Reckoning 14, 6106 RTR (Jun 17, 2006)Layth and the does run into Tasha on the way to the Temple of Morpheus for some relaxation, and try a novel form of meditation.
(Amazonia) (Layth) (Tasha)

    Temple Square
    This section of Dianus is relatively free of the crowds that hurry about other precincts, such as the market. Gleaming marble temples and shrines rise up all around, facing towards the center of the square with gardens and fountains between and behind them. The largest temples represent the familiar Olympian deities, while smaller shrines are dedicated to minor gods and heroes. There are still plenty of Lapi present, but they move at the sedate pace of priests and priestesses, acolytes and supplicants.

With Aaron being called off to talk to Tyche and Calligenia, Tasha off on her first day of instruction at the Temple of Abaddon, and the Gladiators trying to talk him into wrestling matches, Layth decides now might be a good time to visit the Temple of Morpheus. Keeping Aisha away from the other does as well as possibly checking up on Tasha are other good reasons to go, but Layth would probably never admit them to either of the women. And Chloe is only too happy to play tour-guide.

"The Temple of Morpheus is dedicated to relaxation," Layth explains to Aisha as they walk, "You've been very tense since we arrived and I thought it would do you good. Please forgive me if I was incorrect." He hasn't noticed Tasha yet.

"Tense?" Aisha asks, although her tone is more one of accusation. "This is how I always am," she proclaims.

"You always look on the verge of running in terror?" Layth inquires and glances towards Aisha."That's normal," Aisha says, pouting a little. Chloe tries not to giggle.

Tasha is walking along with her gaze down, muzzle twisted, and ears back. She makes a "hmm, hmm, hmm," sort of noise, giving the impression of deep thought. Normally, Tasha's quiet 'hmming' might go unnoticed in a crowded city – but this is a city of Lapis, and her foreign, loud, voice carries.

"See, now THAT is tense," the golden doe notes, and points out Tasha and the crowd of people that magically parts around her.

"You didn't look that way in Abu Dhabi," Layth points out then finally notices Tasha. "Hmm, did Tasha end a lesson early or is it later than I figured. Let's go see how she's doing," he says and then leads the two does towards her.

Chloe looks around to see who might be noticing them associate with Tasha, just in case it becomes an issue later.

The Vartan suddenly stops when she realizes the Lapi in front of her aren't going to scoot out of her way. Her ears perk as she looks up, and she blinks a moment before smiling faintly. "Oi! Where'd you come from? An', wha' are ya doin' this way? Worried abou' me," she inquires.

"Layth says I need to relax, so we came here," Aisha explains.

"We're heading to the Temple of Morpheus. The Gods have decided to bless me with the company of these two beautiful women," Layth answers and motions to Chloe and Aisha. "Both of them could use some relaxation time and I would like to see if I can learn any new techniques. Did your lesson end early? Or, have I misjudged the time?"

"The Gods are good," Tasha says, with a nod. She looks up at the sky, then back towards the Temple of Abaddon before answering. "My lesson for the day is done. I 'ave to meditate on somethin'. Several somethin's. Lots to think about … " She bites her lip, then looks back and smiles to the Lapi again.

Layth peers at Tasha, then leans in. "Are you in discomfort?" he asks. "I can hear your lower abdomen making … sounds."

Aisha grimaces a bit too.

Tasha leans back. "I … 'avn't eaten much today," she insists. "Don' you worry abou' me. Don' you 'ave somethin' you need to be doin'? Well? Let's go!"

Chloe points to a somewhat short temple off to the side. "That is the Temple of Morpheus," she says. From a certain angle, it might look a bit like a four-poster bed made of stone.

"It's not a digestive sound," Layth notes, brow arched a bit, but he doesn't pursue it. "Let's? Are you to accompany us to the Temple of Morpheus, then?"

"She mentioned meditating," Aisha notes to Layth. "That's relaxing, isn't it?"

"Why not? I 'ave to meditate, an' this soun's as good a place as any. Plus, I miss you," the Vartan answers. She reaches over and tries to tug Layth's ear before walking towards the Temple of Morpheus.

Aside from the structure, there are other oddities about the Temple of Morpheus. There aren't any supplicants lined up outside, for instance, and the sounds of harp-strings wafts out of the wide-open doors.

Layth puts his arms around both Aisha's and Chloe's arms. "It appears our group has grown," he relents and heads after the Vartan. "Your Olympian has improved considerably, by the way," he comments as an aside to Aisha.

"S'not like the Temple of Abaddon. Kind o' … quiet-like, an' full o' … not much," Tasha says as she stops to take a look at the structure.

"I've learned a lot of new words from Calli's sisters," Aisha admits, then goes quiet as a robed acolyte greets the party. "Good day!" he says. "What enlightenment do you seek from the God of Dreams?"

"You need to look deeper. Spartan does not mean it is without wisdom. There is great meaning to be found in nothingness," Layth recites to Tasha. The buck then bows to the acolyte. "Good day to you, sir. Those that accompany me could use with a blessing of relaxation and reflection, to find their centers."

Tasha just nods to both what Layth tells her, and what he tells the acolyte. This time, she doesn't argue.

"Ah, an en-lightenment of your emotional burdens, then?" the acolyte says, grinning a bit at his pun. "And… the demon is with you too?"

"Herald," Tasha insists.

"She is. She doesn't bite," Layth tells the acolyte. "Please forgive her, she is in some discomfort right now."

"Ah, yes, the herald who arrived yesterday!" the acolyte corrects. "If you will all please follow me," he says, and heads inside the temple."

"I'm fiiiine," the Vartan says, following along.

Layth looks skyward briefly, then follows the Acolyte inside. "So, Lady Aisha, what sort of things do you usually do to relax?" he asks her. "And what about you, Lady Chloe?

The passage through the temple is swift… literally across a hallway and through another open archway. Like the giant villa estates of the outlying clans, the Temple of Morpheus is a two-story affair surrounding a large garden. The source of the music is made clear as well, as musicians sit atop pedestals and pillars, dressed in draping togas or nothing at all. Creens sing in the fruit trees, and the aromas of the plethora of flowers merge into a cloying mist.

"Well this is nice," Tasha says appreciatively. The Vartan spreads her wings as she walks, taking in the breeze. She also looks around as she walks, looking everywhere except the naked figures. "Nice an' peaceful."

"Now then," the acolyte says, turning to face the group again, "Is it physical stress, emotional stress, or something else that you wish to overcome?"

Layth looks rather pleased with the layout of the temple; the large buck actually smiles some. "Now, this is a nice place. Peaceful, like the gentle sound of a twilight rain shower," he says approvingly. "Lady Aisha here has been under great emotional stress," he tells the Acolyte. "Lady Tasha, the herald, has been under both physical and emotional stress. I am here to learn what techniques of relaxation are used here."

"I'm also to meditate, upon the will o' Abaddon an' on mysteries," Tasha adds.

"Well, there is release therapy," the acolyte says. "This draws the body's tensions into a central point, then uses a natural method to release them. Often, an emotional release results as well."

"That sounds… painful?" Aisha asks.

"Lady Chloe, Lady Aisha, Lady Tasha? Do any of you wish to participate in such? I am … not sure I have enough tension to draw," the buck admits.

"Oh no, it is quite pleasant, I am told," the acolyte says. "The core of it is genital massage, which results in eventual release… "

"I'll skip that one, thank you," Aisha notes.

Tasha's ears flick, and she gives the acolyte an uncertain look until he mentions 'genital massage.' Then, her eyes widen. "I … " She then stiffens, and folds her arms. "Better not."

Layth chuckles. "Well, I can imagine that could elicit quite a response, yes," the buck concedes. "What else do you have?"

"Well… we also have a meditation therapy, where one is suspended in a mineral bath, and all distractions removed from your senses," the acolyte offers next.

"Now, that sounds like it could be interesting," Layth notes, sounding rather interested himself.

"Tha' sounds like more o' what I need right now," the Herald agrees.

"And there isn't any massaging or odd potions to drink?" Aisha asks, just to be certain.

"I could massage you, if you wish," Layth offers Aisha.

Tasha opens her mouth, then immediately shuts it. She glances off and glares at a Creen instead.

"Well, a massage can be given beforehand if there is soreness or muscular injury," the acolyte says. "But this technique does not require it, or any chemical enhancement."

"There, that sounds nice and harmless. No one feeling over your body or potions to alter your emotions," Layth tells Aisha and smiles. "So, Aisha, Chloe, Tasha, any of you interested? I am."

"Well, can we observe it first?" Aisha asks, but seems interested. Chloe just nods, and seems up for anything.

"I can go first, if you like?" Layth offers.

"I am," the Vartan answers. She shifts her glare elsewhere, then twirls around to look between the Lapis. "Where do we go?"

"Follow me," the acolyte says, and leads the way through the garden. There are Lapi sitting under the various fruit trees, or laying in patches of grass, casually eating the flowers, and all apparently meditating. At the far end of the garden is a sunken grotto, reminiscent of the Kerebos bath house, but no steam issues from it. Instead, it a true sunken cave, filled with water and… floating bodies? "Here we are," the acolyte whispers.

On a wooden platform nearby, two robed Lapi prepare a third, wrapping the bare body in linens to bind the limbs, then blindfolding the eyes and sealing the ears with wax plugs.

"How long does it last?" Layth inquires of the Acolyte.

Tasha's ears perk at the floating bodies, but she doesn't otherwise seem bothered by it. "It's a bit like the bath 'ouses," she says. Upon seeing a Lapi getting bound up, her ears skew, and she frowns. "On second thought, never mind tha'."

"That depends on the person's needs," the buck replies quietly, as the now prepared Lapi is floated out into the (apparently dense) water. "I believe the longest has been a day and a night, but usually a deep meditative state is reached within an hour. Three hours is the common course for a first session, unless the person appears to panic or struggle. Sometimes the visions one receives are intense."

Layth nods at this. "I will do it. I am here to learn your relaxation techniques, after all," the buck says and starts disrobing right there in front of the does and Tasha. He then hands his folded clothes to Aisha and asks her, "Will you join me?"

"Visions?" Tasha's expression suddenly sobers. She gives the pool a considering look, muzzle twisted, tail wagging slowly.

"Well… I suppose it won't hurt," Aisha says, and she and Chloe likewise begin to disrobe. An acolyte comes over and holds his hand up before Layth's muzzle, asking him to exhale through his nose.

Layth does so and lets out a long breath through his nose. The buck figures they're making sure he can breathe well through his nose.

"Visions are common with this kind of meditation," the first acolyte tells Tasha.

"Oh? Oh." Tasha looks back, blinks at naked Layth, then turns her back on him and begins to disrobe herself.

The nose-testing acolyte nods, and gestures for Layth to lay on one of the preparation tables, which already has linens laid out on it. The does are tested for clear sinuses next.

Layth walks calmly over to the table and climbs up onto it. He lays down on his back and looks to the ceiling. His breathing is slow and calm as the buck positions himself as he saw the other Lapi laying a moment ago.

After disrobing, Tasha folds her arms and glances over her shoulder to watch. "You're lookin' more fit, Aisha," she remarks. When it's her turn to be bound, she gives the acolytes a dubious look before going along with it.

Preparing the Lapis is routine, but the acolytes have some difficulty with Tasha. Eventually they decide to wrap her own wings around her and to bind her long tail to one of her legs. Aisha, Chloe and Layth don't seem to have any issues with being bound up – by nature, Lapi just aren't claustrophobic.
Layth just lays there, relaxed and calm as his body is bound by the linens. He does look around while he can, and listen, just out of reflex, though. "Do many people do this?" he whispers to one of the attending acolytes.

"A few try it once, to prove they can face their inner selves," the acolyte whispers to Layth. "Some come back and do it many times – we watch them closer than most." Then the blindfold goes on, which isn't nearly as disconcerting as when the earplugs go in. Lapis live in a world of sound, and suddenly that world is filled with only the rushing of one's own blood and the other internal sounds of the body. Being laid into the water is noticed, at first, but the warm heavy liquid fades into the background soon enough, along with all sensation of weight.

For Tasha, entering the water is a bit different, perhaps because she sinks a bit lower into it. When the sense of weightlessness seeps in, there is a brief moment of panic – I'm falling and I can't move my wings! In the end, though, it isn't much worse than 'tripping' and falling in a dream.

The only time Layth's breathing even changes is when the earplugs go in and the world goes quiet. Still, the Lapi remains calm as he's carried over and lowered into the warm water. And then everything falls away, leaving the Lapi to listen to only his body; all else gone. "This is a most curious way to meditate, he thinks and in the end lets himself go and relaxes with it, letting whatever may come to him come.

Nervous, Tasha squirms a bit to see if she can still move at all. She's never been bound head-to-toe before, although the woman never had any particular fear of it, either. Still, Tasha finds the whole experience disconcerting. Being unable to move her body or wings isn't something she thinks she'd readily try again. The woman hopes the visions come soon.

It's difficult to gauge the passing of time. At several points, the mind tends to disconnect entirely from the body with a tugging sensation. There are explosions of color, phantom voices and vivid hallucinations. Layth hears the voice of his adoptive father/master, but can't tell if it is from his memory or not. The buck recalls riding behind his mother on the back of a Vykarin, and even breast feeding as an infant. Tasha too, recalls warm events from her childhood, being held tight to her mother's bosom and sung to sleep.

The early memories surprise the buck the most. Particularly the ones of his mother. He mostly only  remembered vague images of her … but here they are so much more vivid; the cold wind, the snow, the mountains. As harsh as the memories are, for a moment, the Lapi actually regrets having left that behind. The regret, though, is tempered when the memories of the Khatta who adopted him appear. For the buck, the stark contrast of the two lives is rather shocking.

Tasha smiles inwardly; she always has loved her mother. Despite her background of being a sailor, the Vartan's mother knows some beautiful songs. It never occurred to Tasha to ask where she learned them, but now she thinks she might. She thinks she ought to tell her mother how much she loves her again, too. She feels she ought to do it some day soon, although in this timeless drift, the Vartan can't quite remember where in time she is exactly.

Outside sensation begins to intrude on the womb-like peace, and light - real light – begins to pry at their eyelids.

"Mrgh," Layth complains as light seeps into the peaceful world in which he floats. The buck does try to open his eyes, though.

Trying to shut her eyes against the brightness, the Vartan inwardly grumbles over the invasion of the light. A memory, being woken aboard ship when she'd rather sleep in, flashes through her mind.

It's a bit blurry for Layth, having to focus on the blobs hovering over him. They soon resolve into the forms of acolytes, carrying him out of the water and sitting him. He feels wet now that he's out of the water's embrace and back in the indifferent air again.

The buck doesn't fight the acolytes as he's put back onto the table to presumably be unbound and his hearing restored. He blinks a lot, trying to focus his eyes on the ceiling and reorient his mind as the acolytes work.

It takes several acolytes to maneuver Tasha out of the water, a task made more difficult by the wings which cover all of the convenient holding points, like arms and shoulders. Eventually they manage it, though, and start to unwrap the Herald. An acolyte holds a bowl in front of Layth, who is also being unbound now, and points to his ears.

Once her head is unwrapped, Tasha peers blearily at the acolytes working on her. "Mornin'," she yawns, trying to stretch but being unable to.

Layth reaches up to his ears. Leaning forward over the bowl, the buck carefully tries to pry out the wax plugs. When the first one finally comes free, he twitches as sound roars back to life in his ears. He's actually stunned briefly.

The yawn causes the acolytes to scramble away from Tasha in momentary panic, before the bravest (an older doe) returns and finishes unbinding the Vartan.

On separate tables, Aisha and Chloe are given the same wake up process, and both look a bit bleary. The mineral-heavy water also tends to make the fur stand out in ugly clumps.

Tasha blinks in confusion as the acolytes momentarily flee from her. Their flight also leaves her half bound, so she tries to work herself out until the older doe comes back. "I'm no' goin' to bite you," she insists groggily. "No' unless you leave me in this."

"I'd have to bite you back then," the doe says calmly, but smiles to show her own impressive incisors.

Layth gets the other wax plug out finally and yawns. To the acolytes, he smiles and bows his head respectfully to them. "Thank you. That was … an experience," he says with a smile. The buck then spends a moment trying to flatten down his fur before. "Is it safe to stand?"

An acolyte holds out a hand to steady Layth, just in case, and nods for him to try standing.

The buck swings his legs off the table and carefully eases up on them, hand out in case he needs the acolyte's help. "Lady Aisha, Lady Chloe, Lady Tasha, are all of you okay?" he asks quietly, once he finds that his legs seem fairly steady.

Tasha has to unplug her ears quickly to hear it, but the doe's comment makes Tasha laugh. The laughter quickly helps to wake her up and she reaches up and pats the doe's face fondly. "You're a brave one – I appreciate tha'," she remarks, approvingly. Once untied, she unfurls her wings and stretches against the table. "Ahh."

"Umm," is all Aisha can reply, and hugs herself while she stands and drips. "I am fine, thank you Layth," Chloe reports, looking… well, a little perkier at least.

"Your clothes have been taken to the recovery chamber, through there," an acolyte says, pointing at a waterfall that happens to be about the size of a doorway. A quick way to wash out the various mineral salts from the meditation water.

Layth makes his way over to Aisha. The buck then goes about trying to groom her fur back to some semblance of organization. "I'm proud of you," he tells her. "Come on, I'll walk with you to the wash room."

"It was… " Aisha starts to say, reverting to Skeek and sounding a bit younger than she normally does. But she never finishes the comment before being doused by the warm waterfall.

The Vartan hops off the table and stretches again, saying, "No' quite what I expected. I guess all visions are different." Then, she saunters towards the waterfall, reaching upwards to embrace the stream as she goes through it.

Layth stands under the waterfall as well, grateful for the rush of warm water that clears the heavy salts away. Once out of the waterfall, the buck then looks for the acolyte that's been guiding them around.

Chloe brings up the rear, but quickly orients herself in the room beyond. A different acolyte tends to the fire in a ceramic stove at the center of the chamber, which is filled with cedar benches and cubbies for clothes. There are plenty of warm, dry towels as well, and even a pitcher of fruit juice and cups.

The naked and wet Layth leaves Aisha for the moment and goes over to Tasha. "So, was it as bad as you were first concerned about?" he asks her and goes to stand right in front of her.

Once inside the recovery room, Tasha reflexively shakes herself out, spraying water droplets every which way. When she's done, there's Layth right in front of her. She blinks, then glances elsewhere. "Um. No, it was rather nice. No questions an' such this time, jus' me mum. I sure do love me mum," she replies in a bit of a mumble.

"I saw my mother too. It was … different," the buck admits. He leaves her in peace and goes to get several towels. "Lady Aisha, Lady Chloe, if you come here I will tend to your drying," he says.

"I remembered things from when I was just a little coney," Aisha murmurs. Chloe nods as well, and sits down near the stove.

Aisha comes over to Layth, but Chloe hesitates. "I'm supposed to be attending to you," she notes.

Tasha glances at Layth as he walks off, frowning a bit when he offers to help Aisha. She carries that frown as she clip-clops over to a pile of towels, before snatching one up.

Layth waves his hand. "Well, then you can dry me after I dry you," he offers as he drapes the towel around Aisha. The buck's technique of drying is half a massage and half drying, really, as he starts on the doe.

"Is anything the matter, Aldara?" Chloe asks the Vartan. "You still seem pensive."

"I want to have a baby," Aisha says during the drying, then blushes and says, "Not right now… but eventually. I had never really thought about it before."

"I'm jus' thinking," Tasha answers quickly, in a hint of a growl.

"Well, do you want help drying then?" the doe asks Tasha next.

"Then you should find yourself a good buck and start a family," Layth says absently as he carefully dries the other doe and making sure her ears are completely clean of wax. "Now, wait here," he says and goes to fetch Aisha's clothes. The buck then proceeds to dress Aisha.

"I can dress myself," Aisha says, although her usual indignant attitude doesn't quite come through, and she doesn't interfere with Layth at all.

After shooting another look at Layth when Aisha mentions babies, Tasha nods to Chloe. "Aye." She then drapes her towel over Chloe and begins to dry the woman rather vigorously. "Ever 'ave a vision before?"

"Meef?" Chloe says from within the flurry of toweling, even though she was mostly dry already. "N-n-n-not l-l-like th-these," she stutters through.

"Of course you can dress yourself," Layth comments as he just continues dressing her. "The difference here is that you don't have to." Once he gets Aisha dressed, the buck starts drying himself, then mentions, "I may go to the mountains while we are here."

Tasha continues to dry Chloe, channeling her varied agitations in to movement. "You're soundin' a bit shaken, your visions tha' bad? I saw me mum, an' meself. No' Tisiphone," she comments distractedly.

"Ti-ti-ti?" Chloe tries to ask, while Aisha blinks and then stares at Layth. "The mountains?" she asks. "Isn't that… dangerous?"

After whipping off the towel, Tasha looks at Chloe and nods. "Tisiphone," she repeats. Then, after leaning back, she eyes the doe with her head tilted. "Your fur's a bit out o' shape, mus' be the oil." The Vartan reaches over and tries to smooth Chloe down a bit, looking perplexed.

Chloe just stands there, and hopes Tasha doesn't think of something else to do to her. Plus, the Vartan's a bit damp.

"Yes, very. I do not expect you to go. I was born there. I would like my last memories of the place to … well, be more than they are now. It's hard to explain," Layth says then looks over to Tasha. The buck ties the towel around his waist and gets a new dry one. "And a thousand apologies, Lady Aisha, I need to tend to Lady Tasha before she breaks our guide." The buck then walks calmly over to Tasha and says, "Please go sit by the stove. I will tend to your drying and clothes. You should be relaxing here, not … becoming more tense."

Tasha's attempt at grooming won't win any awards; in fact, it makes Chloe look a bit ruffed up. "I'm no' very good at this," the red woman laments. Without warning, she pulls Chloe over and gives her a brief hug. "You're jus' tryin' to be nice to me, an' I'm no' much 'elp, am I?"

"Mmmmfm mmmf," Chloe replies from somewhere in Tasha's bosom.

When Layth walks over, Tasha watches him, then nods. She pats Chloe and walks past her to go sit down.

"Please release … thank you," Layth says with a smile. He follows Tasha back to the stove and starts working on drying her in much the same what he did Aisha; half massage, half just being towel dried. "Just breathe and calm yourself," he tells the Vartan.

"You won't be going alone though, right?" Aisha whispers to Layth. "You'll go with Warriors for protection?"

"I can take care of myself," Layth says, not really answering that question.

Befuddled and befluffed, Chloe concentrates on getting dressed.

When Layth starts to massage Tasha, he can feel the Vartan's muscles begin to relax almost immediately. "Are you goin' somewhere, Layth?" She looks up, trying to find his face around the towel and her tangle of golden hair.

"Eventually. To the mountains," Layth replies. "I don't imagine it will be anytime soon."

"The mountains? Why for?" Tasha then blinks, ears perking. "Weren't you from the mountains?"

A pair of older bucks enter through the waterfall, apparently just having come out of longer meditation sessions. They both bow to the does, and try to dry each other off while watching Layth and Tasha with interest.

"Lady Aisha, Lady Chloe, would either of you be kind and bring me her clothing?" Layth asks before returning his attention to Tasha. "Yes, I was born there. I have memories of the place. I would like my last memories of the mountains to be … well, not what they currently are."

Aisha fetches the clothing, since Chloe still looks a bit dazed. She sets it on the bench next to Tasha in silence.

"Thank you and may the light of the world bless you," Layth tells Aisha.

"I understand," Tasha says with uncharacteristic sympathy. She reaches up and pats the side if his muzzle, smiling. "I'll try an' go with you. Maybe I'll need to go there, on be'alf of Abaddon or the Temple."

Caught off guard, Aisha nearly replies with a flowery Khattan 'thank you' phrase before catching herself and turning to check on Chloe.

"I do not see why they would send you there. It is a harsh and desolate land," Layth admits, "Plus, it is a very dangerous place to travel to. You would … stand out." Satisfied Tasha is dry enough, Layth starts dressing the Vartan. The buck shows no qualms about touching any part of her or having to shift, hold, or adjust temporarily various parts of her anatomy as he tries to get her dressed. "Forgive me, your wings make this complicated," he apologizes.

"Mm," Tasha offers in response to her wings being in the way, sounding distracted. She stares straight ahead, and, very carefully, adds, "I'll see wha' can be done; I don' wan' you goin' anywhere dangerous alone."

Once Tasha is dressed, the other two bucks seem to lose some of their interest in her, and focus more on drying their feet.

Layth finishes up Tasha's clothing with a final adjustment around her chest. "So, I would like to look around the temple a bit more. There is much to learn here," he tells the others. "But, if you wish to leave, I can return later."

"I'm fine," Tasha insists as she leans back. "Ready when you are!"

"Yes, perhaps they have relaxing food here too," Aisha comments.

"I will save learning about release therapy to when I am alone," Layth tells the others and then bows. "Let us see what food and other relaxing things they offer."

"Brushes," Chloe mutters. "They must have brushes… "

Tasha gives Layth a funny look when he mentions release therapy and being alone. She opens her mouth to say something, looks around, then shuts it quickly. "I need to meditate more," she sighs.

"I did offer to dry you," Layth points out and pats Chloe's shoulder gently. And with that, the buck walks out of the recovery room. "Well, that was certainly an enjoyable meditation. Even with the hearing loss," he thinks. "Though, it seems to have make Tasha act a bit peculiar. I shall have to keep an eye on her."


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