Flow and Counterflow
16 First Ones, 6107 RTR (Mar 20, 2009) Olivia, Amelia, Natasha and Djivan set out to search for the demon hunters, and find an unexpected ally.
(Amelia) (Inner Demons) (Madame Natasha) (Olivia) (Spheres of Magic) (Stonebarrow) (Sylvania)

Heading back to the pit where Liliana's spirit was taken, the rescue party encounters a stranger already there! Amelia challenges it, but it launches a pepper-bomb and then tackles the demon-possessed Kadie to the floor, demanding to know where Amy's masters are.

Olivia gets things calmed down and straightened out. The attacker is Leni Fliegen-Eichhornchen of the Luftmitfahrer Clan from Tursdi, and has been tracking the hunters ever since they killed her brother. Leni is a Kadie, but of the flying-squirrel variety.

Leni goes to continue the hunt, after settling on a whistle as the signal that the hunters have been found. In order to try can find them via magic, Natasha prepares a spell to speed up the recovery of the dead spot, with Olivia acting as a focus and Amelia providing some power and using the results to feel out the enemy magic.

Once Amy has the 'scent', the group is off. It takes a few hours, but they find some ruins – and are ambushed from the trees by men with crossbows! Djivan is struck in the shoulder while trying to shield Olivia, and Amelia takes to the trees to try and bring down the bowmen.

While Natasha works a spell to make the crossbows less effective, Olivia gets Djivan to cover and discovers the crossbow bolt is treated with a sleeping drug that has numbed the Skreek's shoulder already – bot not enough to make it still hurt when she gets the arrow out.

Amelia deals with the anti-demon net and has other problems, but eventually knocks the crossbowman from the tree. Leni arrives then to take on the next shooter, just in time since Amelia can feel a ritual starting up in the ruins.

While Natasha tries to delay the ritual, Amy and Olivia dash to the ruins while avoiding the remaining shooter – which Leni soon takes care of. Inside is an old man garbed as a priest of the Gear, surrounded by circles of hanging crystals containing captured spirits, including Liliana's!

Amy uses her sympathetic link to the area's spirit to break the ritual, and the old man is prevented from killing himself as well to complete it. He reveals that it was all meant to purge the spirits of Sylvania so that the land could be free again, but Amelia tells him that the land spirits are the only thing holding back the true darkness that haunts Sylvania, so he would have only succeeded in letting that loose.

Leni arrives and makes the man face what he's done, by showing him paintings of her brother's family. Natasha locates the crystal holding Leni's brother's spirit, and Olivia brings it to the girl.


GMed by Jared

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Today is 4 days after Unity Day, Year 25 of the Reign of Archelaus the First (6124)