Apr. 11. Haji (and a "Rikkerwill") are sold at Alysin's Auction House.
(Chiaroscuro) (Fenter) (Haji) (Rephidim)
Alysin's Auction House
What used to be a moderate-to-small-sized theatre and then fell into disrepair has been given a new life and purpose, with a barker and goods taking the stage and bidders filling the area below. Although this place could use a little bit more repair, it pretends to be haute coutre, to the point of even having musicians who quietly play from one of the balconies. Even though these auctions are mostly attended by the mid to upper class, there are still some guards on hand, just in case anyone gets out of hand … and then, the auctioned "goods" can, on occasion, get rowdy as well.

The crowd here tonight is most certainly aiming more toward the upper crust than usual. After all, this is no regular estate that is being partially liquidated. These are prizes of Lord Titus haut Mikide, world traveller, intrepid explorer, etc., etc., etc., … but, most of all, collector of all sorts of really nifty artifacts from all over the world.

The buzz in the crowd is that Lord Titus seems to have gotten in a bit of trouble with the Temple Authority … and that in order to prove his loyalty and his determination to set things right, he's had to cancel his latest expedition to a First Ones site in the far north and sell off a lot of his assets and excess slaves. While the nobility are certainly not the sort to be scavengers, they're still expecting "bargain-basement" prices – or at least the rough equivalent, at their income brackets.

Behind the curtain of the stage, a few of the more mobile assets of Lord Titus haut Mikide's estate fidget and fret. They aren't really the sort to be expected to bolt, but they've been fitted with leg shackles anyway. At least their hands have been left free … so one can be sure there's a lot of finger-wiggling going on back there.

A scholarly-looking cheetah turns toward Haji and signs, "Amazing how much things change when you're not around to keep them in line."

Haji nervously signs, { Yes, quite. }

The bespectacled cheetah isn't one that Haji recognizes. He must have been off on that expedition that just got called back recently.

Haji signs, { I haven't seen you before. Pardon my curiosity; what do you do exactly? }

Out on the stage, a voice can be heard, barking, "And next, we have a collection of shrunken heads from the deepest parts of the Xenaen Jungles in the heart of … "

The scholarly cheetah looks back to Haji and signs, "Lord Titus would send me on a number of expeditions. I was born in the wild, but I learned the language quickly. I enjoy reading, especially about different lands and cultures. I also tend to notice things. Lord Titus found it useful to send me along on some of his expeditions."

"But I forget my manners. I am Ibis. And you are?" the cheetah signs. He looks strangely subdued, almost as if he doesn't realize the gravity of his situation … or simply doesn't want to.

Haji signs, { I am known as Haji. I've traveled some myself as well. I went with Lord Titus to the City of Hands recently. Um, aren't you nervous about being sold? }

Ibis doesn't appear to be fully paying attention to Haji. "The City of Hands? A pity. I would have been curious to hear more about that. But if I am following the proceedings correctly, we haven't much time left."

Haji fidgets, { Yes, it seems so. Oh dear, I wish I could have said goodbye to Kaela. She loved that dress so much when we took her shopping. }

Ibis blinks, then repeats, "Kaela?" He looks down a bit. "Yes, I'm afraid my arrival was a bit too late to see her. And I had heard that Abana was very ill, though I had no way to return. I am at least heartened to hear she was doing better … before she vanished."

Haji's ears perk, { You knew Abana? }

Outside, the barker announces, "And next up, we have a BEAUTIFUL little artifact known as a Rickerwill! It is believed to be not from any place on this world at all, but to have been transported here through … the FORBIDDEN ZONES!" There are several gasps in the crowd. The barker pauses for dramatic effect, then rattles off a list of appraisals of its authenticity by local reputed jewelers and collectors.

Chiaroscuro walks along near the auction, taking note of some of the materials sold… .o( Most impressive. I do wish I had money to purchase these things… )

Ibis' ears wiggle once. "Of course. She's my wife."

The eyes of a short coyote practically light up at the mention of the Rickerwill.

A wolf looks back to the group of cheetahs. "Okay! Move up to the stage. We're almost through the little doo-dads."

Chiaroscuro blinks, looking up suddenly. "Voo'chrre tannnel Rikkorel?" his eyes fix intently on the stage…

Far from the coyote, an old raccoon in oil-stained Temple robes pulls a spyscope out of his vestments and trains it on the stage. "Hmmm."

Haji's tail droops in astonishment, preparing to move forward, { Why sir, I am so pleased to have met you! Her daughter, Kaela and I, we went to the City of Hands together. She's looked after her mother well, I must say. }

Chiaroscuro squirms closer to the stage, trying to get a better view.

Fenter sits on a bench off to the side of the stage. Close enough to see everything fairly well, and far enough to not be in the crushing mass of people. He quietly sits and munches on a greasy sandwich that was previously hidden away in a pocket.

In the balcony, an armored feline, her face covered by her helm, moves forward a bit for a better look at the proceedings.

Ibis signs, "You know Kaela? How has – " At that moment, the wolf's prodding forces Ibis to break off his signing and head on to the side of the stage, waiting in the wings.

Haji follows obediantly after the wolf, trying to get keep in sight of Ibis.

"Let us start the bidding on this mysterious artifact at … one iron piece!" the lupine auctioneer barks, handing the trinket over to his golden vixen assistant. "And for those of you from out of the city, that would be five hundred shekels. Do I hear five hundred shekels? fivehundredfivehundredfivehundred – Five hundred!" He points at the robed raccoon over to one side of the audience.

"Do we have five-ten? Fivetenfivetenfiveten… " the wolf rattles.

Fenter's nose twitches.

Fenter peers out towards the back of the crowd. ( It couldn't be… now what on earth would that fuddy-duddy be doing out here… )

Chiaroscuro's jaw drops. .o( Five hundred Shekels? There's no way… unless I… cancel the apartment, no food for two weeks, find a job soon, sell the… May Nakh take anyone who bids higher… )

Chiaroscuro raises a paw. "Five fifty!"

"Five-fifty! Do I hear five-seventy-five? This one's a beauty! fiveseventyfivefiveseventyfivefiveseventyfive… " the auctioneer rattles…

Fenter rewraps his sandwich and slowly scoots towards the back of the crowd.

Chiaroscuro mentally runs through his finances… .o( All my savings now, and I can just scrape it by selling everything by tomorrow… ) He scoots forward for a certain view of the object…

The old raccoon raises his hand. The wolf sees him. "Five-seventy-five! Do I hear six-hundred? Sixhundredsixhundredsixhundred… " The golden vixen holds the "Rickerwill" up for all to see.

"Six-hundred!" The wolf points to the short coyote. "Do I hear six-hundred-twenty-five? Sixtwentyfivesixtwentyfivesixtwentyfive… " He looks to the raccoon. The old raccoon shakes his head, and doesn't look interested.

Ibis sighs, with a look of, "Get on with it already." He peers around the edge, glancing at the crowd, perhaps pondering who might be his new master.

"Going once!" the wolf barks.

Chiaroscuro grrrrs under his breath… .o( Maybe I can borrow money from… no, she's off on her trip. And I have not seen Pawtuxet for a time… )

"Going twice!" the wolf barks again, scanning the audience, while the vixen waves around the little artifact for all to see (or at least get a look at how shiny it is.)

"Going three times… " the wolf says, panning the audience again with his gaze.

Chiaroscuro touches his own Rikkorel… .o( A sign, Lord Rik', a sign… )

The light glints off of the ruby eyes of the "Rickerwill" held by the golden vixen.

Chiaroscuro raises his paw. .o( One more time. )

"Oho! We're still going! I see six-twenty-five! Do I hear six-fifty?" the wolf barks, his tail swishing excitedly.

Fenter continues to weave to the back of the crowd.

Ibis sighs again, prepared to wait a bit longer.

The coyote steps forward, "Seven hundred."

The old raccoon looks through his spyglass again. He almost drops it when he hears the coyote's bid. "Rubies," he mutters.

Haji looks around nervously at the crowd. Quite a sight with all who've turned out today.

"I hear seven hundred!" There are several gasps from the audience. "We can't just jump by twenty-fives now … Do I hear seven-hundred-fifty?" the wolf barks.

Chiaroscuro sighs… energy draining from his body. He just keeps track of who has the highest bid, eyes watching carefully.

Up in the balcony, a white-armored feline with patterns of roses and stylized thorns on her armor looks down, the dark eyeholes of her facemask perhaps focusing on Haji … or maybe not.

"Going once!" the wolf barks.

The old raccoon looks like he's about to raise his hand, but he shakes his head and drops it again.

"Going twice!" the wolf barks, scanning the crowd anxiously.

"Three times… " the wolf says, looking to the balconies.

"Sold! To the gentleman down there who bid seven Coppers on this fine treasure! And that's the last of the small artifacts. Now, on to some helping hands… " the auctioneer barks, and gestures toward the wings.

Fenter squints at the stage and the strange object up for sale. "What would he do with a useless nicknack like that anyhow. It doesn't look like it's edible, probably doesn't stir drinks very well either." He murmurs.

Chiaroscuro beelines through the crowd towards the coyote.

Haji feels a cold chill run down under his fur as he sees something that stands out to him . . .a female warrioress, in white armor. With the same swords that hacked up his tunic recently. o O { No! }

The golden vixen smiles and takes the "Rickerwill" to the side of the stage, to go with the items for pick-up by the buyers later. Meanwhile, a bespectacled cheetah is ushered out toward the center. "Now, we have a fine specimen here. He may not look terribly impressive, but he is very well educated, able to read and write in a wide range of languages, familiar with the sciences… " The wolf rattles off a number of Ibis' qualifications.

Haji listens to Ibis' qualifications, { Goodness, he's good. }

"Let's start the bidding at one copper – " He looks up to the balcony, and blinks. "We have a bid for TWO coppers!"

Chiaroscuro pushes through the crowd, trying desperately not to lose track of the one who bought the rikkorel…

Fenter yawns. He hopes the auction will be over soon… then they'll bring in the food carts again.

The coyote raises a paw, "Two twenty". In doing so, he makes himself visible to Chiaroscuro.

Fenter casts a glance upwards to the balcony, curious as to whom the other bidder might be.

The wolf nods. "I hear two-twenty. Do I hear … We have three coppers!" There are some gasps from around. Up in the balcony, it's a white-armored feline knight who has her hand up with 3 fingers extended.

The coyote sits back down at the latest bid, disappearing from Chiaroscuro's view.

Chiaroscuro keeps pushing his way through, using all his sinuousity. .o( At least I can ask him to let me look at it. Maybe come to a bargain later, some sort of deal… )

Haji gulps. o O { If Ibis is bought by that Iron Maiden. . . }

The wolf looks a bit disappointed at the lack of any further bids. "Going once… "

Ibis has this blank look on his face, like he just doesn't really care, one way or the other.

Several auction-goers check their purses and pouches as the super-agile "Kavi" slips by.

"Going twice… "

Fenter blinks up at the feline. That armor must be terribly stuffy, and heavy. She probably needs to hire a slave to carry it around for her.

"Going three times… "

Fenter shrugs and continues to slog his way through to the back of the room. ( I must pay my respects… after all. )

"Sold! To the Champion of Roses, for three hundred shekels. Quite a bargain, indeed! Now, next up, we have a strong young Savanite with a green thumb, and who has excellent skills in masonry. Yes, a perfect gardener and handyman. Don't let those welts and bruises fool you! He'll recover quickly." The wolf gestures toward Haji.

The golden vixen, tail swishing, leads Haji out to the center of the stage, then stands to one side, striking several exaggerated poses, framing Haji's face with her hands, making several equally exaggerated, "Oh, he's so CUTE!" expressions for the benefit of the audience.

Verdigris Nuttenboltschen, the old raccoon, straightens up, using his spyscope to take a look at the latest offering on the stage. "Hmmm."

The barker cries out, "Do I hear ten shekels?"

Haji nervously steps up, back straight, eyes forward for the crowd.

Chiaroscuro tries not to step on too many tails or elbow too many sides as he moves through the crowd, his brow furrowed determinately.

"Okay, we have – Oh! We have fifty!" He points up to the armored feline in the balcony.

The coyote stands, quite near Chiaroscuro, but sits back down at the bid.

Fenter tiptoes up behind Verdigris.

Haji looks up and sighs.

The wolf cries out, "Do I hear sixty?" The golden vixen continues her posing.

The coyote sighs, and raises a paw, "Sixty."

The wolf continues barking, "Seventy-five? Let's round 'em off nice!"

The raccoon clears his throat, and calls out, "Seventy!"

Fenter tries to continue his stealthy approach, but is momentarily stopped by a fat female Jupani. He bumps into her and squishes his sandwich.

"All right, then … eighty? Aha! Eighty!" the wolf barks. It's that armored feline again… "Do I hear ninety?"

Chiaroscuro settles down in the crowd, next to the coyote, but still silent.

The old raccoon starts to raise his hand again.

The coyote doesn't notice his new neighbor, and raises his paw.

Haji signs, { May the One Fanged One watch over me. . . }

Fenter backs away from the Jupani, and crashes right into Verdigris!

"Ninety!" the wolf proclaims. "How about one whole copper, nice and neat!"

The raccoon grumps, just starting to say, "TWO – URK!" He falls over. "Rustbuckets!"

Fenter says, "Aiee! Sorrysorrysorry!" He pauses and smiles. "Er… hi? F-f-fancy meeting you here?""

The coyote grimaces, "One copper."

The old raccoon sputters and yells, struggling to get to his feet. "Off with his – OH! YOU! Grrrrr. (gearstrippinghandlebendingbearingbreaking… )"

Fenter starts fussing with Verdigris, trying to brush the dirt off (which only results in him whapping the older raccoon with his sleeve).

The feline knight starts to raise her hand … but then pauses, seeing the commotion below. Immediately, she goes for her swords, and disappears in the darkness of the balcony.

"Going once!" the wolf barks.

"Going twice!" the wolf barks. The golden vixen continues her posing, mrrring as she demonstrates how soft Haji's fur is and how muscle-y his shoulders are. "Oops! Didn't mean to touch that bruise," she whispers.

Fenter says, "I'm terribly sorry, sir." He grabs one of Verdigris' arms and yanks, trying to get the old raccoon to his feet. "Accidents happen. Um… by the way… I thought you told me that you didn't have any more money?"

The white-armored knight appears again, down at the floor, but then she sees the two raccoons … and puts away her swords, looking back to the stage just as …

"Going three times!" the wolf barks.

Haji whinces slightly, but not much as he realizes he hasn't been sold to HER.

Verdigris growls. "Why … you … grrrrghx!" His eyes seem to bulge in their sockets. "Ngh!" He looks back to the stage, and starts to raise his hand, just as –

"SOLD! To that gentleman down there, for the even sum of one copper coin. Yes, another bargain at Alysin's Auction House! … "

Fenter tries to dust the older raccoon's face off with his sleeve. *whapwhapwhapwhap*

The golden vixen leads Haji off to the side of the stage.

Verdigris snaps and barks. "You! YOU!" He seems to say that word a lot, doesn't he?

Chiaroscuro, as the bid closes, turns to the coyote. "Pardon me, sir. I would like to talk with you after the auction ends."

The coyote frowns at Chiaroscuro, "Oh?"

Verdigris grabs Fenter by the ear. "If you weren't – ooogh! – I'd have you diagnosticated! Or I'd put you on the rack!"

Chiaroscuro reaches under his robe, and shows the Hekoye his own Rikkorel- one made of simpler form- painted wood, apparently- with red-quartz eyes.

The coyote is suddenly all smiles, "Ahh, I see! I'll give you fifty."

Fenter says, "OWOWOW!!! Hey! I was trying to help! Ouch!"

Chiaroscuro shakes his head. "You misunderstand me, sir. I wish to examine the one you purchased, and make some comparisons, for my research."

Fenter casta a sideways glance (all he can manage with his ear in tow). "Gee, I *ooch!* thought you got that eye twitch things taken care of… right after I *ack* left for school you said it got better… "

Chiaroscuro tucks his own Rikkorel back away.

Yekin the coyote frowns, "You? Research?" His disbelief clearly shows…

"Not one more word!" Verdigris growls, as he bonks Fenter lightly (lightly?) on the head with a wrench, dragging him along.

Fenter staggers along side. "Yes sir! Not one more word sir! I'm shutting up right now sir! I'll not say another word… "

The auction continues, with the auctioneer rattling in the background.

Chiaroscuro sighs. "I know what you will say. 'What do the Kavi know of books, of history, of this or of that. All they want is another shekel before the day ends.' But not all of us are such, Sir. These Rikkorels tie into the history of our people somehow, and I am curious to find out how."

Yekin stands, once more frowning at Chiaroscuro, "Well, if you're serious… then I guess you could try to arrange a short meeting with my master, and ask him in person."

Chiaroscuro nods to Yekin. "Certainly. Who would your master be?"

Yekin moves towards the front of the auction, having got all he came for, "Look, I can't have every kavi on Rephidim come to him with stories of research, only to beg for jobs or charity… "

Chiaroscuro follows the coyote. "If I needed charity I wouldn't have been bidding," he semi-grumbles.

Yekin turns back around, "Pardon? I didn't quite catch that… "

Chiaroscuro smirks, and repeats. "Look, If I needed charity, I would not have been bidding in the first place, now would I?"

Yekin's frown turns thunderous, "I don't need your sarcasm, or your attitude."

Yekin walks into the claim room, his face softening slightly, "My master is a good friend of many. Don't tell him I said… " He disappears from sight into the next room.

Chiaroscuro smirks. "No, you probably don't. You just need your master to turn you out on the street after he hears about how you've treated a 6th level Scholarite." He shrugs. "Ah well. I suppose the whole Scholaria shall have to hear about it… pity."

In the "claim" room, some wolves make sure nobody tries to slip out with any "bargains" other than those they paid for. In a corner, a few cheetahs await their new owners – or at least the agents of their new owners.

A white-armored feline walks in, magenta cape flowing behind her. She pauses a moment, next to Haji, and turns to regard him. She snorts, then walks on to Ibis, who stands next to him.

Chiaroscuro stands outside the claim room. No need for him to appear overly anxious, it would increase the price later in any matter.

Haji looks at the Kattha, trying not to make his shackles make too much noise. He adjusts his cap, his only decoration, with relief.

Verdigris growls, "I'm QUITE certain I won the bid on that microspanner at only half a copper… Do you dare question the integrity of the … Oh, all right… " He hands over a copper piece, and gets a corroded little tool that, if it weren't on a world where metal is worth quite a bit, would just be a piece of scrap junk.

Fenter hops from foot to foot. "Um… could you pleeeeease let go of my ear now?"

The feline knight hands over a small pouch of coins to a wolf, who does not bother to count them (at least not in the Knight Templar's presence). The Champion of Roses makes a gesture to the wolf, and then the shackles about Ibis' feet are removed.

Verdigris absently looks to Fenter. "Oh. I suppose so. I don't see why not." He lets go. He pauses a moment, as if trying to remember something. "Now, why was it I was mad at you, again?"

Chiaroscuro's ears perk at a voice, and he peeks in. .o( I thought I recognized that voice. It's that friend of Envoy's. )

Haji looks over at Ibis, hoping the warrioress won't wear him down too much.

Fenter peer at the object Verdigris is about to buy, "I've seen one of those! I had a teacher that used one of those thingamagiggers to keep his teeth filed down."

The warrioress does not give Haji another glance, and instead gracelessly leads – almost drags – Ibis out of the room. The spectacle looks a bit odd, since, while her presence might make her seem larger at times, she's a full head or more shorter than the scholarly cheetah.

Fenter coughs. "Mad at me? You weren't mad at me… you were… about to give me my allowance. Yes! that's it!"

Verdigris furrows his brow, giving Fenter this … LOOK. "Oh, really? And what, pray tell, possessed me to do that, hmm?"

"You know," Verdigris snaps, "If you are so set on filling yourself with grease, I've got PLENTY in the Overhaulitorium to pour down your gullet – and it would, I'm sure, be just as nutritious as the slop you eat at the Bazaar."

Fenter pulls what looks to be a gloppy mess wrapped up in a bundle of wax paper. "It was my lunch, you see. You damaged it when you bumped into me." He holds the mass out to Verdigris, "Care for a bite? It used to be a sandwich… made from some sort of bug I think… "

Verdigris looks as if he'd be going pale, if his face weren't covered with fur.

Fenter says, "Oh dear… is it time for your pills again, gr- er… I mean… Mister Verdigris?"

Yekin walks over to Haji, "This one's mine… "

Verdigris' face contorts, as he grumbles grumpily. "Here," he says. He digs into a pouch in his robes, and pulls out a handful of shekels. "And it had better last you."

Haji stands at attention as his new master approaches. o O { Well . . .he appears to be of fair mind. }

Chiaroscuro watches those inside the tent, without much else to do.

Fenter says, "Thank you! Oh… and did you notice? I didn't call you grampy in front of all these people… isn't that good of me?"

Fenter smiles, seeming quite proud of himself.

Verdigris seethes and fumes, a couple of shekels spilling out of his hand. "You… YOU!… YOUUUUU!!!!!"

Yekin hands over a copper coin, "I had the artifact as well… "

The old raccoon's knuckles turn light as they grasp the huge wrench he carries around like a walking staff.

A wolf nods and hands over the little "Rickerwill" to the coyote, and also hands him some paperwork with a seal to show his ownership of a slightly used cheetah.

Fenter eeks! "Don't bonk my head again! It's damaged enough already… you've even said as much yourself!"

Fenter pulls his hat down and backs up, dropping his liquified sammige on the ground.

Verdigris just fumes, his eyes wide, his head shaking, his mouth twisted into a most unpleasant frown. "Nnnnnnnnnnn!"

Fenter pauses, "Oh! I see! It IS time for you pill again… let me just go and get you a spot of something to wash it down with…

Yekin paws over the rest of the money, and signs a scrawl at the bottm of the paperwork, which he then pockets. He takes the Rickerwill in hand, "Can someone unlock him? He'll need his strength… "

The older raccoon shoves the shekels back into his pouch, spilling a couple more in the process. He turns to walk away … then steps squarely in the middle of the partially liquified … "sandwich". *SPLUT* His eyes go a little wider. Too much more wider, and they'd fall out.

One of the wolves nods, and unlocks and removes Haji's shackles.

Fenter dashes to a nearby fountain and fills a leaky chitin cup he carries with him full of water. He rishes back to Verdigris with the leakig cup in hand. "Hurry now! Gee… I think that crack's gotten bigger since the last time I've used this thing… "

Haji inwardly smiles as the shackles come off. If it's work the wolf wants, work he will get. o O { I could use all the exercise I can to be prepared to practice that really troublesome ritual. }

Yekin leaves, with Haji in tow, and his new artifact in paw. He walks right past Chiaroscuro, and merges with the crowd.

Chiaroscuro tries to follow the coyote… better than that, he follows the taller cheetah.

Fenter says, "Gee… you should see yourself, Gramps. You look REALLY mad! It's amazing how I can see all those little veins pop out in your eyes when you do that… "

Verdigris stammers a bit, then hurriedly shuffles out of the room, grumbling incoherently.

Fenter pauses, watching Verdigris leave. He looks towards the older raccoon, down at his cup, to the floor, and then back out the door. With a shrug he downs the remaining contents of his cup and picks up the shekels Verdigris dropped.


GMed by Greywolf

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