Midsummer 6, 6107 RTR (Jan 11, 2008) The menagerie of Mortimer, Tulani, and Alptraum, go to the Monster's Ball.
(The Right Hand of Shadow) (Alptraum) (Mort) (The Light of Nala) (Sylvania) (Tulani)

    The Dead Inn
    The Dead Inn is one of several inns that have grown up in the town surrounding Draco Castle. Like many things in Draco County, it seems to revel in the macabre and gothic. The entrance is carved wood, shaped to look like skeletal Eeee holding up the top frame of the door. Inside everything is dim and shadowy, with proper dribbly candles everywhere. There's even a hunchback Skreek that scurries here and there straightening up the cobwebs and candles as needed. Behind the bar is a shelf that is lined with row after row of glowing bottles. Well, it's a faux glow … there's just a lineup of candles under the glass shelves. The chairs are all carved wood with velvet coverings and a Khatta in historic Sylvanian finery tends bar.

Midnight approaches and thus does the famous Monster's Ball of Draco County! Well, it's not that famous, really, but they always hope… Anyway, as time ticks onward, the Dead Inn is rather lively tonight as people are gathering to head over to the ball. Present is the nosy and moochy Reaper, Mortimer and his 'Monster', the rather insane Korv, Krahe Flugel. She's dressed … as she usually does … in overly dramatic robes that only partially cover her blood-red feathers and eye-painted wings. At another table Kaninchen and Haschen Gehornt, the mutant Lapis, are waiting for their monsters to show up.

"Well, don't you just look dead this evening … and that lovely smell of rot and dirt is perfect," Krahe praises Mortimer … then actually pats his head with a claw. "No one has ever had a Reaper victim before. This is a certain win!"

"I tell you, Haschen, this is the proper dress for a sacrifice to the goddess Sunala," Kaninchen says in defense of his gauzy black robe and leather loincloth. "Alptraum will appreciate it."

Haschen is resting her elbows on the table and her chin in her palms. "Maybe. I mean, maybe they prefer something in all white so the blood shows," she points out to her brother. "And maybe they aren't going to show up. It did seem a bit too perfect that we met them." For her part, she's dressed in a frilly 'princess-y' white dress, right down to a tiara that unfortunately has to sit lopsided on her horns.

Right outside the door, there's a hissing voice talking to someone that at least the Lapi can hear. "Are you sure you want to do this, Tulani? I mean, we can go home right now if you don't… " it says.

Mortimer, his own head on his hand, just sits there and lets the woman pat him. "There's going to be food, I take it?" He's dressed, well, as he always is: a black worn robe, his scythe, and his usual smells. All in all, he doesn't have to do anything to fit a macabre party. For Mort, every day is a macabre party.

"Yes, yes, there is always food. Bobbling for intestines is one of the more popular games for those who prefer carrion," Krahe cackles. "Why, one year a poor fool got an intestine that had a half-eaten apple lodged in it. When he bit down, it shot out the end, flew across the room and knocked out one of the judges!"

"Of course I still want to do this Alptraum! It'll be fun! You're not getting cold feet about the whole thing are you? If you want to leave and disappoint that nice buck ,you can, but I'm going okay? Don't worry so much!" a female voice whispers back, before the door suddenly opens to display a dragon standing in the doorway, her scales have been polished to a shimmer, and decorated at the last minute with streaks of blood colored paint along her chin, and highlighting the inverted scar on her chest.

"And leave you by yourself? Someone has to keep an eye on you when you're all dragony. You tend to get a bit … full of yourself!" a says a shadowy mass standing behind the dragon. Given the low light, little of its features can be made out, save for some unnaturally flowing long white hair.

"I'd think that'd grant him extra points," Mortimer remarks, idly. He then peers at his partner, and asks, "You're a necromancer, then?"

"Of course," Krahe says as waves behind herself, "Wasn't that obvious with my zombie army?" Of course, there's nothing behind her.

"That's your dragon?" Kani bemoans to his sister. "That… that isn't fair!"

"Of course, I just like clarifying the obvious," Mortimer insists.

Haschen jerks upright, eyes going huge when she spots Tulani. "Oh my!" she squeals as she leaps over the table and in a rather unladylike manner, runs towards Tulani. "Tulani?" she asks hopefully.

"Then you should quit being a Reaper and find some mountaintop to sit on and only wear a diaper. Wise men clarify the obvious, reapers are supposed to be … mysterious!" Krahe claims.

The dragoness grins and pats the shadowy form behind her whispering, "Well then, I'm glad I have you to help keep me somewhat in line. Just try to have some fun too, ok?" Tulanis head turns as her 'victim' comes running up to her, taking a step further inside to free up the doorway and nodding, in a pleasant rumble she responds with a smile, "Of course Haschen, I do hope you approve?"

Hachen nods her head so rapidly that her tiara flies off and lands on the tip of Tulani's nose. It hangs there and swings weakly.

"I'm exceptionally mysterious," Mortimer claims. he then lifts a finger and points at Tulani, " … how else would I have arranged her?"

Tulani chuckles at the does over enthusiasm, and lifts the tiara from her nose to set it delicately back upon Haschens head, "Well, I'm certainly glad you approve, and might I say you look delicious yourself. A very proper costume, and a proper victim." she says with a grin.

Scooting around the dragon, the shadowy figure comes more into full view. It's … well, it certainly looks dead, given how gaunt the Eeee's body currently is … well, what can be seen of it through the tattered black robes that drape over him. His wings hand in smoky 'shreds' behind him and his hair flows to an unseen breeze, almost as if it was under water. The completely white eyes that look over the room, then come to rest on the buck, Kani. "Egad," the wraith, Alptraum, thinks.

"Or that," Mortimer adds, his finger twitching to point at Alptraum.

"Aiiiiee!" Kaninchen squeals… well, like a Lapi… and even bunches his fists up against his cheeks! "He's perfect!" the mutant claims, and then throws himself at Alptraum's feet, hugging him around the knees.

Composing herself a bit now, Haschen grins a bit lopsidedly. "Wow, you even sound like most books claim how dragon's speak. When you called me 'delicious' I was almost afraid!" the doe says.

Alptraum's left eyebrow twitches when his legs are hugged. Resisting a sigh, he decides to just go with it. Rasping, he says, "Begging will not spare you from my touch, sacrifice." Then as he places a cold, nearly skeletal hand on Kani's shoulder, he adds, "Now stand and walk with Death's son."

The horned buck actually shivers under Alptraum's touch, and gets up quickly to obey. "Yes, Barsunala!" he chimes.

"Simple trickery!" Krahe claims, "They are nothing compared to the amazing might of my powers! Hear the heavens scream in anguish!" She raises her arms towards the ceiling and cackles. There's a moment of silence … then the croaking of a frog breaks in somewhere in the distance.

"Well, I certainly hope the others at the party will be as impressed as you, my delectable victim." Tulani leans forwards to whisper in Haschen's ear, and even tickles the does cheek likely with her forked tongue. Its quite obvious that shes enjoying her role.

Giving Kani an almost bored look-over, Alptraum says, then slips that gaunt arm lightly around the buck's waist, "And your attire is appropriate. Your passage will be a slow one, I think, for the respect you have shown."

"You so owe me, Tulani," Alptraum inwardly glowers.

"Very intimidating," the Reaper remarks. "If you don't mind, I'll keep the invoking of powers to a minimum; I prefer to be low-key mysterious."

Haschen shivers and then wipes delicately at her ear. "So, ah, yes," she says, gathering herself, "We're going to show you the way to the Ball. The doors should be opening any time."

"You are wise to fear me, Reaper," Krahe cackles and pats Mortimer's head again, "Otherwise I would turn your toes into frog-heads. Now, are you ready for the night of your life?"

Kaninchen giggles uncontrollably for a bit, then smiles smugly at his sister. "My monster has a nicer butt than yours for a change!" he gloats.

"Life really isn't my strong point," Mortimer replies, "but I'll see what I can do."

"Are you trying to flatter me?" Alptraum rasps as he starts leading his victim out, "If so, to what end?"

The silver dragon laughs out loud at the buck Kaninchen's comment before gesturing Haschen towards the door replying, "Then lead the way. I'm quite looking forward to this."

"Sorry, I always do that when I'm nervous," Kani claims.

"Ah, then I won't bestow Death's Kiss upon you," Alptraum rasps as he walks into the night. If nothing else, a few poor kids who can't sleep and look out their windows are sure to get a shock tonight!

And as the last two, Mortimer and Krahe, leave … Mortimer finds that she does have rather sharp claws. Because … they pinch his backside.

Since it's so late, the menagerie of monsters and victims make their way through the streets without incident. Also probably because the guards are used to this by now. As they approach the warehouse, the faint sounds of music can be heard. The gates to the largest are open and 'fog' rolls out the entryway. Erie purple and green lights only help accentuate the 'creepiness' of the scene.

    Warehouse of DOOM!
    One of the large grain warehouses has been 'rented' by the 'Draco Enthusiasts Society That Really Orchestrate Yeeks!' (D.E.S.T.R.O.Y. for short), for their yearly 'Monster's Ball'. What was once a bland and boring warehouse has been converted with all manner of props and fake walls to construct a gloomy 'castle'. Upon entering, front and center is the Mad Scientists Laboratory, whjere the 'Mad Scientist' has taken up the post as bartender. All manner of creepy glowing fluids bubble and flow along glass piping. To the side is the dance floor, a tastefully decorated 'cemetery' where all manner of creatures of the night can frolic amongst the 'stones'. Even further back are various doors, leading to other challenges of the evening … and even the most ominous door of them all that states it leads to the 'Dungeon of All Vices'.

"BWAHAHA!" laughs a black vampiric Eeee near the 'bar', with a skinny white Eeee with too much eye makeup and a cigarette trying to look bored on his arm. The man's toupee has beady red eyes that seem to follow anyone who passes by.

"This is what they think monsters do?" Alptraum can't help but whisper to Tulani, "I don't remember any of our monster battles involving purple lights and Eeee's with bad toupees… "

Near the cemetery, the band plays. The drummer appears to be a skeleton being puppeteer-ed (hopefully) from below.

"You clearly haven't lived your life fully, then," a droll-sounding yet familiar voice chimes in from behind Alptraum. Its Mortimer, with the crazy Korv Krahe on his wing. "Or, perhaps, are you behind on monster fashion?"

Tulani enters with an arm around her victims shoulders, and takes in the scene with interest, "Well, this certainly promises to be even more fun than I thought." looking over at Alptraum she rolls her eyes at him and sighs, "Just think of it as an opportunity to do something fun, or at least interesting."

Several guests dressed in zombie-chic make sure to bow to Krahe, either out of respect, to humor her, or to avoid being berated.

"This is like out of some sort of silly book," Alptraum rasps and looks over his shoulder.

Mortimer lifts a bone, sickly pink claw and waggles his fingers at Alptraum. "I have them all here so that I can slay them with less effort, and more food," he mock-confides, leaning over to whisper.

Kaninchen walks proudly besides Alptraum, confident that he has the best (if not biggest) monster. A woman with a wig made of dead, wingless Creens scowls at him, and drags her own Khatta victim along towards the buffet.

Krahe looks pleased and even pats those guests on the tops of their heads as they bow. Well, except for the one she decides to kick in the shin as they pass. "Kindness should never be expected, even if they do offer you respect," she comments idly to Mortimer.

Okay, the sight of the scowling woman at least generates a small smirk from Alptraum. It quickly vanishes, though. "So, sacrifice, do you have any last requests?" he rasps, not even bothering to look at Kani.

Haschen walks along with Tulani, trying her best to look terrified. The occasional giggle she emits, though, betrays her excitement. "We are winning this year, I can feel it," she whispers.

"Requests?" Kani asks, looking caught off guard. "Well… we should mingle!"

"Mangle, did you say?" Alptraum inquires and actually looks at the buck this time.

"No! I mean… circulate! Show you off!" the ram-horned Lapi explains nervously.

"I'll keep that in mind." Mortimer hobbles along in that Korv gait, using his scythe for a walking stick, and occasionally putting an unfortunate high-placed decoration to a quick end when the blade rips through it. He then pauses, head tilting. "Don't they look cute together," he remarks, pointing a boney finger at Alptraum and Kani, "though I wasn't sure he'd go for this. I just guessed – Eeee, you know."

Kahe and Mort aren't the only Korvs in attendance. There's one with an oddly blue crest next to the coffin-shaped buffet troughs. He waves his wings and chants, creating both the cold ground-hugging mist and the ice in one of the coffins for cold treats.

"You will die tomorrow," Alptraum thinks when his ears catch Mortimer's whisper. Bony fingers curl into Kani's side and he rasps, "Ah. Well, then come my respectful and handsome sacrifice." Off towards the odd gathering of 'people' he then goes.

The silver dragon grins toothily down at Haschen, tilting her head to peer at the doe through one icy-colored eye, "Well, my dear, why don't we have a look around? I feel the need for a snack, and while you do look delicious, I would not want to put such a beautiful captive to such waste."

Some of the Monsters look disturbingly real, like characters out of Worms, but none set off any of Alptraum's undead-alarms. The Victims are varied as well, and often show quite a bit of fur (or feathers and the occasional scale), especially a green Eeee woman wrapped in decorative bandages, next to a faux-poodle with a seriously runny nose and boils.

Krahe, looking quite pleased as people part for the two Korvs, points towards a cage in the back of the room. Inside it stands … a zombie. An Eeee zombie, in fact, the flesh withered and contracted on its frame. It stands there, looking either bored or just … without orders. The really disturbing thing about it is that a section of its chest expands and contracts rhythmically, as if some mockery of a heart was beating within it. "The grand prize," she whispers lustfully to Mortimer. "Isn't it delicious?"

The green Eeee catches Alptraum's eye and he slowly makes his way towards her to see if it's … well, Phlagaea. "Surely not," he thinks, as he tries to not be seen by her as he tries to spy.

"I feel like I'm at a reunion," Mortimer remarks to his partner as he pauses to poke at the zombie with a talon, as he is wont to do to things that interest him. "A necromancer relic, is it? Really shouldn't leave these around, but I suppose its largely inert. Plus, there's always fire."

A nervous giggle escapes Haschen. "Well, let's go see the cold treats first. I'm feeling a bit warm in this huge dress," she admits. And off towards that area of the party the dragon and doe go.

Mortimer's prodding elicits a rather noxious burp of gas from the zombie. It's good eye stares at him. The other just hangs from its socket and stares at its feet.

With the bandages, it's hard to tell. The Eeee is sipping a drink through a straw, but her victim's illness certainly looks genuine, as he coughs up something into a rag and several people come to examine it. Kaninchen glares at the pair though. "Hmmph, stealing my theme, the curs!" he mutters.

Alptraum moves closer to the green Eeee. "Shall we examine the competition, then?" he rasps.

"And I do love chilled things… " the Tulani-dragon murmurs as she and the doe near the troughs filled with ice and treats, and the Dragon pauses briefly to eye the all too familiar looking Korv providing the ice and misty atmosphere.

Mortimer seems satisfied, and leans back. "Zombies aren't much for conversation. They can be a relief. Do you realize how many vampires, wraiths, and necromancers rattle on about their might, or their lives, or what-have-you before they die?" The male Korv gives his date a raised brow look, and then cackles.

The chilled coffin if full of frozen mixed drinks (some on sticks) and tubs of actual ice-cream in various flavors, with bowls of 'goo' and 'ichor' that can be added as toppings.

"But of course we do. The world must know of our greatness and their sheer stupidity at being unable to stop our perfect plans!" Krahe cackles, completely missing the implication.

As Alptraum and Kani approach, the bandaged Eeee happens to glance towards them… and nearly chokes. "Alptraum!" she squeaks, and it is without a doubt Phlagaea. "What are you doing here?" she asks, as her Victim's stomach makes ominous gurgles.

"I could ask you the same," Alptraum rasps as his brow goes up a bit, "As for me, well, Tulani wanted to come and she talked me into going with … him." He then looks to the poodle she's with, and asks, "Replacing me, are you?"

"Ultimately, I am a reducer of ego," Mortimer confides to Krahe as he attempts to replace the zombie's eye back in its socket.

"Oh no!" Phlagaea says quickly. "It's just… I mean, the chance to actually inflict some of Gorphat's blessings on someone, even for just a night… " she babbles.

Unfortunately, all Mortimer manages to do is pop that eyeball. Blackish goo oozes down his fingers.

Mortimer eyes his claw, then lifts it to his beak and takes a moment to take a taste. "He wasn't using it anyway," he insists, as if he meant to do exactly what he did.

"You've never asked if I would bear such for you," Alptraum rasps, looking partially amused by Phlagaea's babbling.

Tulani scoops up a few chunks of ice from one of the tubs, crunching them down while eying the ice cream itself, "Would you mind finding me a bowl Haschen?" The silver dragon asks of the Doe before turning back to the ice making Korv and saying, "Hello Silas… "

"Oh… well, it wouldn't be appropriate for you, Alptraum, being the Barsunala and all," Phlagaea claims. A few more heads turn towards the wraith and satyr now, and mutterings of, "The real Barsunala?" start to circulate.

To Kani, Alptraum asks, "Would you get me a drink, sacrifice? I wish to speak to the Daughter of Gorphat a moment."

The ice-crested Korv blinks at the dragon, and blinks again as she addresses him by name. "P-pardon me, Mas… err… Mistress Dragon?" the Korv asks.

"A drink?" Kani asks, and starts to pull the robe away from his neck… then pauses and asks, "You mean from the bar?"

"From the bar, yes. I do not intend to dine early," Alptraum clarifies.

"Correct, and its Tulani. I apologize that I'm not as recognizable as yourself. I see your still doing what you do best Captain. Taking a break from fishing?" The silver dragon rumbles, giving the Crested Korv a grin.

"Of course!" Kani says. "Unless you'd like me to be drunk later on?" he then asks in a whisper, even as he's leaving for the Mad Scientist's Lab.

"I would not mind if you were a little tipsy, perhaps," Alptraum whispers to Kani, then shoos him off. Turning his attention back to Phlagaea, he pulls her in close to whisper, "Amusingly, your Mistress didn't feel that it wasn't appropriate. She blessed me once, a long time ago. Anyway, I do wish to speak to you about some things. Did you enjoy it when I served you and your Mistress?" he asks.

"Do you know what this popped eyeball demands? A drink, I think. A real Dead Man's Eye for a dead man's eyes," Mortimer tells Krahe. "Why don't we get something to drink? The dead always make me hungry."

"Wha… Tulani?" the Korv asks in surprise. "Why… yes, I'm on a little break. I have family here, and got hired by the organizers of this little get-together," Silas notes, and also waves his previously bandaged wing to show that it's done healing. "You've put on a little weight, I must say. More than the mermaid did."

The green bat blushes, since her ears are unbandaged. "Oh yes, it was very… nice," she whispers, and pats her belly. "No idea if there were positive results from it yet though."

"The eyeball tastes nasty. Worse than any any rotting flesh has a right to. IT almost feels like Mortimer's tongue wants to retreat out the back of his head. Krahe just looks amused by her Reaper's antics. "Yes, I suppose a drink is acceptable. I do expect you to serve me mine, of course," she says as leads him towards the bar.

"Well, aside from what we did that time, would you be interested in making it a regular thing for me to shift and serve you on some interval, such as one day a month or so?" Alptraum whispers to Phlagaea.

By way of thanks, Kaninchen offers to cover the cost of Mortimer's drink. "It is the least I can do for hooking me and my sister up with such good monsters."

"Hideous," Mortimer says after a moment, clacking his beak at the taste. "Which makes it perfect. Not perfect in the fresh sense, which is good for the real thing, but it has that aged quality that's harder to find. Rotted." He tastes his finger again as he walks, using the back end of his scythe blade to push party-goers out of his way as he walks for the bar.

"Got tangled with a bit of magic myself. I can't say it doesn't have its advantages at times." Tulani breathes, letting little whisps of mist rise from her nostrils, "But I must say I'm glad to see you doing well. I haven't seen Raneah in a while. Have you? You've been closer to the sea than I have in quite a while."

"He's mine!" Krahe snaps at Kaninchen. Though, she doesn't exactly refuse to let him pay for the drink.

Mortimer nods to Kani. "I hope you're enjoying yours, too. He might seem moody, but he really needs a firm hand. Help him have fun – but don't take him too seriously. He had enough drama for a Kujaku reunion," the Korv tells the mutant Lapi as he walks.

Phlagaea gasps at the offer. "Really? Just for me?" she asks, then adds, "and Gorphat, of course. Any time you can offer is more than welcome, Alptraum. Especially for some of the rituals I need to perform to help produce some… ah… military… stuff… "

Alptraum's brow goes up again. "How would I assist with those?" he inquires.

Haschen is amusing herself with making an ice-cream sundae. A special one where she took one of the larger punch bowls and has started filling it with scoop after scoop of the cold dessert. Apparently the doe is fond of ice cream…

"Well, she swam off to some old port in north Draco just before I left," Silas says. "Got word from her old Jupani friend it seems." The Korv dips a wing forward to catch some of Tulani's breath. "Ah, you've taken to the ice, I see?"

"Well, I can't really handle some of the big rituals all by myself," Phlagaea notes. "But with an acolyte – even a temporary one – I should be able to manage. Nobody at the castle has taken up my offer to serve Gorphat yet."

The bartender grunts as he prepares Mortimer's 'Dead Man's Eye', then slides it to him. This one does seem to actually have a real eyeball in it. Probably hog's eye.

"Quite. The chill is… pleasing like this. And I'm glad to hear Raneah's been doing well." The dragon replies to Silas, looking back briefly to smile at Haschen and comment, "I do hope you plan to share that with me, my pet."

Mortimer shakes the remains of the black goo into the drink, then takes a sip. "Ahh, now that's good eyeball!"

"Will it require any sort of induction requirement to become an acolyte?" Alptraum inquires next. His right hand twitches a bit, but he doesn't seem to notice.

"Oh, right!" Haschen says … then she starts putting more ice-cream into the bowl. "Isn't she a lovely dragon?" the doe asks Silas.

"I suppose you've technically gone through enough to count as one," Phlagaea notes, as Kaninchen returns with a red drink for Alptraum.

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Silas chants a cantrip and brushes his wingtip across Tulani's lips to give her some ice-gloss. "I'm very proud of the ice-cream," he says.

Tulani chuckles at the Korv and mimes blowing a kiss at him to test the flexibility of the frosty gloss, and, in fact, puffs out a ring of mist as she does so. "Well, I must certainly try some of it then!" And so saying the dragoness uses her longer tongue to steal a scoop from Haschen's bowls and swallow it with a pleasing gulp!

"We will discuss more particulars later then," Alptraum says as he spots his 'victim' returning. He reaches up as if to pat Phlagaea's cheek, then stops an inch before he touches. Turning his hand inward, his brow furrowing a bit. The palm is throbbing softly, much like a heartbeat. Extending from it the veins of his hand ripple and squirm underneath the skin. But, since he's feeling no pain … he doesn't panic yet and just lowers that hand quickly. but, so not as to upset Phlagaea that he wouldn't touch her, he actually leans in and kisses her cheek. To Kani, he explains, "Disease and Death are close friends."

"So, how well do you dance?" Krahe inquires of Mortimer as she peers over his shoulder towards the dance floor. "The dance contest should begin soon."

"Have you ever danced with Death under the pale Procession light," Mortimer inquires, answring question with question. Before Krahe can answer, though, he says, "Neither have I; lets go."

"I once danced with the Vermite King himself!" Krahe boasts. With a rather firm swat to Mortimer's backside, she takes him towards the cemetery dance floor.

"Oh, of course, Barsunala!" Kani agrees, and offers the mix of blood and alcohol to Alptraum. "Err, does that mean I can dance with her?" he asks in a whisper.

Going 'Ooooo', Haschen watches in fascination as Tulani's tongue scoops up the ice-cream. "Pity there are no kissing contests," she laments.

"I suppose you may, sacrifice. Ah, one more thing," Alptraum says, then leans over to whisper in Babelite to Phlagaea, "If I do happen to have any, ah, blessings upon me from our time together, I trust you will assist in treating them?"

"Careful with the tail feathers, people seem to like them," says Mortimer. One the dance floor, he shoulders his scythe, making dancing too close to his back a dangerous proposition. "Vermite King, is it? Personally, I've been somewhat interested in meeting the dancing skeleton trio, but it's probably a graveyard legend."

"Well, you do have a tight butt," Krahe cackles as she tries to get Mortimer to join her in a version of 'The Funky Korv'.

While he waits for Phlagaea's answer, Alptraum sips at his drink. His free left hand curls around Kaninchen's side and he draws his victim close again.

Tulani winks at Haschen, and scoops up another glob of ice cream, savoring this one a bit longer than the first and emitting a purring rumble of satisfaction. "What next after we finish this treat? Would you like to dance? Or perhaps check out one of the 'challenges'." The dragon asks the doe and continues licking up the chilly confection.

Phlagaea blinks at the question about dancing from Alptraum's victim, and whispers back to the Wraith-Eeee in Babelite, "Of course, if anything shows up."

"That is, of course, if she wishes to dance with you. Why don't you ask her? Politely," Alptraum instructs Kani.

Mortimer's style of dancing is very sombre. Actually, its very limited. He bobs up and down, steps from side to side, but otherwise maintains minimal movement. This is probably good, as any exciting action from him is likely to result in severed body parts from others. That scythe looks sharp!

"Bah, you move as slow as the dead you claim to stop," Krahe admonishes. "Even my zombies dance with more energy!"

"Umm," Kani says, looking at Phlagaea's gurgling, oozing victim. "Perhaps later?"

"Oh, up to you," Haschen comments in-between bites of ice-cream. "We have all night, after all. Which interests you more?"

"Can't be helped," Mortimer insists. He shuffles left. he shuffles right.

"Well, then I will see you later," Alptraum tells Phlagaea in a rasp, then leans in, adding, "Just prepare me some acolyte bandages, and we'll discuss more about assisting you later." Another light nose to her cheek, and he walks off with Kani. "Is this your blood?" he asks of the buck.

"Oh no," Kani says. "But there a few things I can eat to flavor mine if you like. Do you mind garlic?" the Lapi asks.

The dragoness gulps down one or two more scoops and then licks her lips, breathing out a cloud of mist as she sighs in satisfaction, "Let's see what challenges are provided my dear, we can dance later any time." Tulani notes to the doe beside her, giving Silas a parting smile.

"It doesn't bother me," Alptraum notes, then with a sidelong glance, he adds, "Either way, you had best be prepared to be sampled later." The wraith licks over one of his fangs, then he and Kani head back into the crowd to mingle.

"Ooo, hmm. They always have a lot of challenges for points towards the prizes. Of course, you have to pay, but no need to worry about that! It's covered. I always finds the closet game fun, let's see how you do… " Haschen decides. The doe and dragon head through the crowd toward one of the side rooms. Slipping through it, they find themselves in what looks like a regular bedroom. Well, except for the man dressed like a zombie standing there and the lump laying in the bed. "One shekel for one boo," he says, sounding bored. That is, until he realizes he's looking at a dragon and his jaw falls open.

Tulani smiles and Follows Haschen into one of the 'challenge' rooms. Grinning slyly at the 'zombies reaction the silver dragon licks her jaws and rumbles quietly, "So, how does this challenge work?"

"Uh, well," the 'zombie' babbles as he tries to get his brain working again. "The monster goes into the closet. When you feel scary, not that you have a problem there! you jump out and try to scare the victim in the bed! If you manage to scare her, well, you get points. If you fail, you, uh, get hit with a pie… "

Haschen fishes a shekel out from her bosom. She waits for her monster to agree to the game rules before handing over the shekel to the hawker.

The silver dragon crosses her arms and arches a brow asking in a monotone with a completely straight face, "What kind of pie?"

"Er, well, not a very good one," the hawker admits, "Whipped cream and raw fish."

"Sounds delicious, I do like fish." Tulani exclaims licking her scaly lips, "Alright, let's give it a try then shall we?" and the dragoness immediately heads for the closet looking back to give Haschen a wink.

Haschen hands over the shekel to the zombie.

The dragoness folds her wings tight and squeezes herself into the closet, ducking down a bit to give her horns some rool and curling her tail about her waist. with a final look around the room she shuts the door, taking a moment for a deep breath.

After a moment, Tulani opens the door quickly, bursting from the closet half speading her wings for increased size and jumping over next to the bed letting out a rumbling, draconic roar!

"Wuagh!" goes the Khatta kid under the blanket. He practically leaps out of the bed and nearly sticks to the ceiling. His pie goes flipping through the air and somehow manages to land at her feet, cream and fish side up. No splatter!

Tulani slowly straightens herself, and smiles proudly nonchalantly brushing herself free of non-existent dust and then delicately scooping up the pie to take a hearty bite.

"One point for the dragon and her doe princess," the zombie says, trying to sound calm about the whole thing. Never mind his tail is sticking straight out behind him and puffed up huge. Haschen is giggling and clapping as she declares, "Perfect!"

Sidling back up to Haschen The dragoness purrs, "I see you enjoyed my performance." She then polishes off the pie in a few bites and smiles to the rather freaked out kid, apologizing briefly, "Sorry about that. Can I help you down?" Walking over she holds out her arms and does her best to look non-threatening… not the easiest thing to do after that scare…

Good thing she held out her arms because the kid's claws finally give way and he drops into the waiting dragon's arms. Puffing out his chest, he says, "I wasn't afraid! I just missed with the pie."

Tulani can't help but snort at the kids declaration, sending a large puff of mist in his direction as she sets him back down on the bed, "Ah… well, I'll just have to try harder next time wont I?" she finishes with a grin.

"Uh, no, all out of pies," the kid claims.

"No we're not, you have the two dozen under the bed," the zombie reminds him.

"Shut up!" the kid hisses.

"I think we're done here," Haschen says with a huge grin on her face. "So … what's next?"

The dragoness just lets out a rumbling laugh and walks away back over to Haschen, "That was quite fun. How about another game? I'm sure we can build quite a few points."

"Sure," Haschen says as she rocks a bit on her hooves. "Any particular one you want to do next?"

"Hmm… how about The room that had 'Town Rampage' written on the door? Or… if you dont think that one would be interesting, I heard something about Seduce the Victim?" Tulani sidles up to the doe as she speak, turning her town into a low whisper in the does ear.

"Well, we'll see which is open," Haschen agrees and the two head back out into the main room. The find a rather large crowd gathered around the 'Seduce the Victim' booth. Apparently, this one is on display. Amusingly, the 'victim' is an expert on seduction, it appears, as it's Mave. And right now … Alptraum is attempting to seduce her.

Seeing the crowd around that particular booth, Tulani motions Haschen onwards towards the Town rampage with a chuckle, the dragoness certainly didn't want to try to tangle with Mave on the issues of seduction.

It also appears that no one has done very well at the seduction booth as they go by. Everyone listed on the board has zero points … including Alptraum currently. It's amusing, really, when the Monster looks frustrated and the victim … amused.

Once Tulani and Haschen step through the Town Rampage door, they discover just what it is. The room is full of a bunch of miniature towns! Not only that, but the towns are 'populated' by Sylvanian rabbits and mice. The hawker here, this one a 'headless' corpse, somehow says, "Wow, this one is just perfect for you! Though, uh, it costs ten shekels to play because of the materials… " Looking a bit dubiously towards the live animals in the towns, she pulls out some money to pay for the game if Tulani wants to play. Apparently, the object is to destroy as much of a town as you can in one minute. Eating the residents earn bonus points.

Tulani crouches down for a moment to examine the minature town with a small smile, "Well! It looks like fun to me. And I just destroy as much as I possibly can right?" The dragon queries, looking towards the hawker.

"One town and as much as you can in one minute, yes," the hawker confirms and steps back, way back. Haschen joins him and hands over the money.

Once the cue has been given the silver dragon charges into the center of the town and blows a cloud of freezing mist straight down, attempting to freeze as much of the mock up as possible before tearing through it on all fours swinging arms wings and tail.

The ice helps somewhat, and buildings and frozen bunnies go flying through the room. But, the ice also helped anchor down some of the buildings so she couldn't break them. At the end of her minute about fifty percent of the town has been obliterated. There's even a disturbing bunny-splatter on the ceiling. "Not bad," the 'headless' game manager says and makes some notes on his 'notepad'. "Your results will be available later… "

"Remind me to never make you mad," Haschen comments a bit meekly as she goes over to her monster.

Tulani site back on her haunches for a moment, huffing small misty breaths before smoothing out her ridge of mane and standing, forcing herself to calm and tearing herself away from the desire to go on a second run. Licking her claws and chin free of bunny blood the dragoness nods to the Hawker and then Turns to Haschen, giving the doe a light pat on top of the head (carefully avoiding the horns) and noting, "I think I could use a drink about now, how about you?"

"Yes, I think i could use a drink," Haschen agrees and heads for the door. "A nice relaxing break, then maybe the dance and costume show… "


GMed by BoingDragon & Jared

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