Midsummer 1 (evening), 6107 RTR (Jun 04, 2006) Liliana dyes Amelia's fur.
(Amelia) (Stonebarrow) (Sylvania)

It's been an eventful day as usual. after getting dress advice and then getting measured for it, Amelia went home. There she was assaulted with a variety of chores and even a surprise militia inspection. So, it's closing on early evening when she finally makes her way back to the Gypsy camp with a small sack draped over her shoulder. The windows are lit in Liliana's wagon and it doesn't sound like anyone other than the Eee is home.

Just to be certain, Amy knocks on the door rather than just bursting in. "Lili? Are you alone in there?"

"Ah, tis de Blacktail. Ves, I be alone righ' now. Morgan of wit' Natasha learning who knows vhat," Liliana calls back. "Feel free to come in."

"I don't understand half of what you just said," Amelia admits as she slips through the door. "I caught a Creen with pretty wings," she adds, holding up the squirming sack.

    Liliana's Wagon Colorful, lacy, and feminine would be the best way to describe Liliana's wagon. Swathes of multicolored translucent fabric hang from the ceiling. At the far end is both a ceiling perch as well as a pile of pillows for lounging. Along the walls are a few shallow cabinets that probably contain her various bits of jewelry and trinkets she's collected. A trunk on one side contains her clothing what little she has, anyway.

Liliana turns from where she's lounging on some pillows and reading some tattered book. She closes it and sets it aside. "Vou don' understan'? Bu' I speak quite vell!" the Eee insists. She then peers at the sack and asks, "Vhy vou catch a Creen? Oh! Vou really are goin' to let me do some dyevork!" The Eee looks absolutely ecstatic.

The Kadie nods, and says, "I figured that if I didn't, it would be a waste of the dress Olivia is making. And the Creen had flown into my cabin and gotten trapped anyway."

"Soooo," Liliana says and rubs her hands together, "Jus' how much vill you let me dye, hmm?"

Amelia blinks, and asks, "Umm… just the fur? But not my tail… "

"Okay, front too? Or jus back? Legs? Arms?" Liliana calls out and goes over to a trunk and removes several smaller trays with a myriad of instruments in them. "Get de Creen out, too, I van to see vhat vou want."

The sack is opened, and the complaining Creen flies around and makes angry noises. "Oh," Amy says. "I thought just the back? Why would I have wings on the front?"

"Vou vouln'. But, it coul' be made to look scaly, like de Creen body" Liliana notes, then shrugs. She watches the rather agitated Creen for a bit, seemingly rather unconcerned by its obvious irritation. "But, I kin just do back, dat is fine. Be quicker, too. Vou vant dat many colors?"

Looking at the blue-and-green Creen, Amy asks, "Is it too many? How many colors can you do?"

"Oh, I kin do as many as vou vant," Liliana says and waves her hand dismissively. "I jus' fel' like vou vanted dis to not show so much, but I be wrong, no? Vell, I start getting some stuff set up. So, vou need to strip down and make vourself a comfortable bed vith de pillows. Vou vill be here for a vhile… "

Amelia goes about making her preparations, and tries to get comfortable laying face down on the pillows. "Have you done this to any Kadies other than Morgan yet?" she asks.

"No' yet, no. No many Kadies come here," Liliana notes as she starts bringing over various odd looking brushes and trays with separated compartments. "Hm, t'ink vou coul' get Zahn do come? Vou said vou vere doin' dis for him. Ve coul' maybe get him to do something for vou'." She winks conspiratorially.

"I'll suggest it if he shows interest in the dye work," Amy says, realizing that more girls will probably come to Lili after they see her with the wings.

"Come to t'ink of it, I could do some interestin' t'ings wit' Lapi ears," Liliana muses and heads back over with the remaining stuff. "Okay, lay vour tail flat, please. I gots to straddle vour back."

The big fluffy tail lays back against Amy's legs, but doesn't necessarily stay still. It may be impossible for a Kadie tail not to twitch.

Liliana swings her leg over Amelia and settles herself down on her lower back. "Now, I haf to ask dis again, but vou sure vou vant me to do dis? It gonna stay until de fur grows out or ve dye over it," she notes and reaches over to pick up an oddly shaped brush with hundreds of hooked bristles.

"My winter coat is all shed now," Amelia says. "And I can always cover it up if I need to. Besides, there's no telling how much longer you'll be around, so it's as good a time as any… "

"Oh… and you have to promise not to do anything like this for Clover Chalk, if she should ask you," the Kadie adds as an afterthought.

"Righ, den, vou are in my power," Liliana says with a gleeful cackle. "An why no' dis Clover person?"

"Because if her coterie get any, and she can't, she'll be furious," Amy says, grinning.

"Tsk, vou are bein' evil. I like it," Liliana remarks and starts dragging the odd brush through her backfur. "I gots to make sure dere be no lurking shed," she notes. The brushing takes several minutes of time and does generate a small pile of undercoat fluff that gets tossed to the side.

"I'm not evil," Amy says. "I'm just… well, I'm one of Clover's rivals, so I have to act like it every so often."

Every so often, Amy's tail whacks against Lili's wings, having a life of its own.

"Tsk. Nothin' vrong wit' being a little evil. De boys like it," Liliana notes and sets the brush aside. She watches the Creen a bit, which has decided to nest in a pile of cloth for the moment. "Kin vou no control dat tail o' vours?" she finally asks after the third whack.

"Huh? What's it doing?" Amy asks.

"Vou keep hittin' me wit' it," Liliana says. she reaches down into her tray of stuff and brings up a couple odd-looking tools and a small pot of blue power. "Now, let me see… " she says. A moment later, Amelia can feel an odd-two-pronged thing sliding slowly through her fur at intervals. after a bit, it's obvious it's some sort of outline.

No matter how she twists her head, Amy can't get a good look, so has to go by feel. "Are you combing in the bleach?" she asks, and sniffs for the telltale odor.

"No yet. I'm laying the outline of it to know vhere to stop with de bleach," Liliana says absently. "It just powder, so it no dye anything." After a few more minutes, the Eee has traced an outline that covers pretty much the entirety of Amelia's back all the way down to just a few inches above her tail. "Dere's a mirror in the drawer in front of vou if vou vant to use it to watch."

Amy reaches forward to open the drawer and rummage through it for a mirror. "There isn't anything else in here I should be worried about, right?" she asks.

"Oh, just all sorts o' jewelry for all sorts o' occasions. Nothin' bad," Liliana answers and sits back, setting the powder and tool aside. "Dere. Dat shoul' be pretty good. Now comes de bleaching part. Vou kin still back out if vou vant… "

Finding the mirror, Amy holds it up to get a look at her back. "Wow, I've never seen my back before," she comments. "The outlines look good. If Morgan can handle this, then so can I."

"Ah, so dis is a competition," the Eee comments. She starts mixing some stuff in a larger bowl and the acrid scent of bleach finally hits Amelia's nose. She then starts dipping a broad-pronged comb in the bleach and leans down, hunching over Amelia's back. Intently, she starts picking the brush through the fur, careful to only go to the marked edges of the outline. Where the thick beach lands, the fur color starts to get milky and fade.

With the mirror, Amy watches and actually manages to keep her tail from hitting the Eeee, and thus distracting her. Instead, it twitches from side to side.

The bleachwork is rather long and somewhat boring. The Eee works in small patches, applying it, then using a mixture of water and other items to negate its effect and clean it away. Slowly, a negative image of a pair of wings creeps down the Kadie's back. Liliana has tried her best to use Amelia's natural fur color to act as the feature and wing patterns. All the places obviously intended for color end up stark white. "Vou haf a rather muscular back," the Eee notes.

Amy blinks, having nearly dozed off. The bleach fumes make her eyes feel sticky. "Oh… is that good or bad?"

"Is fine. Jus' sayin," Lilliana notes, "Usualyl only guys haf backs like dis. Well, except for de curves down to de hips, o'course." And on goes the slow bleaching process. It's probably a couple of hours before the Eee has fully bleached out the wing patterns into Amelia's fur. "So, how dat?" she asks and sits back, taking a minute to stretch.

Raising the mirror again, Amy is genuinely impressed. "Wow, you can already see the wings, just without color. You're a pretty good artist, especially since the Creen didn't pose for you or anything… "

"Vell, I've seen plenty o' wings before and done all sorts of designs. Dis is just freehand guesswork that follows vour back," Liliana says and waves her hands dismissively. "Do vou have preference on vhich colors vou vould prefer to be de primary wing colors? Upper green lower blue? Or de reverse?"

Amy looks at the Creen again, and says, "Upper green and lower blue, I think. That would work well with a green dress, wouldn't it?"

Liliana hmms and agrees, "Ves, it voul." The Eee leans over and starts mixing what are apparently colors in a few open spots in a nearby tray. She looks up now and then at the Creen and even stretches her neck a bit to try to get a good view of the colors. In the end, she actually has several shades of greens and blues in the tray. "An no red, righ? You don like red much," the Eee notes.

"Right," Amelia says. "Gold is okay, or yellow or orange, but no red."

"Why don' you like red? I curious," the Eeee asks. She then goes about mixing up some golds and yellows, in case she wants to vary some colors a bit.

Amy is quiet for some time, then says, "I have an ancestor that was all red. She actually helped found my clan and the town, and I was born with red fur, so they named me after her."

"Okay. Den why is dat bad?" Liliana asks. "I t'ink dat be an honor."

"She was important, but not… very nice," Amy says. "She wasn't called Amelia Bloodfur because of her color."

Liliana finally starts dipping a brush-comb into the green dye and leans over Amelia's back. Brow furrowed in concentration, she starts carefully laying down a dark shade of green in the upper 'feathers'. "Just because vou have color like her vouldn' mean vou be like her," Liliana notes.

"I don't want the association with her at all," Amy says. "Besides being a berserker, she was a roaming witch – she carried a demon within her, so the story goes."

"Don' like vitches?" Liliana asks next as she continues the slow coloring of Amelia's back. She works from side to side, trying to fill the color out evenly

"I like witches!" Amy says. "I wanted to be one… it just didn't work out."

"So, does vour boyfiren' know about vour evil ancestor?" Liliana asks next and switches to some lighter green dye now to add tones and shades to the green featherwork.

"No, he doesn't," Amy admits. "I've tried to keep him away from my family stuff. I mean, we chopped off the head of his great-great-uncle and mounted it on the wall… "

"Dat coul' put a small bump in de relationship, ves," Liliana agrees with a nod. "Bout, vou know eventually he gon find out. Vell, dat is, if vou intend to keep him."

"We've taken it down, but he should already know my family killed the architect of the dam," Amelia says with a sigh. "It's why our Clans haven't exactly been chummy for generations."

"Ah, so vour rebellin' against vour family an datin' de enemy?" Liliana inquires absently. She then hmms and sits back for the moment. She eyes Amelia's back, then the Creen.

"I'm not exactly rebelling," Amelia snorts. "It's not like that at all, and it wouldn't matter what Clan Zahn belonged to. Well, maybe it would, since he wouldn't be who is if he weren't a Wingnut."

"So, vhat does vour clan t'ink about it, den?" Liliana asks. She then nods at something and starts dipping a couple clean brush-combs in the goldish dyes and leans back over and resumes work, adding gold highlights to the tips of the 'feathers'.

"My brothers seem okay with it, haven't really brought it up with my father yet," Amelia notes. "I don't know what he thinks. After my mom died, he sent me to Morgan's mom to raise as a witch, but then I came back and he raised me like a son for awhile. A few years ago it started becoming too obvious that I wasn't just a small boy, and he started to treat me like a little girl in private… but I wasn't a little girl anymore."

"Mmmm. Sound complicated," Liliana remarks. "Bet vour father vill ask about de wings," she points out, then scoots backwards a bit and fetches a couple blue-dye brushes to work near Amelia's tail on the end-feathers. "So, vou vill haf to talk to him about it sometime."

"I will, at the dinner or afterwards," Amy says. "He can't make a scene there, and I want him to think of me as an adult."

"Sneaky," Liliana chides with an amused and fangy grin. "So, vhen vou gonna show de boyfiren' de wings?" she asks after a bit more work on the blue. "An, what vou t'ink so far?"

Holding up the mirror again, Amy smiles and swats the Eeee with her tail once more. "I like it! Oh, Zahn will probably see it next time I sleep over. Or not, if it's dark. I can still hide it from him easy enough."

Liliana oofs and glares at Amelia's tail. "Stop dat, vou, or I dye vou pink," she threatens it. "So, is he any goo'?" Liliana asks.

"He's good at lots of things, and has a good heart," Amy says, tail swishing. "Except when things explode."

Liliana stops a small giggle. "No' vhat I vas askin'," she teases, then winks. The Eee then resumes some of the blue dyework, trying to add shade, depth, and feathery look.

"You asked if he was good, didn't you?" Amelia asks.

"Ves, but you didn' get de context," Liliana teases. "In bed is vhat I mean'. Vou don' haf to tell me, tho'. I just bein' a troublemaker."

"He doesn't steal the blanket or kick, and hardly ever drools," Amy notes. "Sometimes he might mumble, but at least he doesn't snore."

Liliana just giggles again. She resumes more intense work on the features, trying to make them look real. Or well, as best you can using dye on fur. "Djivan drools a lot," she notes absently.

"Did Olivia tell you that?" Amelia asks. "Or are you saying he does that in general, not just while he's asleep?"

"Djivan and I used to date," Liliana says and wiggles her huge ears playfully. The earrings jingle. "I know lots about him. Ve vere no' serious, tho. It vas jus for fun an to overcome bein' bored."

"You must have been pretty bored then," Amelia says. "No wonder you flirted with me."

"Piff. He a nice guy, really," Liliana notes and pokes Amelia with a clawtip. "Odd, but he fun. An I flirted wit vou because vou cute." She then flashes a predatory grin at Amelia and says, "An … I migh' again. Vou never know… "

"That reminds me… where did you bite Morgan?" Amy asks.

"His neck. Vhy?" Liliana asks.

"Oh, okay," Amelia says. "And he liked it?"

"Ves, he did. Vant me to … bite vou?" the Eeee then asks and leans in, then tickles Amelia's ear with ner nosetip. "Just vhere did you t'ink I bit him, hmm?"

Ears twitching, Amy says, "No… thanks. I was just curious. Kadies don't bite each other for fun. Our teeth are too big."

"Some Eeee vill, depends. It can be lots of fun if done carefully," Liliana notes, then licks Amelia's ear. She then sits back up and resumes working on the wings again. She hmms, pausing and look over over at the Creen.

Going off on a tangent, Amy says, "There was a boy named Ognar who was a Kadie or a Lapi or a Skeek… depends on who tells the story… who refused to gnaw daily. His teeth grew longer and longer until he couldn't close his mouth, and then he died."

"How, uh, cheery?" Liliana says and then sticks out her tongue. "Vhat brough dat up? Eeee teeth no grow vithout stoppin'."

"Well, I thought it might be why you enjoy biting things or being bitten is all," Amy speculates. "It's not a chore for you."

"Vell, an bein' a vampire has part o' it too. Helps if vou enjoy doin' it," Liliana points out, "It's an intimacy t'ing." She tilts her head, then reaches over and starts mixing what looks like black dye.

"I let Zahn brush my tail," Amy says, as if revealing a deep dark intimate secret. "And he fed me strawberries too."

"Ah, den vou already have started trainin' him," Liliana says approvingly with a grin. "Guys kin be so dense. Vou gots to teach them how to treat vou proper."

Amy thinks about this, and says, "Uh, he came up with it all on his own, actually. I don't know much about all this romance stuff."

Liliana blinks. "Then hold on to dat one," she says flatly, "Soun' like he really serious an tryin' to impress vou."

"He doesn't do anything half-way, it's why I like him," Amy says, nodding. "Of course, he doesn't do anything reckless half-way either, which is why I have to watch over him… "

The Eeee giggles at that. "Soun' like a guy," she agrees. She spends the next few minute using the freshly mixed black dye to improve some of the outlines and clean up edges. But finally, all the white fur is gone, replaced by a flowing mix of green, gold, and blue. "Best vay to keep a guy from doin' somethin reckless is to jus' keep him distracted."

"He distracts himself," Amy notes. "It's a Kadie virtue. Oh… I should have asked, but… how long does this take to set?"

"Oh, it be quick. Dat's why I have to go slow so I don' mess up. Vou shoul' vash vour back in an hour or so, but other den dat, it be pretty much done. Vou have a set o' painted wings. An dey staying for a long time, unless vou dye em out," Liliana explains.

"Well, at least until winter rolls around again and I poof out," Amy comments, admiring the work via the mirror. "They really do look nice. A change from the usual colors everyone has… "

Liliana rolls herself off Amelia's lower back and stands. She dances a bit as she stretches out her legs. "I kin always redo de colors later too, to keep de intensity," she offers. "It be my solemn duty to help corrup' people vherever I go," she adds with a wink.

Amy tries sitting up, more mindful of keeping her tail from touching her back until she knows it's all dry. "Corrupting? You're corrupting me?"

"Of cours'. Vou let me dye vour back, vou learned to dance" Liliana teases. She then wags a finger at her and adds, "Mebbe next vill be a bite or a date, no?"

Scratching at her cheek in thought, Amelia says, "Those don't sound anywhere near as corrupting as the stuff Emmett Oggton usually suggests."

Liliana actually blinks at that. "Vou actually go on a date wit me?" she says, sounding rather surprised.

"What? Oh, of course not," Amy says, smiling. "But none of the stuff you mentioned involves spying, stealing, or sneaking into people's homes to do things on their furniture."

Liliana smirks and shakes her head. "Oh foo," she says and sticks out her tongue. "Now, dere anything else vou vant to know about for dis dinner of vours?"

"Hmm, how should I walk?" Amelia asks, seriously.

"Vell, vhat kind of shoes vou gon' wear?" Liliana asks.

"Err, shoes?" Amy asks, looking at her feet.

"Okay, no shoes," Liliana says with a nod. "Dat fair. Hm. How do vou normally walk?" she asks. "Show me?"

The girl gets up and… walks. Having flatter feet than a typical Kadie, her gait is naturally different, but it still looks like she's about to jump up onto the wall or something at a moments notice.

"Hm, how do vou vant to look vhile valking?" Liliana asks as she eyes Amelia critically. "Righ' now vou look like vou vant to pounce somet'ing."

"Well, like an adult," Amy says. "Sorta like the way Natasha or Lady Inaya walks when they wear those binding sorts of clothes."

"Oh, vou vant to walk like a lady," Liliana says with a nod. "Vell, hmm. First, vou need to put one foot in front of de other vhen you take a step, instead of spread. Also, it help if vou sway vou hip just a little bit when vou step, too. Kind of like a valk-dance."

"Like walking a rope?" Amy asks, and gives it a try. Of course, she looks down and holds her arms out for balance.

"No, no exactly like dat. Put vour arms down. Vou don have to put dem exactly in front of each other. Just a bit more den you do right now. Like dis," Liliana says then walks around a bit. Her gait is obviously different from a Kadie's, given the usual clawed, gripping feet Eeee have. She does a very slight swaying hip movement as she steps.

Amelia tries to think of it as a dance, as suggested, and follows along. Her wider hips tend to sway with more exaggeration though, and her tail swishes like a metronome.

"Dos hips o' yours move a lot," Liliana notes. "With a nice dress, it should look pretty goo' tho. If you can, try to tone it down a bit, but … dat prolly get a lot o' male Kadie attention," she says as she rubs her chin. "Us Eeee don' get such curves."

"You get to fly and hang upside-down by your feet though," Amy says, and tries again with less swaying.

"Better," Liliana says approvingly. "I t'ink using that tail movement to help time and control de sway works well. Vou better be careful, or vou migh' get several marriage proposals at tha' dinner," she teases.

"They'll all be old men, except for Zahn and Erik," Amy says, waving it off. "And Erik is a poodle. His mother would kill him."

"Ah, so vou vant Zahn to propose at de dinner?" Liliana asks.

The Kadie stops and blinks at that suggestion. "I hadn't even thought of Zahn proposing to me. We haven't even really been on an official date yet."

"But, vou been sleepin' with him," Liliana points out.

"Yeah, so?" Amy asks. "He used to sleep with his brother before, and I've slept with Morgan lots of times."

"Ves, but vou're a girl and he no'. Plus vou no' related," Liliana points out, then just shrugs. "Most likely, he prolly just babble, tho. Guys do when surprised."

After giving Lili an odd look, Amy's eyes go wide and she realizes what the Eeee has been talking about all this time. "Oooh! You mean… ah, no, we haven't done that yet."

"No? Surpisin'," Liliana says, brow arched a bit. She then shrugs again and walks around Amelia. She leans in and touches sections of the dyework lightly to check to see if they're dry.

"Why is it surprising?" Amelia asks. "He has to chase and catch me first."

"Tha' silly," Liliana points out. "Seems dry enough. No' coming off," she notes about the dyework.

"Chasing is a Kadie tradition," Amy says, a bit defensively. "And it lets the girls choose who they let catch them, too."

"Uh, how does dis chasing t'ing work?" Liliana asks. "Sound tiring."

"Tiring??" Amy asks, aghast. "Do you find flying tiring?"

"Can, if I fly for a long time," Liliana notes.

"Well… it's really fun and exhilarating," Amy claims. "Gets the blood and ad… adro… hormones pumping."

Liliana giggles and nods her head, "Ah, it be form of enticement for Kadie. I understand now." She then tilts her head and asks, "Does he know he supposed to chase you?"

"He will when the time is right," Amy says. "I just have to turn and twitch my tail a certain way, then dash off… and he should chase after me."

"Vou absolutely sure? Is it instinctual?" Liliana asks.

"It doesn't smell bad at all," Amy replies.

Liliana rubs her forehead. "No, I mean he know to do it by heart. Not dat it smell bad," she says with a sigh.

"It still soun' silly to me," Liliana admits.

Amelia hmms, then turns her back to Lili and looks coyly over her shoulder, while brushing her tail up under the Eeee's chin. "There… if I ran now, would you chase me?"

Liliana blinkblinkblinks. She grins a bit fangily and admits, "Okay, ves, I voul'. Dat a pretty clear sign."

"Okay, so maybe it's like you say, instinkerable in the heart," Amelia says, and drops the pose. "Of course, you really have to run a little ways, then stop and repeat it, to make sure sometimes."

"You migh' just make 'im sneeze, too," Liliana points out with a grin. "Bu', haf to admit dat be a cute way to indicate intention. Us Eeee are differen'."

With the dye dry now, Amy starts dressing again. At least, she puts her pants on. "What do Eeee do? Scream at each other?"

Liliana laughs, "Well, depends on distance, but it no exactly screaming. It can also involve nippin." She then pauses and peers at Amelia. "No undervear yet?"

"What, it's only been a few hours," Amy says, then looks outside to see just how dark it's gotten already. "I don't expect Olivia to drop whatever she's doing to stitch me up underpants."

It's pretty dark at this point. Amelia has been there several hours. "I figured you might've had some vou just never wore," the Eeee admits. "So, she gon' makt frilly ones?"

"Uh, not sure, we only talked about the dress," Amy admits. "Maybe Dr. Pike has something that will fit me," she says, sounding a bit dubious. "Or maybe several things that could be stitched together somehow… "

"Isn' Dr. Pike an Eeee? If so, probably no' fit. Know any other Kadies vou coul ask?" Liliana asks.

"Maybe… Isolde," Amy says, pursing her lip. "I don't think I could ask Zahn's mom… and Deirdre… probably doesn't have underwear either."

"Isn' Isolde old?" Liliana inquires. "Vou should ask someone closer to vour age."

"She wasn't always old," Amy points out. "So she might still have stuff like that stored somewhere. The witches never throw things away. I've got a few sisters-in-law that might help."

"Ah. So. know vhat sort of t'ings you vant to vear? Vhar are dey for, anyway, protecting de dress? Or showin' off?" the Eeee asks.

"Sleeping in I suppose," Amelia says, sounding unsure. "Zahn said I should get something like that, and he did get me strawberries, so I should do something nice for him."

Liliana arches her brow again. "He actually said dat? Huh. Vell, I don' have anything dat fit vour hips or I loan vou stuff," the Eeee admits.

"You've got lacy underwear?" Amy asks, curious.

"O' course," Liliana says proudly.

"Okay," Amy says, eyeing the Eeee's thin frame. "What holds it on?" she finally asks.

Liliana looks a bit insulted. "String," she says and waves her hand back over her head in her usual 'eye rolling' gesture. "I got lots o' de stuff. Morgan like it."

"Did he try it on?" Amy asks, quite seriously.

"Ves. It no fit him, either," Liliana replies, quite seriously.

"Where did you get it?" the Kadie asks, figuring it might just be easier to buy the stuff someplace…

"Traded for it back in Justininople. Dey get in stuff from Babel, now and den. Dey have de greatest clothing for Eee, vou know," Liliana says.

"Olivia went there, so she must have looked at the clothing shops," Amy guesses. "I hear the capital is full of castles and has police and mages and giant flying monsters and guard dragons and stuff. Is the food any good? Oh, wait… sorry, wrong person to ask… "

"Heh, de food make me spew," Liliana remarks, looking amused. "De town is pretty nice, yah. Huge compared to dis place. People of all types everywhere. De trade ships that come in are full of colors. Lotsa money can be made dere during de right times."

"Are there any Kadies there?" Amelia asks. If there are Kadies, she reasons, there must be clothes to fit them.

"No in the city I saw," Liliana admits. "Lots of Eee and Khatta, a few Titanians, an some humans, I t'ink. I no see Kadie except around this area."

"Figures," Amy says. "We're probably the only ones in Sylvania east of Tursdi. No wonder Zahn wants to fly out of here so badly."

"So, vhat vou gon' do if he succeeds an kin fly out o' here?" Liliana inquires.

"Go with him and see the world!" Amy says brightly. "Maybe blow some stuff up along the way."

"Destructive, vou are," Liliana says with a grin. "De worl' look a lot differen up dere. Very peaceful."

"Maybe, but you can't live up there where everything looks peaceful," Amy says quietly. "Gotta come down and get your feet dirty every so often. Hey, if I go to the city, they'll let me carry my fancy sword, right?"

"Sure. Vou can' carry it here?" Liliana asks, her ears askew with a bit of confusion. She then motions for Amelia to turn around, and adds, "An lower vour tail."

Amy turns and brushes her tail against the floor of the wagon. "Sure I can, I just don't want to go anyplace where they say I can't."

Liliana says, teasingly, "Ooo, dat look very nice. Vou be one wild lady in no time. Vou sure I kin decorate vour tail to look like a plume o' feathers?"

The tail swoops up and gets hugged protectively. "No thanks! Tail is just fine!"

Liliana just giggles. "Vou so easy to tease," she notes.

"So, is dere anyt'ing else vou need from me today?" the Eeee asks.

"Just my blouse," Amy says, gesturing to where it lays. "Thanks for making me more elegant too!"

Lilana goes and retrieves the blouse. "Oh, dat be fine. I know vat I vant as payment, anyway," the Eeee notes as she hands the blouse back to Amelia.

After she puts the shirt back on, Amy asks, "Payment? Oh, what did you want?"

Liliana smiles her sweet and not so innocent smile. And without warning, the Eeee leans in and places her hands on either side of Amelia's cheeks and kisses her fully on the lips. It's very brief and then the Eeee is back to just grinning at her, "Dat."

Amy's eyes go wide, and with her cheeks already puffed up it looks pretty silly. "I thought you were going to bite me for a moment," she squeaks.

Liliana just grins mischieviously. "Nah, I jus wan' t'see vour reaction if I did dat," she says, "Kin resist surprising people. Bad habit o' mine. Vou gots nice lips."

"Thanks… " Amy says, unsure of the compliment. "You have nice… " she starts to reply, then fumbles on what to compliment the Eeee on. Her eyes? Big ears? Fangs? "Tastes," she settles on.

"Hee, vell, t'anks for indulging an Eeee and her oddities. I like gettin' visitors," Liliana says with a smile. "An no worries about me bitin' vou. I on'y bite people vho vant me to."

"That's good to know," Amy says, then tilts her head and asks, "Do people all taste alike?"

"No really. Depends on vhat de eat," Liliana says. "Vegetarians taste less, ah, hm, metallic, den de people who eat meat, for example," she explains as she rubs her chin in thought.

"I coul' bite m'self an let vou see vhat I taste like," Liliana offers.

Amy sticks her tongue out, and says, "No thanks, I'm not that curious. And I don't want to risk growing hooves and horns either."

"Oooo, t'ink vou vould?" Liliana asks and waggles her eyebrows. "Coul' be fun… "

"One branch at a time," Amy says, giggling. "The wings are a big enough change to start with."

Liliana just snaps her fingers. "If you find anyt'ing wrong with dem or de color fades, jus come back. I'll fix it," she says. "An, vou didn't tell anyone about de horns and hooves incident, did vou?"

"Nope," Amy says, shrugging. "Olivia is the only person who knew you, really, and I didn't mention it to her."

"Goo'. I no want to be hunted down as a monster. No because of vhat my parents' did," Liliana says, looking rather grateful.

"What'd your parents do?" Amy asks, curious.

"Had hanky-panky in a place called Worms. Sort of a haunted city of, ah, lust," Lilana atmits and then rubs the bridge of her muzzle. "It left a mark on dere offspring. On me."

"So you're magical?" Amy asks. "Aside from the usual vampire Eeee glowing eyes, anyway?"

"Kinda, ves," Liliana admits. "Or, at least a little contaminated. I didn' know, no until dat whole mess happened."

"It never happened before Morgan?" Amy asks. "He was your first?"

"It happen cuz I bit him. He, uh, vell, I can't say, sorry, promise," Liliana says.

"Oh, so it doesn't happen every time you have sex then?" Amy asks.

"Oh, no. Has not'ing to do wit' dat," Lilana says and looks at Amelia oddly. "Dat vhat vou thoguth?"

"Well, I've heard that it changes a woman, is all," Amy says, trying not to sound too naive. "And I don't know much about Eeees."

"Vell, it can hurt de first time," Liliana notes, "An get vou pregnant. But, change? Nah."

"So you've been pregnant?" Amy asks next.

Liliana shakes her head. "No. I don' sleep wit' other Eeee to keep from havin' dat happen," she says.

"All the Eeee in your group are related to you anyway, aren't they?" the Kadie asks.

Liliana nods. "Yeah, dat be righ," she agrees. "Dat another reason."

Amelia nods, as if everything were properly sorted out to her liking. "I guess I should get going. But you need to have Morgan chase after you sometime. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure!"

Liliana smirks. "Pish, off wit vou," she says and waves towards the door. "I don' even haf a tail to tickle him under de chin wit. An using a duster voul' be silly. Goo' luck wit vour dinner. Hope de family don' give vour boyfrien' too much grief.""

"I wouldn't worry," Amy replies, waving as she leaves. "If he can put up with his little brother, he can handle anything my dad throws at him… "


GMed by Jared

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