Midsummer 1, 6107 RTR (May 28, 2006) Amelia seeks advice on a fancy party dress
(Amelia) (Morgan) (Madame Natasha) (Olivia) (Stonebarrow) (Sylvania)

    Olivia's room
    Inside this room are several pieces of well-worn furniture, inherited from past occupants: a bed, a long, squat dresser with a slice of mirror hung above it, and a small desk and chair. The rest of the room is decorated in what can best be described as "controlled chaos." Canvases cover most of the wall space, on which have been glued odd assortments of buttons, twine, bits of colored cloth, autumn leaves, pebbles of varying sizes, etc. Some of this "art" represents recognizable figures but most are unlike anything ever seen before. Overflowing bags stuffed with cloth scraps sit near the doorway, while more cloth, bobbins of thread, yarn, and ribbons cover the surface of the desk. Located next the bed is something that might be a nightstand (judging from the trinkets resting on it), but it too is built from a mish-mash of smaller elements, twisting around and around like a corkscrew and then widening and flattening at the top.

It's been a day since the rather bizarre ceremony Amelia attended at the Wingnut's compound. She's still not remotely hungry as there was food enough for three times the number of those gathered. Many sort of fell asleep where they sat during dinner. Unfortunately, the next major event is rapidly approaching and Amelia remembers she has some things she needs to do before it. So, she stands before the door to Olivia's room, stop one on today's itinerary.

Knock knock knock. "Are you in there, Olivia?" Amy calls through the door. "I need to see your underwear!"

A myriad of doors near to Olivia's all open a moment later. "Wow, Olivia gets the guys, and the girls!" the other apprentices all call out in unison. "Woo, woo!"

"I need to see her underwear," Amy snaps at the lookie-loos. "I'm not trying to get into them!"

A loud thunking noise comes from inside Olivia's room, sounding suspiciously like the Skeek banging her head against the wall in exasperation. "Can't a person get any privacy around here?!" A moment later, the door opens enough for Amelia to see the Skeek looking at her with a frown and a raised eyebrow. "Please tell me that doesn't mean what it sounded like it meant… "

The outburst from Amelia just elicits a cacophony of giggles as the doors all start closing.

"You make unique clothes, Olivia," Amy explains, talking in that rapid-fire way Kadies sometimes (okay, most of the times) use. "You make underwear right?"

Olivia pulls Amy inside her room and shuts the door before anyone else can start eavesdropping on this rather embarrassing conversation. "Yes, well… I do, but only for myself. The less I know about other people's, er, private garments, the better!" Then she shoots the Kadie girl a look. "Why are you asking me this?"

"I don't have any underwear," Amy admits. "Do you make yours all frilly and full of holes like the kind Dr. Pike had out on her laundry line?" the Kadie asks, then adds, "At least, I think they were hers, and not Igor's."

Olivia puts both hands to her head and gingerly sits down on the edge of her bed. After a moment she says, "Okay, first of all, the idea of you not having any underwear and Igor having frilly underwear has broken my brain." She shudders, but gathers herself together and continues. "And second, not all underwear is the frilly kind. That's usually only worn for other people who are going to get to see it, if you know what I mean."

"Isn't that the whole point of underwear though?" Amelia asks, tail twitching.

Olivia just stares at Amy in silence for a few moments. Finally, she stammers, "Um, er… you really don't know, do you?" Then she shakes her head. "Well, the top garments are usually for support, and the lower ones are to protect your outer clothing. Women do sweat down there, you know!"

"Sweat can damage your clothes?" Amy asks, as if this had never occurred to her before. "That doesn't make any sense at all, Olivia. We clean clothes in water, and sweat is just water! Are you trying to tease me?"

Olivia now puts one hand to her forehead as if she was trying to lift it off. "Yes, sweat can damage clothes!" she says, with just a note of frustration. "Have you never wondered why shirts eventually get stains right where your armpits rest on the cloth? It's the same thing with pants at the crotch if you don't wear any underwear!"

Amelia looks skeptical, but then again Olivia does know more about this stuff. "So… the sweat doesn't ruin the underwear then? Why not make your pants out of the same stuff? Never mind… you probably have an answer for that that will confuse me. Erik has announced a big dinner coming up, and even though it isn't an 'official' one there will be lots of town bigwigs. I want to have something more… elegant… to wear. Like a witch's dress, just not so… frumpy. And I guess special underwear is needed to go with it."

Olivia ohs and looks immensely relieved that this part of the conversation is over. "So that's what you're on about – you need underwear to go with a party dress! Hmm… well, if the dress is to be strapless or low-cut in the back, you will need special underwear to go with that. Something that will not be seen underneath but still give you the support you need."

"Support?" Amy asks. "I want to look grown-up. Zahn's dad is going to be there and I'm supposed to bring Zahnrad along as well, and my dad will be there too. But I don't want my father thinking of me as a little girl."

Olivia just grins at this. "Trust me… if you wear a nice party dress that accentuates the mature curves you have, nobody is going to think you're a little girl!"

"Good, that's what I want," Amy says, grinning happily. "Now, what's a party dress actually look like? I was thinking of asking Liliana, since… well… I think she's been to lots of parties."

Olivia ers… "Are you sure that's wise?" she asks nervously. "You know what her wardrobe is like… all her dresses look like skimpy swimming suits to me!"

"She's probably seen fancy party dresses though," Amy notes. "And since all she wears is underwear, maybe she can help with that too."

Olivia has to laugh at this. "Okay, you might have a point there – especially about the underwear! Well, we can see what she has to say. Perhaps between the two of us, we can come to a happy medium that you'd feel comfortable with?"

After a quick and relatively uneventful (Gunther only ambushed them twice) jaunt over to the campground, the two find themselves walking through the quiet camp at roughly lunchtime. There are lights visible in the windows of both Liliana's and Bravil's wagon, so both seem to be home.

"Now that we're here, I'm nervous," Amy admits. "Do you think I should let her give me makeup tips?"

Olivia leads the Kadie girl over to the Eeee's wagon and knocks on the door. Grinning at Amelia, she says, "Only if you want her to try dyeing your fur to make it more 'interesting.'" Then she calls out, "Hello, anyone at home?"

"Never fails, start 'omting and people come knockin'," comes a voice of complaint from inside the wagon, "Vou vait here, Morgie-poo, I go see vho it is, no?" There's a bit of rustling and the sound of footsteps approaching.

"Morgan must be in there too," Amy notes. "He can give us a man's opinion… sort of."

Olivia whispers in an aside to Amelia, "See, this is why I always knock first… " Louder, she says, "It's only Olivia and Amelia. She's come to ask your advice!"

The door opens to a grinning Liliana. "Ooo, my advice? Vell, must involve seduction, no?" she asks. She's holding a set of dyes and a brush. Behind her Morgan is lounging on a pile of fluffy … stuff. She's apparently redoing the dye work around his eye.

"Olivia and Amelia?" Morgan doesn't get up, but he does wiggle his toes at the two women. "You'd better be careful, Lily's advice is a powerful brew – and I should know."

"Not seduction," Amelia says. "Uh… I want to have a nice party dress for a social event, and thought maybe you'd know about that sort of thing. Oh, and underwear too."

"Really? Underwear?" Morgan's brow's raise in surprise.

Liliana's lips curl back into a predatory and amused smile. She extends one of her hands and makes a slow and deliberate 'come hither' motion with one of her claws. "Vell, step into my parlor, vould vou? Ve kin speak more privately that vay." The Eeee then steps back so the two can enter.

Amy glances at Olivia, then takes a deep breath and steps up into the wagon.

Olivia gives Amelia an "I-told-you-so" look but steps inside the wagon, nonetheless.

Liliana closes the door behind the two. There's a soft click as the bat locks the door. She then drops the key down the front of her 'shirt'. "Dere, now ve von' be disturbed," she says and leans back against the door. "So, tell me about dis party an vhat sort o' impression vou want to give?"

"I want to look like an adult," Amelia states, simply. "Like a witch, only not quite. Olivia said something about not having a back, too."

Olivia goes over to sit down near Morgan and inspect his new 'eye-pattern' while waiting for Amelia to give her answer. She smiles at him as if to say, 'Won't this be interesting!'

Morgan, shirt off and dressed in black pants, watches Amy and Olivia with quirked-brow interest. With his eye half-dyed, he looks a bit like an unfinished painting come to life. As Olivia walks over to him, he returns her smile, and wiggles his fingers at her in hello. "I'm very comfortable," he confides.

One of Liliana's brow arches. "Dat … no very helpful. Vhat kin' o' adult? De old an stuffy," the Eeee says and then walks around Amelia. She drapes her arms over Amy's shoulders and whispers, "De demure and seductive?" And then she steps back and runs a clawtip down her spine," Or, de business like, serious, an in charge?"

Olivia grins and says, "You look it. Nice dye-job on your eye… I'm afraid Lili's going to ask me to let her re-do my arms eventually, too."

Amy eeps and straightens up from the claw-stroke. "Serious and in charge are important," she squeaks. "I need to show my father that I'm a responsible adult woman."

"You should. Enjoying life is part of living, as is trying new forms of expression and indulgence," Morgan tells Olivia. Then, lower, he asks, "Did Amelia actually ask you about all this first? Because, you know, well, her underwear and … Well."

Liliana rubs her chin. "So, dis is to impress de parent. Is dere anyone else vou vish to notice de outfit?" the Eee asks and peers at Amelia.

"Oh, and Zahn too," Amy adds, in a quieter voice. "He thinks I should get some frilly underwear."

Olivia leans in closer to Morgan and whispers back, "Yeah, she did. I didn't know she actually doesn't own any underwear! Kinda wish I didn't know… " Her eyes glaze over a bit and she shakes her head to snap out of it. "Anyway, it was Amy's idea to come here and I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. Perhaps we can come to a happy medium?"

Liliana stifles a small giggle. "I see. So some'ing that looks serious, yet seductive. Vell, dat is a challenge," she notes and heads over to a chest to rummage around. "Undress, please," the Eeee says as if it's an everyday request.

Amy nods and does so – it's not like Morgan hasn't seen it before. Well, maybe not recently, but they did bathe together as kids…

Morgan bites his lip at the mention of impressing Zahn and "frilly underwear." On the other hand, he doesn't bat an eye when Liliana asks Amy to strip. It's hardly the first time he's seen Amy naked, after all, since they are old childhood friends. "Liliana is always accosting people of their clothes. You'd best watch yourself, Ms. Weaver, lest nakedness ambush you," he advices with mock-seriousness. Then he adds, again quietly, "She used to borrow mine – underwear, I mean – when we were younger, but she never stuck with it."

Olivia laughs a little and replies, "I think I'll be able to defend myself, thanks!"

Liliana returns and starts measuring Amelia; her height, waist, hips, chest, and tail length. "Hmm," she remarks when she finishes and coils up the tape. "Vell. Ve haf to be careful vith anything too long, since vou are no' very tall. Too long an it look like vou vearin' a tent. Vhat sort o' material do vou hav' to make a dress?"

Amelia looks to Olivia for that. "What do you suggest?" she asks the Skeek.

"I've always found it odd that Amelia is the short one and I am the tall one," Morgan remarks to no one in particular.

Olivia leans back against some of the fluffy stuff that Morgan is reclining on and smiles. "Well, if you're willing to owe me a few favors and Lili comes up with a design that I'd enjoy making, I'd be willing to part with a little of the zolk that Lady Inaya gave to me. It wouldn't be a pure zolk dress, you understand, but I'm sure I could work some into whatever pattern you decide on."

Amy swishes her tail happily. "Zolk is good for dresses, right Lili?" she asks. Then asides to Morgan, "There are plenty of short witches. It's just that they're usually the fat ones too."

Liliana's ears perk at that. "Ooo, exotic material! Vell, dat opens up a lot 'o possibilities!" she says with glee. "So, tell me, did vou vant to get vour back dyed before de dinner? And if so, do vou want it to be seen. A low cut back," she asks and steps behind Amelia. she traces along Amelia's back again, imitating a dress like that dips down to the small of her back.

Morgan rolls his head to glance at Olivia as she gives her offer, and then announces to the others, "Little Olivia Weaver is becoming quite the bargainer. Best watch yourself." He winks, then nods to Amy. "Oh, I know it. I'm just being suddenly introspective. Reclining with beautiful women, in utter decadence, chances me to think deeply."

"Deeply? Is dat what dey call it now?" Liliana says and gives Morgan a knowing look.

"Deeply," Morgan confirms, with a slow nod and a solemn air.

"Most guys just get drunk to do that, Morgan," Amy notes, and looks over her shoulder. "Would my whole back be open, or would it go over my tail?" she asks.

"Over vour tail. Othervise, uh, embarassing accidents are likely," Liliana notes.

For her own part, Olivia stares up at the roof of the wagon and grins. "I love how you agreed so readily to this before even knowing what kind of favors I might ask… " she comments quietly, with a hint of mischievousness in her voice.

Liliana then thinks of something and smiles darkly. "An, I t'ink I know how to get de attention of vour frien' Zahn, as vell as allow vou to cover up de dyevorjk if vou vant… "

"Oh?" Amy asks the bat. "You mean, wear a shawl?"

"I did warn them; my part is done," Morgan tells Olivia. He flicks his tail up, then tucks it under his head. "Ahh."

"Sort of. Smart girl," Liliana says with a grin. "Vou have Olivia fashion vou a zolk ving. One dat attaches to each wrist, an to vour neck. It adds a bit o' flowiness to it an I'm sure voul attrack some attention."

"Would it get in the way of eating though?" Amy asks, picturing cloth spilling into her soup.

"Only if vou vere rather clumsy. De pars near de forearms vould be thinner," Liliana notes. She goes back and rummages a bit. "I t'ink I have a few ideas, ves. So, what dis about undervear?"

Olivia hmmms at this idea and looks pleased. She gives Amy and Lili the thumbs-up. "You could also just attach the 'wings' to bands just below the elbows, to shorten them and avoid accidents, if you want," she suggests.

"It needs to be… what's the word?" Amy says, waving her hands around. "Like it was attacked by moths. And Olivia says it has to give me 'support' too."

Liliana looks up, then between Olivia and Amelia. "Uh, vhat? Dis some freaky t'ing dis town does?" she asks.

"No… you know… like the doilies old ladies make?" Amy says, trying to explain better.

Olivia sighs rather loudly. "You know, Lili… a brassiere. That portion of underwear that supports the chest?"

Liliana rubs the ridge of her muzzle and starts giggling. It takes her a bit to regain her composure. "Ooooh, vou vant decorative undervear, to entice de boys!" she says between stifled giggles. She motions for Olivia to come over.

"Entice the boys, mm? This is a new side of you, Amelia," comments Morgan.

Olivia looks rather peeved to have to get up from her comfortable perch, but she does so anyway.

"Entice? I'm not trying to entice anyone," Amelia claims, once she figures out what 'entice' means. "It's for Zahn's sake. Unless he really meant a nightgown made of the stuff."

"Here is my suggestion, Olivia," Liliana says and leads her over to Amelia. She uses a clawtip to trace on Amelia's body and tries to explain to the Skeek. "I recommend one piece, vhere de upper body is sleeveless an it comes up to her neck, encircling it like a necklace. De front is solid zolk. Her back is exposed down to about six inches above her tail. For support in de upper body, vou build it into de dress, using the neck wrap as de support point, no straps. For the lower part, I recommend it go just below her knees and split a bit up de sides so she can move freely an easily. An, as said a bit ago, a fake ving' of zolk dat attackes to de neck strap an to her elbows. It be flowy an easy to move in. Colors, vell, I recommend blood red an' black. Very striking, no?"

"Red?" Amelia asks, sounding shocked. "I'd rather not use red, if that's alright."

"Vhy no? Red is de color of passion," Liliana says, looking confused.

"Whatever," Amelia grumbles. "I don't like to wear red. My fur was red when I was born, but it darkened quickly, thank the spirit."

"It has certain negative associations here, Lily, like blood," the male Kadie informs the Eee. "Maybe white?"

Liliana looks disappointed. "No'ting wrong with red fur," she insists, "But I guess vhite voul' vork too. Just no use blue or pastels, it no vork vith vour dark fur. Oh, dark green voul vork fine."

"Green is nice," Amy says. "I like green. It's very Springy and Summery and watery." Well, if you considered swamp water anyway.

Olivia gives Morgan a quick smile and a shake of her head. "Not white - it would look like some sort of bridal gown! I like the idea of dark green, though – and I have some zolk in that color, too!" Then she narrows her eyes and looks Amy over, as if imagining her in such a dress. "I think I can do what you suggest… might have to alter a few points, but the overall design would be the same."

Liliana nods. "Vell, dat be my suggestion. I vant to know what vour dislike of red is from, though. I t'ink red is pretty," she says.

"Green, the color of avarice. Delicious," remarks Morgan, eyes waggling. He poofs his tail a bit, then tucks his hands under his head. "I've also found purple works well with black, but then, you may remind Zahnrad of me, and I don't think we want that sort of confusion."

"I think red is pretty, Lily," Morgan adds endearingly.

"And I'll be able to do normal things while wearing it, right?" Amelia asks. "Not fight or climb trees, but sit down, bend over, and such right?"

"O' course. Dats vhy I suggested the splits an such. Vithout dem, it be lots harder," the Eeee notes.

Olivia laughs and crosses her heart. "I promise!"

"Vou better t'ink red is pretty!" Liliana says mock-threateningly to Morgan. Her eyebrows waggle.

"I do – you've convinced me," Morgan assures Lily.

"Okay then," Amy says, then frowns at a thought. "It's funny how a nice party dress seems to have so much in common with a pair of overalls."

"Dey have nothing in common," Liliana says and makes a face. "Dat is a gross t'ing to say."

There's a knock at the wagon door. "Eh? It be party at Lili's tonight, it seems," she grumbles. "Who is it now?" she calls out, annoyed.

"Well… sure the dress won't have pockets… " Amy agrees, then looks towards the door.

"Party dresses usually don't," Olivia notes absently, lost in thought about how making such a dress would work.

"Liliana, it's Natasha," comes the quiet familiar voice of the Khatta. "Is Morgan with you tonight? I need to speak with him."

Liliana gets a rather 'eek!' expression on her face when she realizes just who she was snippy with. She fumbles quickly in her shift and pulls out the key. She dances around a bit, juggling and almost dropping it. "Comin'!" She says.

"This requires I get up," Morgan sighs, unhappily. "The fates are cruel indeed." Slowly he rises, one hand up, then the other, and then he's sitting with his hair tousled and his shirt nowhere to be found.

Amelia can't resist tickling Morgan's ribs, like she used to do when they were younger. "Woogie woogie woogie!" she chants as she does it.

Liliana quickly unlocks the door. A moment later, a disheveled Khatta slips into the wagon and shuts the door. She then blinks, finally noticing everyone present. "Liliana … ve will have a talk one of these days about vour, ah, hobbies. Vou shouldn' be trying to corrupt de town," she chides.

Morgan sputters, caught off-guard, and crumples over in a heap on his side. All in all, he ends up in a rather compromising pile on his side. "Oh, hello Natasha," he says, giving Amy a look.

"It no vhat it look like," Liliana insists. " … this time."

Olivia tries to swallow a laugh and waves to Natasha. "She's telling the truth for once," she informs the Khatta. "We were only brainstorming on ideas for a dress for Amelia."

Amelia straightens back up and tries to look serious when Natasha notices her. She even gives a little bow to the woman.

Natasha shakes her head slightly. "Vell, sorry to interrupt. I … need to ask a favor of Morgan. Vill vou be villing to assist vith a complex ritual? I know it be short notice, but," she says, looking a bit haggard. "I can' do it on my own."

Morgan just remains where he fell over, even sliding a hand up under his head, propping it up, as if he meant to be exactly where he is. "A ritual?" He raises a brow, and his tail quirks in that peculiar question mark shape it does whenever Morgan is dealt a serious question. "Are you willing to speak of it here? I trust that the individuals here will not speak more of it, knowing well what trouble that might entail for them."

"I trust them," Natasha says as she finds herself a place to sit down. She rubs her forehead and says, "This is not a good time, not with Inaya visiting, not with, everything. But … something is wrong wit Bravil."

Olivia immediately snaps out of her dress-planning daze. "What – is he sick?" she asks, worry evident in her eyes.

"Wrong how?" Amy asks, sounding concerned.

The male Kadie frowns when he hears something is wrong with Bravil. "I'm willing to aid you, especially when the matter is that of the ill. I assume you know what is wrong, or have a plan of action, since you mentioned a ritual?" Morgan's tail twitches. "Although your magic has never seemed to be of a healing variety … ?"

"I don't truly know. Not yet," Natasha says and looks at the floor of the wagon. "He won't vake up. His aura is in chaos. Vhat little I've tried to do in a hurry has had no effect; he von't avaken. It's like he caught in a nightmare."

"Are you sure it's magical?" Amy asks.

Olivia's eyes go wide in horror and she puts a hand to her mouth. "That's awful," she whispers. "I wonder what caused this?"

"A nightmare," Morgan repeats, with emphasis. "I have felt the stir of something these last few days, a shift, if you will, in the spirit world, but it has since dissipated. Hmm. Yes. Hm hm hm. I'll do what I can." He rubs his chin with his free hand, looking down and frowning more in thought.

"Do you think he could be being haunted?" Amy suggests.

"I'm no sure vhat it is," Natasha says. "But, I do inten' to find out. I studied part of mind magic back … well, in another life. There are rituals that allow you to valk into de dreams of another. Dat's vhat I vant to perform. But, I can't do that alone. Too complex for one to hold the link and be able to sever it if something goes vrong. I need help."

"Traveling the world of the spirit isn't an easy matter. One can easily become lost, for the spirits are beyond mortal ken. To travel in to a specific spirit-realm, that of another's 'dreams,' can be more perilous still," Morgan warns. Then, almost as an afterthought, he adds, "Or so they say."

"They say correctly. Dreams are more dangerous than just stepping into the realm of the spirits of a particular place," Natasha says with a nod. "It is not so simple to forge an entry and an exit into someone's dreams. Vou can become trapped there too. Dat's why de ritual should only be done with two people or more. And one makes sure the anchor to the mortal world remains firm."

Olivia looks from Morgan to Natasha. "I know that I can't help you with this ritual, but is there anything else I can do? I'd like to assist Bravil, if I can."

Natasha rubs her temples quietly. "Vell. Vou could come as vell, perhaps. Sometimes the more that can see will uncover the truth that another may miss," she murmurs. "But, it is dangerous. I cannot ask that of vou."

"I'll do what I can. We will need to converse on the specifics later, Natasha," Morgan says. Glancing at Olivia, he answers, "It is possible you may be of use, but know what the value of your offer before you offer it: more minds can provide stability, but your life may be forfeit if Natasha is unsuccessful."

"Yeah, if he's asleep… will he need to be moved?" Amy asks. "What if he reacts badly, or wakes up during it?"

"Vell, if he wakes up during it, it should collapse the link. But reacting badly … vell, dat's why you restrain the target before the ritual," Natasha explains.

"I'd offer concoctions to ease his slumber, but that may interfere with your journey," Morgan says, thinking aloud. He rubs his chin some more, and his tail continues to twitch.

Olivia thinks about what Morgan and Natasha have said for a while in silence. Then she says quietly, "I'll chance it only if you think I can truly help you. If you think I'd only be in the way, or likely to make a mistake that would jeopardize the whole process, then say so. I won't be offended. I'm sure there's another way I could help, if that's so."

"I don't think vou would be in the vay. I just concerned for vou safety. I owe Bravil my life, and more. I cannot ask others to risk theirs for him," Natasha notes quietly. "If vou wish to come, vou are velcome."

"You can help, but the danger is there. I advise you so you know, Ms. Weaver, not to dissuade you. The choice, therefore, is yours to make," Morgan says, in a serious tone.

Olivia nods as if her mind is made up. "Then I will. I appreciate the warning, however" she replies, just as seriously. "If there's any way to prepare myself for this, let me know."

Amelia has been largely quiet through the debate, sitting with her tail wrapped around herself. "I can help Morgan, probably," she says. "At the very least I can watch over Bravil."

"That is good. I will need help, and you're more of a match for Bravil than I am," Morgan agrees.

"All right. Vell, it vill take some time to prepare. Morgan, come by later and I will try to teach vou the specifics of the ritual as quickly as I can," Natasha says and stands up. "I am sorry to have upset vour meeting, but … I couldn't vait. Please forgive me."

"Nothing to forgive," Amelia says. "It's more important than a dress."

"Not at all, Natasha," Olivia says quietly. "None of us want to see anything bad happen to Bravil."

"These things take priority over mere parties and revelry. Please feel free to come to me any time you need help of this nature. It is, after all, why I am here." The male Kadie lifts his hand and gives Natasha a little wave.

"Ves, but is it not vour problem," Natasha says quietly to herself. The Khatta makes her way back to the door. Without another word, she exits.

"Vell, uh," is all Liliana manages to say. The normally energetic Eeee seems rather deflated. "I can't imagine de tribe without him," she says, "if … vell."

"It'll be okay," Amy says reassuringly. "Morgan hasn't lost a patient yet!"

Olivia nods her agreement. "That's right… if anyone can help Bravil, Morgan and Natasha can!"

"Leadership must weigh heavily on her," Morgan sighs as he flops back in to the mass of pillows. In a lighter tone, he says, "I'm sure it will be fine. Besides, there's no use worrying about the future. What will happen, will happen. Focus on the positive – you have a party to look forward to."

"Yeah… a party where Zahn and my father will be in the same room together," Amy grumbles.

"Is dat a bad t'ing?" Liliana asks Amelia.

"My father and I have a complicated relationship," Amelia mutters.

"I don't think he ever approved of me," Morgan admits.

Olivia's eyes twinkle suddenly and she looks at Liliana. "Only if there isn't someone around to keep them apart, I suppose!"

"Ah. He don' like Zahn, either," Liliana reasons.

"He's never met Zahn," Amy says. "I'm not worried about how he'll react to him, I'm worried about how I'll react around my father."

"Well, no matter. What will happen, will happen. What will not happen is your dress, unless we all get busy. Along the same lines, my eye will remain in this absurd half-dyed state unless a certain two scoot and leave me with my very beautiful, very red, Eeee," the male Kadie insists.

Olivia grins and tosses Amy's clothes to her. "Well then, we'd best be on our way. Get dressed and we'll leave the two lovebirds to their… dyeing session. Yeah, that's right… "

"Gee, I never thought Morgan or Lili would be in a rush to kick me out naked," Amy quips, and hurries into her clothes again.

"Oh, I'll have plenty of time wit' vou naked vhen I dye vour back," Liliana quips and winks to Amelia. She then saunters back over to Morgan and says, "Now, vhere vere we?"


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Today is 32 days before Unity Day, Year 29 of the Reign of Archelaus the First (6128)