7 Landing, 6106 RTR (Feb 12, 2010) After a night's sleep, the exploration party heads out for the Silent One zone.
(Legacy of the Fenris) (Layth) (Space) (Tasha)

Not many of the crew aboard Bellerophon need to sleep anymore. Of those who do, one has a restless night – as if sleep were an enemy to be defeated, or an obstacle to her goal. Another sleeps lightly, but knows not to waste any opportunity to rest and recharge. The oldest of the living crew drools a bit on his pillow, which is also showing signs of having been chewed on. But, Karnor pillows are made with such likelihoods in mind and it suffers little as a result.

Layth wakes up at his usual time, which is early. Tasha finally decides that she's not getting any useful rest and gets up as well. The sonic freshers that act as showers need only a mist of water to perform their cleaning magic, but with efficiency comes a downside: there's no way to luxuriate under the spray of hot water in a fresher. And for all its marvels, Bellerophon is anything but luxurious.

The Officer's Mess now has a few fresh selections of semi-wild fruit and vegetables from the Terratown gardens, and there's even 'fresh' bacon from the bio lab. Dehydrated eggs add a little extra protein, and even a Lapi can digest them if needed (since they are actually made from soybeans). While Gabriel sleeps in a bit, Tasha and Layth have the Officer's Mess all to themselves for breakfast.

"I do not care for how they bathe on this ship. It ruins the pleasure of the act and just makes it a … function," Layth remarks as he collects bits of everything to eat except for the bacon. "The food is rather questionable too, but … no worse than travel rations," he adds as the large (though very clean) buck slides into one of the benches at a table and sets down his tray. "And … I sense you need to sleep more. That may catch up with you soon," he adds with a quick glance to Tasha.

Tasha plops heavily into her chair, a plate with a little of everything and a lot of cloned bacon and 'eggs' in front of her. She looks tired, as if she hadn't slept well. Her eyelids rest a little heavy, she isn't smiling, and her hair looks like she ran her hands through it a few times before giving up and stuffing it in a ponytail. After staring a moment at her food, she looks up at Layth and says, "I've had a lot to think about, that's all – and good morning, Layth." She glances at her food again, then picks up a knife (according to the woman, she had learned to eat just using a belt knife) and impales a slice of bacon. "This is more wash than I got on The Rake, but I'll second you on the food, especially the lack of a good drink. I could use a good drink." After popping the slice in her mouth, she asks while chewing, "How're you doing?"

"Morning is relative," Layth quips just before taking some time to eat a bit before replying. "I am … generally well, I think. No soreness to speak of," he finally answers. "In truth, not much of anything to speak of. More often than not, I feel like I don't quite fit in, given how little we know of what surrounds us. I think you feel the same at times. I just hope we do not end up their burden."

The door opens and Gabriel saunters in, looking well rested and groomed. "Ah, you've started without me!" he says. "I was going to make omelets for you both."

"There is still time. I haven't eaten too much yet," Layth says and actually grins. "It may help improve the flavor of the fair."

"Aye, I feel the same way some times. But it's true of all of us – we're all out of place. None of us can really go home, even if some of us can still get there." Tasha chews on her bacon a bit more, swallows, and nods a little. "The bacon isn't bad. There's something to it, but, oi, I couldn't tell you what." She shakes her head, then picks up a piece of fruit and looks at it as she continues, "That reminds me, I'm thinking – no, I'm going to ask everyone if they would like to join Gabriel and I in seeing the JEF rise agai-" The woman pauses as Gabriel walks in, then grins. "Speak of the devil; morning, handsome!"

"That's the spirit!" Gabriel says, and gives Tasha a cold-nose behind her ear. "How about you, Winged Gift? Brave enough to try my cooking?"

"Devil? He does not seem horny this morning," Layth quips then chews on a piece of fruit.

Tasha jumps a little in her seat as she gets cold-nosed, eyes widening. She's definitely awake now! She tries to swat at the man, but he's out of reach before she can smack him. "You get to try my driving when we leave – so do me under at your own risk!" she says with a grin.

Akkers heads into the kitchen area after taking the bowl of veggies. "Driving? Did Fred give you lessons first?" he asks, followed by the sounds of food being chopped.

"I know he explored her anatomy extensively last night," Layth explains in between bites. "Nose to nose, even."

"Lengthy and complete lessons," Tasha assures Gabriel. "And, a warning if I dent anything I'll hear about i- HEY!" The Vartan shoots Layth a look, then he finds a half-eaten piece of fruit flying his way!

"Ow," goes the buck when he goes bouncing off the side of his head and he even rocks to the side. "Tasha is throwing her cantaloupes around… "

"Really, Layth, you shouldn't say things like that to a man who is chopping things with a cleaver," Gabriel notes without missing a beat to his chopping. Although it's soon replaced with a sizzling sound. "I'm sure it was entirely innocent. Despite our age difference, I am sure that Tasha is not into necrophilia," he barks with a laugh.

"I was certain a man of your stalwart will could handle the unbridled truth," Layth claims and keeps on grinning.

The red woman actually winces when the fruit makes impact, perhaps having expected the buck to dodge, or maybe she forgot her own strength – which isn't inconsiderable for a 5'8" woman. She picks her plate up and begins walking around the table to look at Layth's head. "Necro-what?" A few steps later she pauses, her eyes widening; then she looks like someone hit her with something. "Oh. Thanks Nora." She continues walking, stopping to look at Layth's head, glancing back at Gabriel. "Fred was scanning me for a powered undersuit," she explains. "Layth too – you should get one as well, yes Captain?"

"Hmmm, I always itched in those things, but probably should get a new one as well," Gabriel agrees as he does his kitchen sorcery.

"You could always shave to the skin, as Fred suggested," Layth helpfully offers. The buck then lifts a cup and sips a bit of the recycled water.

"Hah, not doing that again," Akkers says. "Oh… you should be relieved to know that Nora is no longer stalking you, Layth. I noticed her and my duplicate holding hands during the movie last night."

"Fred had trouble with my shape – I know, I know, hard to believe!" Tasha grins, then leans away from Layth after seeing he's fine. She carries her plate a few chairs down and takes a seat, again. "I like Fred," she remarks as she begins to dig in, "He reminds me of all the Vartans on The Rake lumped together, but with better Standard and an education."

"I was not aware she was ever stalking me. She made no real advances towards me," Layth notes as he rolls his shoulders in a slight shrug. "And I agree with Tasha, Fred is a likable fellow," he echoes.

The Karnor comes out from the kitchen holding a skillet and a spatula, which he uses to dispense omelets onto Layth and Tasha's plates… only to find that nobody set a place for him at the table!

"Do you wish to serve your man, or do you expect me to," Layth quips and grins at Tasha.

At the mention of Nora an PersoCom Gabriel holding hands Tasha begins wagging, a big grin splitting her face. "I knew it!" She thrusts a hand into the air, victoriously. "It's earlier than I hoped, but I knew it! That's why I handed PersoCom Gabriel Nora's transponder tags, I was hoping it'd stir something. Oh," she suddenly looks towards the real Gabriel, upraised arm lowering, "You don't mind, do you, love?" She glances at Layth, nodding to his question. "Y-yes, let me." She immediately stands up and hurries to get her man a cup and plate.

"It was always Mariel who took care of the table on Fenris," Gabriel notes with a grin.

Layth just starts eating his omelet, grinning all the while. "You are well on your way to breaking her in," he remarks as an aside to Gabriel. "Mariel is likely sleeping in today. I believe she and Fred may have engaged in experiments last night."

"I'm not your new 'Omega,'" the Vartan insists as she carries the tableware over. "If you're not sure of that, I can demonstrate by yelling." She grins, putting the plate down, then herself down in Gabriel's lap. "You don't mind about the transponder tags, do you? You were asleep and I didn't want to wake you. I thought it would help Nora and P.C. Gabe."

"PersoComs don't need to sleep," Gabe notes. His omelets have chopped chunks of veggies in them, and even some cooked apple bits. "Now that Nora has registered you with the main systems, you won't need to use her tags anyway," he notes, serving himself and returning the skillet to the kitchen quickly. "You'll need some new ones of your own."

"What about me?" Layth asks, "Will I need tags?"

"And I think I prefer how you prepared the food over its default preparation. Much better flavor," the buck adds. "I should learn the recipe."

"That'll be nice – don't we all need some, actually?" Tasha knifes some omelet, balancing it on the blade before sticking the length in her mouth. She pulls the knife out, then waggles it as she chews. "Thus is vury gud," she agrees.

"Not sure if you need any, but it couldn't hurt," Gabriel notes, returning to his seat. "Just need to figure out if you'd be best registered as human or Karnor."

"You cannot enter my species as a new type?" Layth asks. "I do not look human or Karnor."

"Or a pet," the Vartan quips before delivering more food into her muzzle.

"The identification systems really didn't come with an option for adding new races," Gabriel says. "Shouldn't be hard to fix on the Belle, but Orpheus isn't something you want to tamper with like that."

Layth bounces a bit of apple off Tasha's nose since she's so close. "Funny," he comments and actually does look amused.

"Perhaps the doctor should 'run a scan, I think? And see what I would match to closest?" Layth offers, "So as to not confuse the machines as much?"

The woman grins even more, then rubs her nose before picking up the apple bit and tossing it in her mouth. "That reminds me, will Silent Town even acknowledge any of our clearances? Won't it react to us like foreigners, or even hostile aliens? Or, can First- Fallen Star overcome that?"

"You're probably as much human as I am, so it's really just a matter of choice," Gabriel suggests. "I'd go with human for convenience. It'll determine things like control interfaces that are presented to you."

"Never been to Silent Town, so… not sure," the Karnor replies. "We'll have to ask Fallen Star."

"We will have to ask her," Layth notes to Tasha. He then nods to Gabriel and says, "As you like. And as a human, I might have more command access as well? That is if humans were given wider access."

Tasha stabs at Layth with her knife as she points out, "You could even shave bald to look more human," she suggests to the buck.

"There were low-ranked humans too," Gabriel points out. "Command access isn't so easy to forge. But you and Eli didn't seem to have any problems getting to one of the data cores."

"Being bald would not be attractive. Under this fur I am not so appealing, Tasha," Layth remarks before he resumes eating.

"Besides, how would you explain it to Calli and Aisha, Tasha?" Gabriel asks with a wicked grin.

The woman just chuckles at the bucks's answer, filling her face with food as she grins away. Her plate is clean before anyone's; as she is strong, so is she hungry. "I'll tell them in the past, that was the style," she replies to her mate. She tilts her head, and adds, "It's just been a few days, but I had almost forgotten they're waiting for us. Won't they be surprised!"

"I do actually need to visit the doctor soon. Fred told me I should have him remove some of the scars I have. He said they would interfere with the monitoring systems of the suit," Layth says as he remembers.

"That's right," Tasha confirms. "It's nice to have such advanced medicine; makes me worry a little less."

"Speaking of young women," Gabriel says, "has anyone checked on our other guest to see if she's… feeling more lively yet?" He subtly shakes his head to Layth, and whispers, "Chicks dig scars."

"I have not looked in on her yet. I am not sure if the system would even be able to help her," Layth remarks and looks towards the door, thoughtful. "Perhaps I should go check on her soon. Well, after the omelet at least. It is most delicious."

Tasha rolls her head and peers up at Gabriel, brows raising. "Oh? Do you 'dig' my scars, then?"

"They make handy bookmarks for remembering my favorite places," Gabriel tells Tasha.

"That's the answer I want to hear," the Vartan says with a grin, then she kisses the Karnor on the muzzle before returning to her meal. "I need more of this; everyone eat up, we need to leave soon. It may be quiet now, but I'd rather not risk wasting any time with those things on Orpheus."

Crystal Bay
Across from the spiral ramp leading to the upper deck, and adjacent to the Avionics Bay, this small room is aglow with multicolored, flowing light. The source is the stack of Sifran crystal artifacts near the center: a star-shaped base, a cylindrical hub full of holes, and a vaguely humanoid melted-looking figure at the top. Glowing glass cables reach from a box in the wall to connect to the holes, where they seem to be held in place by tiny tentacles.

Someone has 'unplugged' First Technician's mummy from the crystal artifact and removed it and the stasis bag. In its place is a projection of Fallen Star, sitting cross-legged with a data pad in her lap – the same one Tasha left the night before. She looks up and smiles at the three living people who look in on her.

"Well, it seems to have worked," Layth remarks and smiles, "I wonder if we look different to her eyes now." He enters slowly so as to not startle the projection signing, "Hello. Do you remember us?" as he goes.

Tasha walks in with Gabriel, just behind Layth. When she spies the Silent-One – or Silent-One ghost, as it were – holding the datapad her eyes widen a little, and she suddenly seems very interested in looking around aimlessly as she sniffis the room. Gabriel can scent her self-conscious reaction strongly. "Um, oi, hello," she says, rather awkwardly.

"I remember you," the cheetah signs. "Golden Mane Rabbit Man and Angel Nora and Captain Akkers."

"May I sit beside you?" Layth inquires. "She does remember us, so it seems to have been a complete transfer," he tells the others, even though Tasha would have understood the sign too.

'Angel Nora's' eye's flick over Fallen Star's Signs, her brows arching in surprise. Her muzzle opens as if to protest, but she shuts it – and instead looks down at the floor.

The cheetah looks next to her to see if anything is in the way, as if confused by Layth's request. She finally just gestures to show that the space is clear.

"Thank you for your kind note," the girl signs to Tasha.

Layth sits down cross-legged by the projection. He stares at her for a bit as if unsure of quite what to do next. So … he ends up just poking her arm lightly to see how solid she is.

Gabriel pats Tasha on the shoulder, and whispers, "What are you ashamed about? I need to get a translation system hooked up I think… "

She's solid enough and gives out a slight bark at the poke – which causes her to cover her mouth and look embarrassed.

The red woman's eyes flick up so she can follow the Sign directed at her, and she nods a little. "You're welcome, Fallen Star – and again, I'm sorry." She looks around for a moment, then blinks and starts when Gabriel touches her. Tasha looks up and says, "Just … Oi, what seemed important then doesn't seem so … important now. People are important, not … " she gestures vaguely, then points near Fallen Star, "Let's join them; I'll translate."

"Sorry," Layth apologizes, "I wished to see how solid you were." The buck then grins and adds, "The bark was cute, by the way."

Soon enough, everyone is sitting on the floor in a rough circle. Fallen Star tries to hide her face behind the data pad, but has to lower it to talk. "I cannot go as far outside this room as the others," she signs. "Nor carry things as far. Nora is still trying to make a copy of me for the computer to use."

"The doctor may be able to use your remains to create a real body," Layth signs, "Which I think he intends to do for the other … ghosts. If you wish it, that is. I do not know what your desires on such matters would be."

"It's a start," Tasha Signs, and sure enough she translates everything. It's a testimony to Nora's learning and clarity that Tasha sounds more precise when working with Sign than her own native language, even after having partially integrated Nora's language database. "Yes, we're working on cloning right now. We also intend to go to Silent Town today."

"I do not know about that sort of thing," Fallen Star signs to Layth. "I have prepared something for you, with the Mind of Light," she signs to Tasha now. "It is a key and more, on one of the data crystals. It is not as good as a Fake Soul, but it should be useful."

"It means you could live completely again. No more shackles to this place," Layth signs back. "And is there anything we should be concerned about in Silent Town? Defenses? Traps?"

Tasha continues to translate, but pauses at 'Fake Soul,' giving the projection a curious look. "I'll … ," her hands hover as she considers the ramifications of what 'Fake Soul' might mean, but she continues shortly, "I'll get that now." "Layth, take over translating?" The Vartan stands, then approaches the MOTHER optical computer system. "Hello MOTHER, Fallen Star has prepared something for me?"

"Certainly, Tasha," Layth replies.

"Some places will be protected," Fallen Star says. "I do not know how for certain. That information was not needed for my duties." In the next room over, at the end of the Avionics Bay, MOTHER lets Tasha in and replies by extending one of the drawers that hold data crystals. One of the flat crystals is flashing.

"Thank you, MOTHER," Tasha Signs. She picks up the crystal stick and looks it over, then carries it back to the ground, retaking her seat with the stick in her hands. "Did I miss anything?"

"What would have been left behind that will still be useful to us?" Layth asks and translates verbally as he goes. "As for your duties now, you will be the chief Silent-One officer of our ship."

Floating in the crystal are the handsigns for Fallen and Star.

"The Library may still be there," Fallen Star suggests. "Any advanced technology would be in the Temple and you may be able to salvage medical machines and more from the stasis dormitory."

"There are also the Titans," she adds as if in afterthought.

"That sounds useful. Maybe we should bring the Gauss rifle in case of heavy sec-" The red woman's hands pause, both her brows and ears perking. "Did you say Titans?"

Layth translates that to the others, even the Titan part, before he asks, "Understood. Is there anything you would desire from your former home there?"

The girl shakes her head. "I slept in the dormitory," she signs.

"And you had no personal possessions?" Layth verifies.

Once more, the girl just shakes her head.

"You mentioned Titans," Tasha resigns, leaning forward.

"Then is there anything there you ever wanted?" Layth asks next. "Clothing, books, your own Titan? Anything?"

"There is a Titan service center," Fallen Star signs. She just gives Layth an odd blank look for a moment, then signs, "Friends."

It's Layth's turn to look confused. "You already have that," he signs.

The girl smiles and signs, "Then I don't need anything from the past."

"I'll have to look at that," Tasha signs, trying her best now to force herself to not look at all interested. Then, she adds, if distractedly, "Yes you do – we are your friends. Even me."

"Which is a curse in itself. She will get you into much trouble," Layth signs and then nods towards Tasha. "And there is one thing she does need," Layth says out loud, "One of the hand-translators. It will make it easier to talk to the rest of the crew."

"They all know Sign by now," Gabriel says. "Well, except for me and Eli. The PersoComs can share that sort of knowledge… I think."

The Vartan shoots Layth a look, then just shrugs and Signs to Fallen Star. "It's true. I will." She grins widely.

The cheetah girl looks worried now. "Why do you smile when you talk about trouble?" she signs.

"The trouble I have found has lead me to the man I love, my friends, and my destiny. I do not fear trouble, I write the future with it," replies Tasha, grinning even more.

"That seems not so bad," the girl signs, smiling again.

"The bad parts do not outweigh the good, if you do not let them," Tasha Signs, nodding. "My sister and I are alike."

Layth reaches over and pats Fallen Star's cheek. "You will find us odd," he tells her afterward, "But I hope not too scary. You are equal to all of the crew, which I believe you were not before."

"Really?" the girl signs in surprise. "Thank you, Lace!"

Tasha laughs a little before translating that, then nods. "You can even be more equal than 'Lace' if you like."

Layth thinks for a second, then points out, "You bear a name now, do you not?" He grins.

"Fallen Star!" the girl signs proudly, in Formal.

"And you will need clothing. What did your kind wear?" Layth asks, "As pretty as it is to have you without clothing, I fear it will distract Fred."

"Coveralls," Fallen Star signs.

"Obtainable," Layth agrees. "Is there anything you can tell us of your kind that may help us while exploring your former town?"

"We can be cruel," the girl signs. "Be wary."

"Were you ever cruel?" Layth asks.

Tasha looks at the key in her hands, then nods, as if having decided something. "We should be going soon, if there's nothing more you need from us. I don't like to rush, but Orpheus is not perfectly safe, and we have much left to do," she Signs, adding extra gestures so that the tone is apologetic. Then her smile turns wry, and she nods again. "I know," in response to the mention of cruelty.

The girl shakes her head… and crosses her heart!

"We should wear the body armor we wore last time, then, and proceed armed," Layth tells the others, "Their version of the shooting statue may not me so … gentle."

"I look forward to being called an abomination again," Tasha tells Layth, smiling widely despite how much they all know it bothered her the first time. "I will bring the Gauss rifle." And, perhaps that's why.

Once the supplies are gathered and everyone outfitted, they assemble in the Vehicle Bay to ride down in the truck. For added help, Fred had installed his PersoCom in the vehicle's computer as well, just in case. Once they're down on the hangar floor and the crane cables detach, the first thing they notice is that Blammo's Titan is missing (although the Titanian's small camp is still in place).

Layth looks positively military and actually a bit intimidating outfitted in some of the full ballistic armor they brought, along with a modified helmet (earholes cut so his ears can hang through). His machine pistol is strapped to his side and he has a pack of gear on his back, including the most common sort of supplies for any expedition, including plenty of rope. "It looks like Blammo may be off having fun," he remarks as they pass the camp.

Behind the wheel, Tasha seems preoccupied with checking everything over for the fifth time. "Speed, power, bed angle … ," she touches every control once, a mnemonic perhaps? "Steering, acceleration, break … " She looks up as she finishes check five, looking around their vicinity to make sure it's clear, and frowning briefly as she notes the Titan is missing. "Area clear … Powering her up." She nods slowly to Layth's comment. "It looks like." The whole vehicle rumbles as Tasha engages the power, flashing lights erupting from under the carriage. "5 in the hangar, 50 plus outside," she murmurs to herself, looking forward. A hoof lifts, she reaches over and pulls a lever, then her foot eases down, "And here we go."

The trucks independently-powered wheels and variable-texture tires provide a lot of traction. The vehicle seems to jump forward before settling into a smoother, steady speed.

"This more pleasant than the train on Abaddon," Layth remarks.

"The doors to the Silent-Ones area are near the front of the ship," Gabriel notes. "They're past the port engineering bay."

"Not dead. Check," Tasha remarks, grinning but keeping her eyes on the road ahead. "Okay, port it is." Like Layth, the woman has chosen to dress in the height of military gear currently available to them. Bullet resistant vest, camouflage fatigues, pistol and whip at her side. She even has her helmet on, something she, like Layth, had chosen to forgo earlier. And perhaps most intimidating of all the artifact-weapon, the Gauss rifle, leans between her seat and Gabriel's. "Just point it out as we go – I can follow the lines, can't I?"

"We'll probably need to stop outside and try the key too," the Karnor suggests. Even at low speed, it only takes a few minutes to traverse the mostly empty hangar floor. Sparks drop down in a shower halfway there, as they pass under a Titan bay where Blammo has apparently managed to dock his Titan and make more repairs to it. The walls angle in towards the front of Orpheus, and in the middle of the angled section is a huge double door – which reminds Tasha strongly of the main doors of the Temple of Rephidim… just much bigger.

"It's really true, isn't it? The motherships, the origin of the species, Rephidim Temple? I used to see these doors – the doors like on the Temple – during holidays when mum took me to watch the parades. I saw my first Knight Templar in front of doors like this," remarks Tasha as they approach the double doors. She begins to slow the vehicle to make the entrance, shaking her head a little at the wonder of it all. "And look, Blammo's been busy. We haven't even checked all these Titan hangars yet, have we?"

"Those doors are ridiculous-sized," Layth comments as he leans forward to look. "But with vehicles this big, I suppose I understand their purpose."

"No, we haven't," Gabriel notes. "So… do you know how to use the key? There may be a slot or something next to the door… "

Tasha blinks at Gabriel's question. "I thought you did?" Her brows raise, then she just laughs and shakes her head. "I'll get out and try it, since I'm the only one who knows Formal – which I need to fix when we get time!" The vehicle rumbles to a stop thirty feet from the door, the driver's side door popping open as Tasha slips out. "Gabriel, Layth, want to go check those side bays while I fiddle with this thing? You can drive, right Gabriel?"

"I am willing to investigate the bays, yes," Layth offers. "Do we have enough time to, though? Or should we focus on Silent Town for now?"

"Sure, I can drive… spaceships and motorcycles," Akkers notes. "Not heavy equipment though."

"Well never mind that idea, then!" Tasha pulls the key out of her pocket and approaches the door, looking left and right to try and find something along its sizable length that might be a console. "Keep an eye out when – if! – I open this. If I die of starvation walking to the end, tell my mum to avenge me against giant doors."

"I just realized something," Layth comments, "Our next movement all hinges on this moment." Maybe that was revenge for the starvation comment.

There is a console at the side of the door after all. It is a translucent black surface like the Silent-Ones control console aboard Bellerophon and has several slots at the top for crystals.

Finding the console simple enough on the surface, Tasha sticks the crystal in and waits for the machine to activate. "That was terrible, Layth."

The key crystal flashes and flickers rapidly, as does the console itself with symbols appearing and disappearing too fast to read. It's a very shiny display, to be sure.

"Errrr… ," is Tasha's response to the dazzling display. "Oooh." She doesn't actually interact with it, she just … stares at it, unmoving, jaw a little slack.

With an ominous, loud groan (which is possibly electronically reproduced just for effect) the vast doors begin to turn inward.

Despite the loud noise, the Vartan doesn't even look over. She seems to be studying the console intently, leaning forward ever so slightly, blinking only rarely. That might even be drool on the side of her muzzle.

Once the door finishes opening, the floor shakes with the impact of giant footsteps, as two huge Titans bearing equally giant rifles march forward out of the doorway.

"Uh … that is bad," Layth remarks from inside the transport. "How are we supposed to fight those? We do not have any weapons that can hurt them, do we?"

"Fight them?" Gabriel says, leaning over towards the driver console. "How do you back this thing up?!"

"Don't look at me! I have no idea!" Layth blurts.

As the Titans continue to advance, Tasha shows no sign of reacting. She just leans ever closer to the console, eyes wide, muzzle parted, ears forward as if it were the most interesting thing in all the world. Soon, the massive vehicles are close enough to shake the woman with their steps, causing her to stumble, arm reaching out to brace herself instinctively, and then her gaze breaks away as a shadow passes over the display. Her head jerks up and the crew members in the cabin can hear Tasha scream as the giant foot descends on her position!


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