3 Fox, 6104 RTR (2 Nov 2000) A letter received by Envoy while at Caroban
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To Earth Mage Envoy of Lothryn, Alumnus of the College Esoterica, and my friend:

I am glad to hear that you are back from your expedition, and that it was fruitful. I have been away myself on a journey of considerable distance, and returned while you were away.

In regards to the disbanding of the Twelve-Times-Twelve, this was due to no advice of any angel, for the so-called "Angel", I must report, was nothing but a hoax perpetrated with the assistance of a majority of the Twelve-Times-Twelve. It is with no small amount of shame that I must confess that I was duped by this whole matter concerning the coming of the Star in such a fashion. I still retain my faith in the Star, but I shall be far more guarded against those who pretend to speak for the Star.

The Twelve-Times-Twelve have committed many crimes that would in most nations be punishable by the most severe means, but one of my advisors has pointed out that the eldest members of their number performed a considerable sacrifice ages ago, when they acted to hold back the transformed Priest-King of that time. I must not and will not forget that, and it is in memory of that sacrificial act, and in reverence of the many services they have performed in the defense of the free People, that I have pardoned them. Nonetheless, despite all their good intentions, they have repeatedly failed to show the respect due to the leadership of the People, and now the whole of Xenea. They purport to serve the Priest-King, yet they use deceit and treachery to move the new leader in a direction they deem best.

It has not been without trouble that I disbanded their number. Those who were faithful to their posts, still remain in my court, in as much the same position as they held before, but I will no longer abide by this archaic notion of a fixed set of advisors and mage-priests, their membership determined by the need to maintain an arbitrarily decided-upon head count. We are a people bound together no longer wholly by blood, for the Savanite people have many of other bloods living among them. Further, we are a people who do not look to mages as deities, or of magical power as a sign of divine right and authority. While magic is a very potent tool, and while those who practice the arcane arts are generally very learned and patient, it does not necessarily follow that they are any more inclined to wisdom in judgement than anyone else. If I am to take on the task of leading this people, then I need the freedom to choose my court.

There are many who have come to see the Twelve-Times-Twelve as something akin to demi-gods, and there have indeed been "incidents", but it only takes a few malcontents to cause trouble. We have had our difficulties, but it is not something that has consumed us. We are all fortunate that far worse things did not happen.

And that brings me to a long overdue thanks I owe you. You were not the only one to tell me that what I was doing was wrong, but you nonetheless braved my unpredictable nature – for I at that time was letting myself be swayed by passions and emotions rather than reason – in order to warn me. You bore no ulterior motives, no hidden agenda, but a genuine concern for my wellbeing, and I am so sorry I did not listen to you sooner. But your counsel did make a difference, and it helped me to accept the truth sooner than I might otherwise have. For that, I am grateful. Though I trust it to be an unlikely development, should you for some reason find yourself without employment, it would please me to find a place in my court for you – and should you ever come to visit, I would greatly enjoy your company. If nothing else, you so often seem to have a way to tell me stories of new and strange things that seem to dwarf my daily concerns by comparison!

May the blessings of the Star be upon you and those who share your marvelous adventures.

Your friend,


GMed by Greywolf

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Today is 3 days before Midsummer's Day, Year 29 of the Reign of Archelaus the First (6128)