Mar. 8. On the Savan Queen, our heroes get a breather after the adventures in the City of Hands.
(Airship) (Fenter) (City of Hands) (H'rral) (Jaundice) (Kaela) (Rephidim) (Zoltan)
The Savan Queen
This finely crafted airship plows the sea of clouds away from the jungles of the Savan, bearing back to distant Rephidim, carrying a disheveled and largely sleep-deprived crew. To one side can be seen a "pirate" ship sailing back as well, the Rocky Rogue, flying a sail with a feline "jolly roger" for an emblem on a black field.

The snake mage is not bothering with 'recording' anything now. Nobody really cares about Lord Titus' wonderful adventures. It will be hard enough making any sense out of this whole incident.

But, at least it's a new day. Away from the Forbidden Zone over the jungle, the two airships sail high and swiftly. A speck in the distance is Rephidim, visible from here with the aid of a spyscope, though it will still take some time to reach it.

Zoltan stands on the deck of the ship, quietly looking out across the treetops as he watches the jungle with all its mysteries fade away… and more familiar lands chase ahead to take its place.

Kaela sits on the floor against one wall of the airship, eyelids half-shut. Her coarse tunic has long since been stained from its original green to the color of the dust and dirt of the ancient ruins.

Jaundice sits by himself off to the side, away from the crewhands. He scribes mechanically, numbly, by the effects of the past few days, most of which he was absent from witnessing firsthand. Tales of reanimated corpses and midnight battles might have actually shocked the young coyote… though he'd never let on.

Janus has found a secluded and shadowed spot near the bow of the ship and sits with his cape wrapped around his body.

The Hekoye puts one heavily marked sheet of paper to the side, under a scrap of board he's using as a paperweight. He takes another sheet, scribbling away, trying to record every movement, glancing quickly up at the deck every so often.

Jaundice scratches at his headfur. The shortage of water on the ship has made bathing a luxury. He's not used to having to go this long without a bath.

As the young Savanite kit tries to rest, while her mind dances between consciousness and sleep, fragments of cluttered visions appear. Her hair being caressed by an unseen hand, a purring deep within a feline chest. But then there's another jolt, or something falls on the deck, or some other noise disturbs her attempt.

Jaundice wrinkles his nose. . o O { … and ship crews smell like they've never taken a bath in their lives. }

Janus watches the life of the ship from the shadows, arranging his cape to cover his lightening fur.

Kaela shakes her head softly to stir off the dreams. She looks about the deck quietly.

Vielanika stumbles up from belowdecks, blinking sleepy eyes. "Can't sleep. Oooogh. Nightmares."

Janus looks over at Vielanika and chuckles at her wind-borne words. "Imagine that."

Vielanika looks to Zoltan. "Zoltan!" She rushes over toward the Vartan, momentarily shaking away her state of stupor.

Zoltan drums his talons against the wood of the rail. He occasionally strokes a spot on the leather wrappings on his arms.

Zoltan jerks at the sound of his name and glances backward.

Jaundice shakes his head, muttering to himself to keep his mind focused on the here and now. His thoughts keep drifting to questions surrounding the nature of this bizarre 'field study' and the sky-island ahead… where he might continue his studies in earnest.

Jaundice thinks, . o O { I almost miss the stink of that city. I think I've had my fill of fresh air. }

Vielanika smiles at Zoltan and walks up to him. "Envoy is all right. She's sleeping now. I envy her for that. But I haven't been able to get anything out of her. I'm not used to that." She frowns.

The Vartan scrawks, "That strange… she usually hard to keep quiets. You think temple hurt her somehow?"

Vielanika pauses, pondering this, then shakes her head. "I don't know. … But at least," the brown bat whispers to Zoltan, "it appears we're home free. They think that was an observatory. Word is that they're likely to quarantine the whole area. "

The brown bat looks over to the little kit. "I saw them leave the camp together. Envoy and that kit over there. And she came back a bit after Envoy did. I haven't bothered to ask about it, because, well … that won't do me much good, you know?" The bat frowns. "I think I shall make it a point to learn Savanite at my next opportunity."

Zoltan relaxes a bit. He sighs, "Is think it was mistake to ever come here. I worry that we cause damage that no get fixed easily."

Jaundice looks down to Kaela, dozing on the deck. He pulls out some older notes from the folds of his tunic and reviews. Talk of strange dreams and mythic encounters. He wonders … why fate shapes lives like hers to the point where her personal experiences are maddening, but to the outside observer, she might appear well-rounded and fulfilled by the trial.

Zoltan glances at Kaela.

Vielanika shrugs and sighs. Then she sees Janus. "Ohhh. There's that tall, dark and mysterious fellow. Maybe I'll go see how he's doing. I wonder if HE knows anything… "

Jaundice grabs another sheet of paper to record this thought on. He may ponder it again later.

Kaela closes her eyes softly and resumes dozing.

Zoltan whispers to the bat, "Is think he understand Savanite hand wiggle things. You ask, yes? He no seem too interested in talking to Zoltan for some odd reason."

The brown bat gives Zoltan a quick wave, and saunters over toward Janus, smiling. "Good day to you!"

Janus looks up at the bat, "Better than the night before, I assure you."

"Oh?" smiles the bat. "Well, yes, that's certainly true. I was quite worried when I came back and Envoy wasn't there. You wouldn't know anything about where she wandered off to, and what transpired, would you?"

Jaundice turns to the royal-black Vartan. His ears flick, unused to the crude, yet somehow charming manner of speech.

Janus chuckles and leans forward. "In all honesty… no. I have no idea what transpired. I assume that the snake managed to make whatever magic he was going to make."

Vielanika frowns. "Well, he certainly was in poor sorts when Envoy carried him back to camp. … and then she took right off again when I wasn't looking!" Vielanika grrrs.

"I have to keep a closer eye on that girl. At least she's asleep right now. If I find out there's any way she could slip out of the belowdecks of an airship and get into trouble without me knowing, I'll … well … I'll scream, that's what," the brown bat proclaims, crossing her arms and making something resembling a stern expression on her face.

Janus shrugs, "Maybe not then. Why not just ask her? She doesn't seem to have a grasp on the concept of lying."

Zoltan peers at Jaundice, trying to make out what it is he might be writing.

Janus looks up, "The only way out of belowdecks is through the people abovedecks."

Vielanika sighs. "Maybe when she wakes up… In any case … " she grins, "… what will you be doing when you get back to Rephidim? Seeing the sights? Or is your home there?"

Janus looks down at his arms, "I'll… probably be moving on. There's always somewhere else to see."

Jaundice writes. Everything, everybody is a note. Not much is missed, but not much is endowed with any manner that would suggest these beings had souls. He writes notes as though conducting an empirical study; mannerisms, quotes, actions, perceived attitudes … all data.

Kaela stirs slightly and looks about quietly, her eartips flicking.

Vielanika lets out a long breath. "Ah well." She smiles to the dark cat. "Happy travels, then! It looks like the little kit is stirring. I know she can't tell me a thing, but … "

Janus looks up and chuckles. "Yeah. Happy travels."

The brown bat bard strides over toward Kaela, and finds a spot to plop down on the deck, though not leaning back much, on account of her wings. "Hello there!"

Zoltan scoots a bit closer to Janudice, trying to get a peek at those notes.

An odd shadow appears over Jaundice's shoulder. He blinks, and looks up, with a half-thought in mind that the sun became overcast…

Kaela glances up at the bat for a moment, then lowers her gaze deferentially. She makes a slight sign of greeting with her hands.

Janus shakes his head and looks over the railing toward Rephidim. "Just a while longer." He sinks back to the deck and closes his eyes. "Great."

Jaundice's eyes go wide as he sees Zoltan. He jumps sideways, trying to read an expression from the huge black and yellow face.

Vielanika frowns slightly, then brightens as she digs into her satchel. "Our departure was a bit hasty, and I think most of the Savanites had to go without breakfast … well… " She produces a handful of red and blue berries. "I procured some of these for snacks. Would you care to share some with me?"

Jaundice lets a startled "rrf!" as he hits a bump, and falls over sideways to the deck.

The brown bat winks, "They've been thoroughly tested. I've been eating them since I arrived."

Zoltan attempts to smile at the coyote, which is a bit hard to read on a beak. He tries puffing his feathers out a bit, which makes him look rather goofy.

Kaela smiles at the bat tentatively, and reaches to take one of the berries.

Jaundice's notes spill out onto the deck. He watches Zoltan, surprised, but not terrified.

The bat holds out the berries for Kaela, smiling. "Take as many as you want! I've got more."

The Vartan looks guilty for a moment. "Sorry… is not mean to scare you." He bends down and starts to pick up little bits of paper, he pauses at one that has a picture of a crystal hand on it and studies it for a few moments.

Kaela takes a pawful of berries, and relaxes back against the wall.

Jaundice sits up, adjusting his headband, and helps Zoltan retrieve his notes. "Oh, no, not your fault… " He trails off, voice getting real quiet again.

Vielanika watches Kaela and tilts her head to one side. "My. You have the most beautiful green eyes. Of course, you probably hear that all the time. I've only seen one other Savanite with green eyes, you know. All the rest, of course, have brown… "

Zoltan shows the note to Jaundice. "Where you see this?"

Zoltan tries to keep a casual tone in his voice. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to sound nervous… lest he suspect something.

Jaundice blinks, and looks up to Zoltan. "What?" He peers at the note, and nods, then goes back to picking up notes. "That… was something I picked up earlier. Had to give it back." *mutter, mutter*

Zoltan studies the note a bit more closely. "Who you give back to? Inquisitrix?"

Janus stands up and walks down into the hold, where he proceeds to make off with a bit of food and wine.

Kaela blinks slowly at Vielanika, curiously.

Kaela looks almost surprised.

Jaundice gathers his notes, becoming a bit more used to Zoltan's presence. He sits back down, and looks at the Vartan, searching for the words in the disjointed memory. "Ah… well, no, I haven't met any Inquisitrix." He ponders, wondering how else to answer the question.

Vielanika looks at Kaela, but doesn't really know what to make of the kit's expression. "Oh, come now! Surely you can take a compliment," she smiles.

Jaundice says, "It was planted in a pyramid we were supposed to excavate, only it had already been entered. I had to give it back to … someone.""

Zoltan gathers up a few more loose papers and hands them back to Jaundice as he takes a seat next to him. "Ohh! I not see this pyramid. What all in there?"

Kaela smiles slightly and nods, lowering her gaze again.

Janus slips back out of the hold and moves over to the rail, a few yards away from Vielanika and Kaela and watches the world roll by beneath.

Jaundice rubs his nose and looks upwards and forwards, as though trying to read a note somewhere a few inches above Zoltan's left shoulder. "There was an older fox, and his vixen assistant… two Savanites… oh, and Isstan the mind mage." He blinks, lost in thought. He's been concentrating on his notes for so long, it's taking him a while to get back to normal conversation.

Jaundice gestures to Kaela. "She was one of the two Savanites." He pauses as a memory presents itself, then resumes explaining.

Vielanika sighs, sensing that somehow she didn't quite get that one right. She just clasps her hands together and turns to look over the short wall that Kaela leans against, and through the hand-rail, over the side. "Do you ride airships very often?" she asks idly, not even stopping to think that she's not going to get a very detailed answer. "I love to ride airships. That may seem silly, coming from an Eeee, but there's a difference between flying on your own and being able to just sit back and enjoy the ride… "

Zoltan glances behind him for a moment to try and see what the coyote is staring at. Nothing. Oh well.

Jaundice says, "As I said, we were supposed to excavate the inside of the pyramid, at least that's what I was told. The fox was putting on an act. He'd already been there before."

Jaundice nods, thinking. "… knew exactly how to open the sealed door, how to avoid the traps, and even opened a secret passageway." He points at the hand sketch again. "I found that buried in the first room, under some dust."

Janus finishes a piece of fruit and tosses the core over the edge.

Zoltan scrawks, "Hrr, is typical. They makes me act a little too… silly thing to do when people getting killed."

Jaundice nods to Zoltan, emphatically. "it was silly. I thought I was going to learn something, and instead they put on a show. Something about Lord Titus? Did you hear about him?"

Vielanika turns her head slightly, her large ears bearing upon Zoltan and Jaundice, then back toward Kaela. She leans over. "Is that true? Did you go in that pyramid with Professor Dron, Amelie and Isstan? What did … Oh, pah, you can't answer – but … did you go in there?"

Janus leans against the rail and and watches the Vielanika and Kaela.

Zoltan frowns. "Titus send me on trip after I meet him at party. 'No magic!' he say. 'Lots shinies!' he say… bah."

Jaundice's right ear swivels towards the bat on the railing, picking up every other word, enough to realize she heard. He pays her no mind.

Jaundice tilts his head to Zoltan. "I didn't understand who he was." He shrugs. "Not like it matters. Just another one like them… " He trails off again.

Kaela looks up at Vielanika and nods slightly.

Vielanika frowns faintly, then nods and ponders this.

Zoltan squawks, "Titus is poodle. That say enough in itself."

Vielanika studies Kaela – the only child on this expedition … save for that coyote over there. She frowns, and reaches up to her dark blue shawl she has bundled around her neck and shoulders to help keep out the chill. She hesitates a moment, then drapes it over the reclining kit. "Here," she says. "Can't have you catching cold up here. That wouldn't do any good."

Jaundice ponders Zoltan's comment about poodles. "Are they all like that? The poodles, I mean."

Janus sips his wine.

Kaela smiles a little bit at Vielanika, surprised.

With that, Vielanika turns sideways, leaning against the wall and rail, tucking her wings close about her. She smiles back at Kaela, and mouths, "Sweet dreams," before closing her eyes, surrendering to her own exhaustion.

Janus chuckles a little bit, "And here I thought it was against the rules to be nice."

"Every poodle I ever meets," the Vartan replies to Jaundice. He still studies the note in his hand. "You know what they want to do with crystal things?"

Kaela closes her eyes, curling up beneath the shawl.

Jaundice looks out over Zoltan's other shoulder, keeping partial eye contact, since he heard it was polite. "No idea. I think the fox meant for someone else to pick the hand up, only I got to it before anyone else. They made me give it back… " His ears perk, realizing something. "No, I do know. They said they wanted to discover it again. I think Titus wanted to set up the stage again for another show later."

A bandaged-up wolf limps up by Janus. "So. Looks like we survived so far," the wolf observes. "Course, can't say as much for that supply ship that crashed on its way back to Rephidim. All hands lost on board, I hear."

Jaundice coughs. "The vixen asked if anyone knew what the hands were really for. No one knew." He shrugs. "I doubt she really wanted to know."

Janus looks at the wolf, "Ho, Vahn. What's that about a supply ship? What happened to it?

Zoltan seems to relax at the coyote's words and he finally hands the note back to him. "Is probably best that the never found out. Whole place was nothing but trouble."

Vahn nods. "The ship that brought you in and the other fresh hands. It's a good thing I didn't take the ride back. They haven't figured out what caused it to go down."

Janus huhs. "Good thing I was coming in and not going back. Who all was on board? Some of the other wounded, I guess?"

Jaundice holds his forehead up. Thinking about sophists like that is an unpleasant chore. He takes the note back, and manages a smile. "I don't know… I would have felt better if someone more interested in really learning something had gone inside. Someone better than me."

Vahn nods. "Yah." He winces. "Nobody you would know, anyway."

Janus offeres his glass of wine to the wolf, "Anyone you knew?

Zoltan smiles to himself, "Some things better left unknown. This whole trip was to learn things… and is any good come from it? Bah."

Jaundice looks at Zoltan, for the first time perceiving the massive bird-thing as a thinking person. He looks the Vartan up and down, relaxing at the thought of someone worth talking to.

Vahn waves off the glass. "Thanks … Yeah. But I didn't know 'em very well. Just you get to know folks you meet while on the site, you know?"

Janus nods, "Oh… I know. Drives you to do stupid things sometimes, like jumping in front of an irate walking statue."

The wolf shakes his head at mention of the statue, but does nothing to continue that line of conversation. "Word has it foul play is suspected. There was lots of treasure – or, pardon me, 'artifacts' – on board being taken back for study. And not one lick of it got recovered," Vahn says.

Jaundice holds up a hand to Zoltan, grinning in spite of his usual seriousness. "A'Natur'Matu, sir. I'm Pe'er, Elect from the Ga'lead village. What was your name?"

Janus narrows his eyes. "Now that's interesting. Who was in charge of all the artifacts?"

Vahn rubs his chin. "Actually, I don't know. Petty Officer Kah Leftomanus was supposed to have a hand in that – seeing as he's kin to Lord Titus – but, of course, he wasn't available to handle that at the time. Rightly, now that I think about it, I don't know."

The Vartan's head tilts sideways for a moment at all the odd sounding words… but he's been with Envoy for far too long to be phased byt something as small as this. "I Zoltanos Cambio… but you can call just 'Zoltan', yes?"

Jaundice nods, taking the name down to add it to his notes. "Zoltan. Yes." :>

Janus makes a face, "Yeah. I can see that Leftomanus would have been hard to get on board. Wasn't there someone from the temple on site? One of those Inquisitors?

Vahn nods at this. "I dunno what happened to the Inquisitrix. I'm pretty sure she wasn't on that ship, or we'd REALLY have some rumors flying around. But I think she got called back or found something and took off … or something to that effect. In any case, she's not on board the Savan Queen or the Rocky Rogue."

Janus nods. "Just what we need… more rumors after last night."

Zoltan glances behind his shoulder every few moments as he picks up snippets of conversation. None of it seems to please him very much.

Kaela stretches, yawning, peering towards the others.

Jaundice gestures his pen towards Zoltan and opens his mouth, then notices he's distracted. He returns to his thoughts briefly.

Zoltan whispers to Jaundice, "My ears no as strong as most. Can you hear what wolf and black cat is talking abouts? Something about crash?"

Jaundice blinks. "Oh, well… " His ears flick forward, trying to listen more closely.

Vielanika's eyes are still closed, her wings moving slightly with each slow breath as she leans against the wood of the ship.

Vahn continues, "'Course, if the worst is true, then someone is gonna get quite a haul from all that. 'Course, they did it by killing a lot of good folk, so I haven't an inkling of admiration for whoever pulled it off," the bandaged-up wolf grumbles.

Janus shakes his head, "Well… I hope that the Inquisitrix hasn't turned up dead or something. I doubt that anyone here really wants the attention that kind of news would attract from the Temple."

Janus nods to Vahn. "I agree… Completely."

Vahn nods. "That's all we need. If something happens to an Inquisitor – or Inquisitrix – then you can BET everyone who even breathed within a MILE of him – or her – before it happened is going to have to answer lots of questions." Vahn winces.

Kaela slowly drifts back into a deeper sleep.

Janus shakes his head. "I'll make sure to mention that I was holding my breath."

Jaundice squints, and reports to Zoltan, gesturing to Janus, then to Vahn. "I gather they can't find the Inquisitrix, because he wonders if she'll turn up dead, and doesn't want the Temple to know… and he … well, basically says the same thing. Plus that whoever supposedly did this will catch the worst if they find out." He shrugs.

Jaundice looks up at Zoltan, trying to scope out an expression in his eyes. "Who is the Inquisitrix, anyway?"

Vahn grins at Janus' comment and pans his gaze across the deck. He pauses for a moment, frowning when he sees the coyote. To Janus, he grumbles, "Take care of yourself. And watch your back. I wish I had wings like that bat over there. I wouldn't put it past whoever did that to try it again for OUR hold… " With that, he limps away.

Zoltan frowns, and then shakes his head. "Is thought I hear something abouts airship crash." ( Too bad Titus wasn't on it… )

Jaundice freezes as he sees the wolf watching him. He looks down at his notes, trying not to appear conspicuous.

Janus follows Vahn's gaze and nods. "Take care of yourself, Vahn."

Zoltan scrawks, "Inquisitrix? Was some kind of temple rep… looking around excavation. I not know temple care about such things until I meets her."

Jaundice's head jerks up to Zoltan. "… I not know… er, I didn't know they did, either. The temple."

Janus sits down with his back to the rail and relaxes.

Zoltan grumbles. "Is sorry I no talks as good as most. Rephidim standard hard to speak when you gots beak. Throat no make all right sounds either." Apparently he's a bit self-conscious about his way of speaking.

Jaundice blinks, "I meant no disrespect. Probably my fault… I get caught up in whatever I'm thinking about and I… " His voice drops to a whisper. "… forget myself." His head is bowed in deference.

The Vartan pats Jaundice on the shoulder. "Any road, is almost time for dinner. I goings to get to mess hall before Jupani eat tables."

Jaundice looks up, pausing a moment. "Dinner… I'm coming with you." He stops suddenly. "If that's all right."

time passes

The sun has slipped down beyond the horizon some time ago, giving way to the stars and the twinkling Procession. Ahead, the lights of the city of Rephidim glitter like jewels, with a few drifting lights hinting at the airships coming in and out of port.

The crew gets into action, as the Savan Queen slows to dock. Soon, mooring lines are cast and secured, and the ship fits snugly into dock. The Rocky Rogue does likewise, though elsewhere in the sizeable complex.

In the bustle, there's hardly time at all for last-minute goodbyes and farewells. Cargo is hefted, and the crew seems more than eager to get off this ship, as if it might carry a lingering curse as well from the Priest-King.

Standing out like a sore thumb in his bright robes, a raccoon paces back and forth across the dock. He ocasionally casts glances upwards at the airship as he waits for… someone.

Janus mostly tries to stay out of everyone's way. Fortunately, he didn't pack much, and doesn't have to worry about carrying much off-ship

Zoltan quickly says his goodbyes to all the friends he's made over the past few weeks, and soars off towards his home.

Kaela stirs tiredly, disturbed from her sleep by the noise.

The raccoon rushes up to Janus as he departs from the ship. "Jaundice! There you are! Hurry up now, I want to get back to the college before happy hour… er… I mean, before they lock the dorms up for the night."

Fenter gingerly takes the black cat's hand and starts to meander out…

Vielanika seeks out Kaela. "Sorry, I just got word that Envoy and I have to leave right away, to meet Inquisitor Melchizedek. He's very anxious on account of what he's heard about our trip. And – Oh! I'll have to mention you to Azhtar. Or, I'll have Envoy mention something about you. Take care!" She pauses, looking at the shawl. 'You can keep that. I'm going to get a new one anyway," she smiles.

Jaundice hauls a backpack crammed full of loose notes over one shoulder, waving up to the Vartan as he disappears into the dark… and sputters, noticing the raccoon. "Uh… Fenter?" He mutters to himself, and quick-foots it over.

Janus looks at Fenter, "Excuse me. You have me mistaken for someone else."

A cowled figure on the docks stands, watching the raccoon and black cat. The figure reaches up with a left hand to scratch at the cowl, then turns to one side to look at an incoming airship.

Jaundice shakes his head, moving between Fenter and Janus, facing the latter. "Excuse us, sir. Apologies."

Kaela slowly pushes herself up to her feet, wobbling unsteadily.

Fenter sputters at Janus. "Impossible. You poor thing… must be that thin air you beathe up in that wooden contraption. Come along now."

Janus nods to Jaundice and pulls his hand back.

Jaundice turns to Fenter with a 'what are you doing here' look, and pads out onto the pier… looking back at Fenter, still trying to get Janus to follow.

Fenter batbats at Jaundice. "Here now! I don't have any baggage! Go find one of the other passengers."

Vielanika stands there for a moment, not quite knowing what to do, then remembers her pressing need for hasty departure. "Oh! Well … maybe … Well, First Ones be with you!" With that, she waves, and flutters away.

Jaundice sighs, and calls out. "Fenter!"

Janus shakes his head at Fenter and turns away, looking around the dock.

Kaela slowly pads towards the dock, half-asleep.

Jaundice points at Janus. "That Isn't Me. I'm Over Here. "

The raccoon scowls, "Ohhh… alright!" He hands Jaundice two shekels and points towards a small crate, it's markings declare it to be a wine cask of some sort. "There's one of my bags… go fetch it for me."

Fenter says, "Of course that isn't you. You don't look a bit like him."

A female cheetah meets Kaela along the way. She smiles, and signs, "Welcome back, Kaela. You haven't anything to carry, so I am to see you back to the Estate."

Jaundice blinks at the money in his palm, and clenches his fist briefly. He sighs, and hauls his pack over his shoulder again, pondering leaving the silly 'coon on board trying to get a total stranger to come back to the College.

Janus drops his bag and turns back to Fenter. "I do not know anyone named Jaundice. Go away."

Kaela smiles up at the cheetah tiredly, signing, "All right. It's good to be back."

The coyote pads over to the cask, wondering if he should bring it along. He shrugs as he realizes what it is, then walks back towards the city.

Fenter hiccups softly and pulls a note from his pocket. The writings are smeared with liquid.

Jaundice thinks, . o O { … it's probably best if he forgets, and leaves it here. }

Fenter looks at Janus, then at Jaundice, then at Janus again.

The lady cheetah smiles, and helps the tired kit along, the two of them soon disappearing into the throng at the edge of the docks, heading into the city.

Janus picks Fenter up by his shoulders and turns him to face Jaundice. The 'coon then gets a light push from behind. "That's who you are looking for, if he is to be believed.

Jaundice is already halfway across the docks by now, not even bothering to look back.

Fenter says, "Ooooomph! Here now! This isn't much of a proper way to treat a student of magic!"

Fenter chases after the coyote. "Hey! You still have my shekels! Thief! Thieeeeeef!"

Jaundice thinks, . o O { Student of magic… this is the guy who thought the sphere of Spirit needed prerequisite mixology classes. }

Janus picks up his bag and walks away from Fenter, heading toward the cowled figure.

The cowled stranger smiles at Janus, with a masked face of black and brown and gray. "Wrong 'coon," she says, grinning. "Now then, shall we be off?" She gestures toward the city.

Janus halfsmiles, "After you."

The lady raccoon nods and turns, the tip of a ringed tail poking out from underneath a dark cloak, and swishing from side to side. She leads the dark-furred cat off toward the city and away from the Savan Queen.

Janus throws his bag to his shoulder and follows the raccoon into the city, muttering to himself that he knows the way to the temple just fine, thank you.

Jaundice sniffs the air as he walks back into the city, wrinkling his nose at the familiar mix of stench and stagnancy. . o O { Welcome home. } There's a sense of irony to his thoughts as he pads back to the College grounds.


GMed by Greywolf

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Today is 15 days after Candlemass, Year 28 of the Reign of Archelaus the First (6127)