"EEEEEE!" There's another alarmed squeak, and some more crashing noises.

Roho nods, and presses Mircus's shoulder, "I'm sorry to hear that. Is that all?"

Then, the sanctity of Roho's office is invaded as a black Khatta is knocked stumbling in, to land flat on his back on the floor.

Roho jumps back in surprise, "Ack! Excuse me, hello? I'm with someone!"

Mircus' eyes move to his belt. {I still need to get a new knife… } Then he nearly falls backwards off his seat as the cat falls in.


"S-sorry! I just- *achoo!* need to see you *SNIFF!* for a bit! *snrkt!*" The black Khatta's watery eyes look up, "Mr. Roho?" *sniff!*

Mircus watches quietly, wide eyed and picking once again at his armfur.

Roho nods at the Khatta, "Yes, I'll see you as soon as I'm done in here. Can you please talk to my assistant Naomi? She's back by where you came in."

The front door opens again. A feline, burly voice can be heard yelling, "Anyone seen black kitty-honey come in here?" So much for respecting the 'no shouting' rule in the clinic…

Roho sighs, "Mircus, I'm sorry, I'll just have to take care of this." He points at Jynx, "You, come with me." He heads back to the waiting area.

The meek voice of Naomi can be heard, informing the unseen newcomer of the rule in question…

A rusty-furred bat in formal attire who was sitting in the waiting room rises as Roho enters, and begins, "Doctor Roho, it is – " and then he's cut off by a yowling voice from the Tigress-Khatta. "I am looking for my betrothed!"

Mircus stands and pads along after the doctor. Feeling unwell or not, he doesn't want to be alone with his thoughts at the moment.

The Tigress-Khatta is a female, apparently, dressed in barbarian garb. By the garb and her size, she must be one of those non-lupine Titanians, to anyone who would know to recognize one.

To anyone else, it's just a very big cat.

The black cat stands up, and bristles at the voices that sound all too familiar, "Uhhh, itwasniceseeingyou -ACHOO!- againbutIhavetogobye!" With that, the feline, sneezing more than ever, bolts for the closest non-occupied exit.

Roho puts a paw to his forehead. Why did he build this place again? He regards the newcomers for a few moments, "Okay. You all will have to wait until I'm done with my first patient. That means you, ma'am, can please keep it quiet, there are wounded sleeping in here. When I finish with Mircus, I'll see to the feline gentleman, and," here he notices the bat, "Yes, do you need treatment, sir?"

The Tigress yowls, "I wait for no one!" and then sits down in a chair, looking quite annoyed, her tail twitching … as she scans the room. The bat, meanwhile, clears his throat, perhaps a bit intimidated by the Titanian's outburst, and says, "I am here as a representative of High Prince Boghaz, bearing a message for the esteemed Doctor Roho."

Roho chuckles, "If I meet the esteemed one, I'll let him know. Umm… but can you wait? I'm curious about things over there, but I have some patients to care for… it shouldn't be long."

The bat nods his head as a pointless but polite gesture. "Of course, Doctor." He sits down again.

Roho nods, "Thank you." He blinks, "Where did the Khatta go?"

The Titanian blinks a couple of times, then remarks, "That was HIM!" She leaps up, knocking her chair over, and barges out the door, in hot pursuit of Jynx.

Roho blinks, "Umm… okay. Well. Then… " He chuckles, "Okay, back to the exam room, I guess." He nods to the bat, "I'll be back in a moment."

Mircus stares at the fancy-dressed bat, the doorway out where the two cats ran, and blinks. Shrugging, the Rath'ani drops another handful of fur and pads back to the examination room and the cot…

Roho follows Mircus. Back in the room, he apologizes for the outburst, "Was there anything else with the bug?"

A light *shwip shwip shwip* can be heard from the waiting room, as Naomi sweeps up the castaway fur.

Mircus sits carefully on the cot. "There was the big bug, and the little bugs, and… " The Rath'ani quakes slightly and his voice drops to a whisper, "… and lots of blood."

Roho rasps, "Did you get involved in the fight?"

Mircus nods, silent. It doesn't register that the doctor can't see…

Roho asks, "Mircus?"

"Hmm?" Mircus glancs up. "Oh… yeah… " Another tuft of fur floats to the floor.

Roho nods, and doesn't probe further other than to ask, "Were you injured?"

Mircus shakes his head and whispers quietly, "I think I was the only one… "

Roho nods. He says, "Mircus, I think the fight shook you up. A lot of people have these sort of symptoms after a fight or battle."

Mircus just listens quietly.

Roho rasps, "There's nothing I can give you for it. It's just a response to emotions… fear, guilt, anger. Those can cause a lot of stress on the body if they build up too much. My recommendation is you find a way to take your mind off of the fight. Give it a few days. If you're not any better, come see me again.""

Mircus nods and sighs. "Yessir. So it's not serious?"

Roho nods, "It is serious. Just because it's not an injury, doesn't mean it's unimportant. It's important you get this behind you, and accept it."

Mircus sighs again. "Yessir." He then halfsmiles, "Maybe if I just stay off airships?"

Roho chuckles, "I don't think the airships are the problem here, Mircus. But work where you feel best… if you want to give up airships, it may help."

Mircus' face falls, "I probably won't have much choice." He stands. "Thanks, doc. Sorry for interrupting your break."

Roho tilts his head, "No choice? How do you mean?"

Mircus halfsmiles, "What other way off this island?"

Roho chuckles, "Well, if you need to leave, then there aren't many options." He smiles a bit, "I hope things sort out for you. It was good to see you again."

Mircus says, "And you, Doctor Roho. Maybe I'll come back without feeling bad, soon… " He moves towards the door…

Roho sees Mircus to the door. He then turns to the bat, "Sorry to keep you waiting… "

"No problem at all, Doctor," replies the Eeee in a light accent. "Now then … I present you with a document for your records, though I will inform you of its contents myself. There have been many changes in Babel, and High Prince Boghaz, successor to the late Sabaoth, has not forgotten your sacrifices on his behalf."

Roho chuckles drily, "I remember them fairly well myself… it's not every day I get exiled. I'm glad Boghaz has returned, though I am sorry the Sabaoth died. I am never glad of death."

"Well, you see, that is the problem of it," the Eeee adds. "Boghaz is in debt to you, but you are also remembered in Babel as one who helped to prolong the Sabaoth's life. There may be conflicting reactions to your return to Babel – should you ever return. While this document makes it quite clear that you are no longer banished from the Ashdod Territories, and are to be considered a hero of the Principality, off the record, I must warn you that any visit you make there could cause quite a bit of a stir. Alas, while you are deserving of an invitation to the palace and a hero's welcome, the High Prince is unable to offer you such at this time."

Roho smiles and gestures at the hospital, "I could not return even if I would be welcomed. I have become rather popular here since I set up, since I am willing to treat for barter, or even free if need be, and if I left, I think I may be missed here. I thank Boghaz, and am very honored by his gesture. Tell him that while I may not be able to visit him in his land, he will always be welcome at my door."

"High Prince Boghaz is most impressed with your work here. Therefore, rest assured that he will be a regular contributor to your endeavors here. His contributions, however, will not be advertised for the time being – due to controversies both at home and abroad. Babel will not be popular here for quite some time," predicts the Eeee representative.

Roho chuckles, "I understand. Contributions are always welcome… keeping a hospital in this quarter sometimes is a challenge in making ends meet. I will be discreet about the source until he is comfortable making his gift to Rephidim's sick known."

The Eeee nods, then says, "Now then … if you have a place to direct them to be moved to, there are a number of such donations to be brought in. Some finely forged instruments, as well as a diagnosis table of noteworthy antiquity."

Roho pauses for a moment, mulling over the word 'forged'. He blinks himself back to reality, "Um, oh… yes, of course, I'm sure the third examination room would work well. It hasn't been furnished with anything yet." He tilts his head, "You said forged, right?"

"That is correct," the Eeee answers. "And of a very special alloy that resists corrosion and maintains a sharp edge."

The Eeee claps his hands together, and the front door opens up, letting in some Savanite workers (accompanied by some sharp-eared Eeee servants), bringing in a long crate that takes some effort to get through the door, and a smaller wooden box.

Roho blinks, "That will be extremely useful. My deepest thanks to Boghaz."

"Rather," the Eeee counters, "this represents Boghaz' deepest thanks to you – and apologies that you do not receive the proper recognition you most certainly deserve."

Roho chuckles, "Well, be sure that he knows contributions of this nature mean quite a lot more than recognition. And pass along my invitation."

"As you wish," the Eeee replies, and bows, as the servants finish the task of moving the equipment under the guidance of Naomi.

Once the gifts have been unloaded, accounted for, and put away, it appears that Roho has just become the proud new owner of a big object that has been described to him as an ancient diagnosis and scanning bed. Touching it, at first, he could have mistaken it for a giant bug, really. Chitin seems to be greatly involved in its construction, and a fair deal of cold metal. As for the smaller box, it contained a wealth (literally) of metal instruments, including several quite-sharp scalpels (thoughtfully with the blades covered so the fennec wouldn't slice himself while investigating the box's contents).

Roho gets tapped on the shoulder by Naomi, awakening him from his rather dazed state as he goes over the tools one by one. He blinks, and turns, "Yes?" "Doctor, you have someone here to see you; he cut himself playing Gooshball." He nods, and gently places the scalpel he was holding back in its place in the box, standing to follow Naomi back to the active part of the hospital.


GMed by Greywolf

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