Dust to Dust
Reckoning Eve, 6104 RTR (21 Nov 2001) On Reckoning Eve, things get weird in Sylvania.
(Alptraum) (Nordika) (Sylvania)

Alptraum tracks down his father, who has been telling ghost stories to children, in order that they might get ready for their part in a Reckoning Eve performance for the villagers. Alptraum, his mother Sabine, and his father Dimitris, take wing over the village, flying in formation and doing various aerobatic feats while pulling along colorful streamers, for the entertainment of those down on the ground. However, Alptraum overhears someone crying out, "Stop! Thief!" and sees someone running into the woods – someone dressed very much like a gypsy, but definitely not anyone from the caravan.

Determined to make certain his tribe isn't blamed for a theft, Alptraum pursues the fleeing Savanite into the forest, and manages to tackle her, but slips up and ends up pinned down while the villagers are searching near by. Once they have left, Alptraum demands that the Savanite girl return what she has stolen. She gives him a pouch of coins, and flees.

Alptraum calls the villagers, and meets Sheriff Darken – another Eeee who shares Alptraum's preculiar "affliction", much to Alptraum's surprise. Alptraum gives the coin pouch to Darken, but it turns out that what was missing was a pendant. Sheriff Darken has Alptraum go back to the village with Farmer Poe, while they continue the search.

On the way back to the village, Alptraum and Farmer Poe (a crow-like Korv) have trouble making any headway. At last, they land, and find themselves in a graveyard – though Poe claims that the area no longer has a graveyard. They both find that they are unable to fly … and they are joined by a female Eeee who cannot fly, either. They quickly catch on that she's an apparition. Alptraum is not so quick to flee the ghost, however, and hears her out, learning that she was "left behind", following her shade to a vault at the edge of the tree line. The phantom vanishes, and the graveyard is replaced by the grounds of Duchess Eve's railroad station, and the ruins of the vault are all but lost in a tangle of overgrowth beyond the clearing.

Before Alptraum has long to examine the ruins, however, another apparition shows up – this one the shade of a Korv airshipman armed with a saber, and who appears to have violent intent. Poe and Alptraum find that they can fly again, so they do so, fleeing back toward the village. Alptraum can fly more swiftly than Poe, so he tries to distract the undead Korv so that Poe can make it back to the village safely. However, Alptraum ends up colliding with the ghost, and they both tumble to the ground – the ghost crumbling to dust. As Alptraum lies there, he can hear the villagers converging upon his position.


GMed by Greywolf

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Today is 2 days before Day of the First Ones, Year 25 of the Reign of Archelaus the First (6124)