Misummer's Day (evening), 6107 RTR (Sep 15, 2007) Alptraum and Tulani drink and chat with the gypsies.
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    Gypsy Camp
    Various wagons (in various states of repair) are clustered on the commons of Cataract Village. At one end of the loose grouping is a stage for dancers and others to perform, while behind that and weaving through the middle of the group is the space where the gypsies themselves come together, often filled with laundry lines, cookfires and the very young or very old among them.

The problem with being a vampire is that one doesn't have an easy means of mitigating the effects of alcohol. And it doesn't help that during the feast, people kept handing him mugs of wine or homebrew booze. Dimitris is well into his cups already as well, and just smiles woozily while Sabine keeps him sitting upright. Hexen is nearly as sloshed, sitting next to Alptraum with an arm around his shoulders and trying to sing some bawdy song that he can't actually remember the words to, so he just makes them up.

And unfortunately for everyone else present, Alptraum is singing away with Hexen … both out of tune and not even the same words. With the goofy grin on his face, it's obvious that the Eeee is well into cups, though possibly not as bad as Hexen is. At least he doesn't have to lean on anyone to keep from falling over yet.

Tulani seems to be fairing a bit better, though she has drunk quite a bit herself, she doesn't seem to be getting hit as hard by the alchohol as either Hexen or Alptraum, perhaps due to being a sailor and scout on airships and such has given her slightly better fortitude… or perhaps its from participating in the occasional drinking contest.

"Tooloolooo-annnneeeee," Hexen croons, leaning across Alptraum now. "Tell ush… tell ush some dirt on our prodigal bat. What's he done that's really embarrassing?"

"Hey, vatch it," Alptraum slurs and tries to shove Hexen down onto the table. "Or I'll tell 'er about all the things you've done."

The Sphynx chuckles and sticks her tongue out the side of her mouth in a humorous manner before replying "Well, other than not being able to keep up with his Liquer, Alp here did agree to get a nose ring from a priestess at one point. SHame she took it back." Tulani grins and sticks her tongue out at Alptraum.

"A priestessh?" Hexen laughs. "She must have thought he was a demon! I can't believe he hasn't… gotten stuck in trees or fallen down holes or something like that!"

"Bah, I only agreed because I knew she vas kidding," Alptraum retorts defiantly and then sticks his tongue out at Tulani. "She tho't she vould freak me out an I called her on it!"

"Nope, no falling down holes that I know of Hexen." The Sphynx says before turning back to the Eee, "Hey Alp, you been falling down any holes while I wasn't looking?"

Alptraum has to think about that one for a bit. "None that I kin remember, no," Alptraum comments with a slight shrug. He then tries to push Hexen back upright. "I'm the very model of an upright and study man with perfect morals!" he adds.

"Oh… I thought you were a gypsy!" Hexen chides, and gives Tulani a big wink as he's pushes back into a sitting position. "In that case, any good stories about Tulani, Traum?"

Tulani snrks loudly, almost snorting into her drink at Alptraums proclomation, "So says mister 'flirts with almost every Eee we run into.'"

"Those are the perfect morals for a gypsy," Alptraum says to Tulani with a grin. He then sits back and rubs his chin, thinking about Tulani for a bit. "Vell … there vas that time she snuck off with a demon in the town of Worms… I can't remember exactly what happened after that, though… " he says.

"We want to hear about the Eeees too," Hexen says, once Tulani reminded him of them. "Ooo, a demon?" He eyes Tulani a bit blearily.

"I've met Eeee that could make Katka look ordinary," Alptraum whispers to Hexen. "You see, Babel used to have these temples of pleasure… " He then hiccups and promptly forgets what he was talking about.

"Hey! That 'demon' was more of a gentleman than you are Alp!" Tulani staunchly claims while grinning, turning to Hexen the Sphynx elaborates slightly, "He was a big Lapi with horns and curly red fur."

"I'm told that I'm a demon… in bed!" Hexen barks out, then asks, "Oh ho, did you two meet in one of these temples then?"

"But not nearly as much fun as I am," Alptraum counters!

"An the only reason you can claim to be a demon in bed is that you snore something terrible," Alptraum commets and grins goofily to Hexen. "How many times have we been woken thinking we were under attack only to learn it vas yer sinuses?"

"At least I don't hallucinate about voluptuous Eeees," Hexen replies, looking indignant.

Tulani just laughs and reaches over to very lightly smack Alptraum on the shoulder. Then, still grinning she taps Hexen on the end of his nose stateing, "Oh trust me, Alptraum certianly wasn't hallucinating!"

"Willin' t' bet on that one? One of those voluptuous Eeee travels vith me now," Alptraum replies and grins with a challenge.

"I'll believe you've got a harem when a see it," Hexen snorts, and rubs his nose. "Even if Tulani vouches… but she said she wasn't part of it, too!" He waggles his eyebrows at the Sphynx.

"It's not so much that I have a harem is that they have me," Alptraum has to admit before taking another drink. "Anyone who things the guy is the boss is, well, full of it."

"Oh, they're just using you for your body then, eh?" Hexen gibes.

"The only thing Alptraum doesn't have yet is a collar… Hey, maybe you should get that nose-ring anyway Alp, I'm sure Mave would just love to attach a chain to it." Tulani says with a grin.

"Actually, no," Alptraum answers, but doesn't elaborate on that. To Tulani, he sticks his tongue out. "Bah, two problems with that One, no such thing around here. Two! Uh, no such thing around here!" he retorts blearily.

The Sphynx just continues to grin, "I bet I could find something, especially if I could get liliths help!"

"Pfft," Alptraum says and waves his gloved right hand.

"And what's with the fancy duds?" Hexen asks, tugging at Alptraum's shirt. "Very nobby! Got a rich mistress?"

"Or you could even have something custom made even, there are some very good crafters in Draco county." Tulani continues in a teasing manner, obviously enjoying herself, "Who knows maybe I'll find something for you the next time I travel."

Alptraum swats Hexen's hands, but not before part of the scar on his chest is visible for a moment. "Hey, if you're going to talk about Rose, then do it respectfully," he nearly growls, "She's off limits t' insults." Okay, that touched a bit of a nerve.

"Rose eh? Is that a tattoo?" Hexen suddenly asks, reaching for the shirt collar again. "Earrings are respectable at least, but why are you hiding a tattoo?"

"Both Alptraum and me are employed by the countess Draco at the moment." Tulani says by way of trying to smooth over the earlier 'mistress' comment by Hexen and the Eee's subsequent answer.

Alptraum swats Hexen's hand again. "No tattoo. It's a scar. Not all my travels have been fun, y'know," Alptraum comments. And then he nods to Tulani, adding, "And yes, we're also working for the Countess. So we have to look somewhat respectable."

"Same here. Everyones ended up with scars of one type of another." The Sphynx quietly agrees with Alptraum, taking the opportunity to stretch and arch her back.

Hexen is mesmerized by Tulani's stretch, and asks, "So, what's the story behind your scar, lovely Tulani?" With the 'dancer' costume on, the scar is clear during the stretch.

"Hmm?" Still arched back slightly Tulani looks down at her chest, having forgotten for a moment that her scar was so visible. "This? Oh, In actuality, I'm really a dragon." The sphynx states blandly mimicing Alptraums occasional deadpan manner before grinning widely.

"She is!" Alptraum agrees, also grinning widely. "A big, nasty, mean ol' dragon!"

"Hmph," Hexen goes, then asks, "But how'd you get it? It looks branded on!"

"Hey! I'm not mean! Come on! I havent even devoured anybody yet." The Sphynx retorts, smacking Alptraum on the shoulder again, "It's theimprint of a metal necklace I owned at one time. A magic necklace. It caught on fire and was burned into my furr and skin."

"Hey, I like mean," Alptraum comments and waggles his brow at the sphynx. At her story, he then nods, adding, "And that is true. Nasty fight where that happened. We barely survived that battle."

Hexen's head wobbles a bit. "Magic necklace? You're just teasing me now. And everyone knows there aren't any dragons! Well, no cute ones anyway."

Alptraum looks like he wants to refute that … but instead he finds his mug very interesting.

"And what tall tale is behind your scar, Traum," Hexen asks next, grinning. "And we want a real story this time! Your dad's a talespinner, so you must have some talent."

"Humph! I feel hurt that you don't believe me." Tulani states with a frown and takes a swig from her own glass, the foxes comment seems to have gotten under her skin a bit. More quietly to herself she continues, "I would have stayed that way, but Alptraum thought it was inappropriate."

"Best I can tell you about that is was I was stabbed in the heart. If we hadn't have had some magic power close at hand I wouldn't be here now. The situation in which it happened, though, is private and complicated," Alptraum says. His ears then flick as he hears Tulani's other comment and he reaches over to pat her shoulder. "Doesn't matter if other people believe," he tells her, "You know the truth an' that's all that matters."

"So… you got it from some woman, eh?" Hexen says. There's a splat sound as Dimitris is dropped into a bowl of soup. "What?!" Sabine demands. "Someone stabbed my boy?!"

Tulani smiles a little at Alptraums encouragement and seems to feel a little better. The Sphynx however almost chokes on her drink at Sabines loud exclamation.

"World is dangerous. Bad things sometimes happen. I lived, s'all that matters," Alptraum says as he tries to placate his adoptive mother. "It all happened as part of stopping a greater evil and helping out someone in need. I have no regrets about it. I can't talk a lot about it because it's a private matter for a close friend, is all."

The explanation doesn't stop Sabine from grabbing Alptraum and hugging him to her chest. "That's too much! Now that you're home, you need to stay and have a normal life, not go running about getting stabbed and dealing with magic and priestesses… "

Somehow the thought of Alptraum and a 'normal' life dont seem to quite work together in Tulanis head, and the Sphynx spends several moments blinking as her mind mulls over this concept.

"Glorf!" goes Alptraum. Gently and well, somewhat politely, he tries to extract himself from his mother's arms. "Mom, if someone doesn't deal with those things, we wouldn't have much of a home left. I've found I can help these lands and its people and that's why I'm working for Draco County now. It's something I have to do. For … well … reasons about my past and where I was born."

"That's not fair," Sabine says, wiping at her eyes now. "None of it is your fault, you shouldn't be having to risk yourself. I wanted grandchildren!"

"That's … uh … well," Alptraum stammers. "You might be getting that. Just because I'm protecting these lands doesn't mean I can't have a family!"

Now the thought of Alptraum and children… is actually something Tulani can imagine a bit more easily. "Don't count Alp out now, he's still alive and kicking. you may yet get those grandchildren. " she comments quietly in concurrance.

"I'm sure your parents want the same for you, Tulani," Sabine says to the Sphynx. Hexen perks up and wags his tail at the Sphynx, in case she decides she should try to have kids right now.

Alptraum taps his mother's nose. "If things go well between Rose and I … well, you may have grandchildren in a few years," he tells her. "We just have to make sure we're, ah … compatible, long term."

Tulani's ears shoot straight up at Sabines comment and the Sphynx proceeds to mumble an unintelligable reply before taking a long drink from her glass.

"Tulani is too young to have children," Alptraum says, trying to protect her. "She's, uh, I think eight years younger than me! And I'm still young!"

"Not that young, anymore," Hexen says, and elbows Alptraum with a snicker. "And how old is this Rose? We want details! I bet she's older. I always figured you for going for the mature types."

"Pah, I'm only, uh, twenty-six! Still very young," Alptraum asserts, then takes a long drink from his mug. "And yes, Rose is a little older, but you'd never know. And it's not polite to discuss a lady's age."

"Yup, older babes!" Hexen laughs, and teases, "I bet you've never been with anyone younger than you!"

"Rose is a distinguished lady of intelligence and maturity!" Tulani pipes up in defense of the countess.

Alptraum actually has to think about that. "I think you're right," he admits.

"I hear that kind of woman likes the younger men," Hexen says, rubbing his chin thoughtfully…

"Touch her and die a thousand deaths," Alptraum warns Hexen, "And when she's done with you, I'll kill you too!" Thinking of something, he has to ask his adoptive mother, "Would it bother you if … your grandchildren were raised as gorgio?"

Sabine blinks, and then shakes her head. "So long as they are fat and happy… but I will teach them the gypsy way, all the same."

Dimitris blows bubbles in the soup. It's probably a sign of agreement.

"Uh … that may have to be negotiated," Alptraum says as he tries to lift his father from his soup-bowl.

Tulani only seems to be half listening to the current conversation as it continues, lost in thought for a moment before reaching over to help alptraum, pulling the soup bowl away so that, at the very leat the Eee's father could rest his head on the table.

Face dripping, Dimitris is still semi-lucid. "… and that's how Prince Brobdignag defeated the giant rabbit… " he mutters.

"You know, after meeting some giant rabbits, I'm more inclined to believe his stories," Alptraum whispers to Tulani. Looking to his mother and then a glance to Hexen, he asks, "So … I guess you will want to meet Rose?"

"Definetly seen enough wierdness that stories dont seem like, well, just stories anymore." The Sphynx whispers back to Alptraum with a nod.

"Of course, you have to introduce her to the tribe after all," Hexen comments. "So we can judge her, according to tradition!"

To that … Alptraum winces. "Do you have to?" he asks weakly.

"She does know you are a gypsy, doesn't she?" Sabine asks Alptraum.

"Well … yes," Alptraum admits.

"Then she should be respectful of our culture," Sabine says with a curt nod. "Your father and I must approve of her. And you haven't really been… carousing… with strange Eeee women, have you Alptraum?" she asks in a more concerned voice.

"Well … a little," Alptraum admits in a very low voice. "But they were safe to carouse with!"

"Cha! Still… if you must do such, be certain," the Eeee's mother notes. "Or stick to nice girls like Tulani, who are not wanton."

"Oh, I'm certain they were," Alptraum says and nods rapidly, "No worries there." Then with a glance to Tulani, he whispers, "And you think Tulani and I have … well, we haven't!"

The insides of the Tulani's ears suddenly turn a bright red. She then proceeeds to become intensely interested in her cup.

"Did I not just say she is not wanton?" Sabine notes.

"You did make a mess in the wagon though," Dimitris points out woozily.

Looking increasingly uncomfortable, the Sphynx excuses herself from the table a moment later in order to remove herself from the area of the the current conversation.

"You shouldn't leave out bowls of water," Alptraum says quickly, then coughs. He excuses himself too, to check on Tulani. "Hey, wait a second, please?" he calls after her. His ability to fllow her, though, given how much he's been drinking, though, is questionable."

"You see?" Sabine points out. "She is a nice girl. All this talk is embarrassing her."

"Why are the cute ones always nice," Hexen grumbles.

The Sphynx pauses to look back at Alptraum and wait for the Eee once she is a little ways away from the main grouping and hopefully out of at least most earshot.

"You okay?" Alptraum asks Tulani as he wobbles a bit. "Don't let them get to you. They like to joke, especially Hexen."

"I'm ok, I was just thinking about earlier and I started to feel a little… uncomfortable… " Tulani says with a weak smile. "And I know Hexen is completly harmless, I can't imaging him as anything else. Its just… my scales itch Alptraum, not sure how else to explain it. Just needed to take a breather for a minute."

Alptraum rubs the bridge of his muzzle with one of his thumbs. "I was hoping that wasn't … bothering you anymore. Anyway, you are a beautiful woman and a beautiful dragon. And really, all that I got was … probably not much more than a good doctor could determine about you. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" he asks.

Tulani says, " I'll… be ok. I just need some time as my other half I think." Tulani says while rubbing her temples "Do you think it would be alright if I left for a little while and then came back?""

"You need time as your other self? Hmmm," Alptraum mutters and rubs his chin. He glances back towards the table, then says, "I think I can solve that problem and let you get Hexen back for his comment about dragons… "

"Hmm? Whats your suggestion Alptraum? The last thing I want to do is disturb your family." The Sphynx asks.

"You could slink a bit further into forest and get ready to shift. I could suggest to Hexen that you're off to bathe and where to find you. Toy just happen to shift and scare him … He's drunk, not like he'll remember it in the orning," Alptraum says with a grin.

Toy = You

Tapping a finger to her chin a grin slowly spreads across Tulani's face, "You know, you can be quite devious Alptraum, I'm sure Kaira would be proud. It sounds like a plan to me. " The Sphynx quickly agrees, "Thanks for helping me out Alptraum."

Alptraum actually pulls Tulani into a hug and kisses her on the cheek. "Anytime," he tells her, "You've got about five minutes to get ready before I'll send Hexen after you… " Grinning, he adds, "Sorry I can't spend dragon time with you, but, well, even if I could shift, I would be a blob; nothing like your form… "

Tulani actually smiles at this and gives Alptraum a small, but still warm hug herself, "Its fine Alptraum, its enough to know you would if you could." and with that the Sphynx' retreating figure heads off into the woods.

"Now I wish I could shift, even if it was a blob, to make her feel better," Alptraum mutters to himself as he watches her disappear. Quickly, though, he heads back to the table and sits down. "She felt like she needed a bath," he comments idly, "Long and hard travel day."

"What, out in the trees?" Hexen asks, then gets this odd look on his face. "It's not… a tongue bath is it? I've heard some Khattas do that… "

"Might be. I don't know. I've never watched her bathe before," Alptraum says with a small shrug. "I do respect people, you know… "

Hexen wobbles to his feet, and says, "Well… as a gentleman… I should go help her wash her back… and bring… uh… " He looks around and then grabs up a linen napkin that's still semi-clean. "This! To dry her off!"

Alptraum grabs Hexen's waistband. "Hold on there, Mister Gentleman," he comments, "You aren't having impure thoughts about my friend, are you?"

"Impure?" Hexen asks, then crosses his heart. "I assure you, I'm thinking purely about her and nobody else!"

Alptraum glances towards the forest … then lets go. "Just remember that demons come and haunt those who try to take advantage of nice girls," he warns as he actively tries to resist grinning.

"Then I'll protect her!" Hexen promises, and staggers into the trees looking for Tulani. Maybe there'll be a trail of clothes or something he can follow…

There does appear to be a neatly folded pile of clothes set out on a rock a short distnce into the woods, and just beyond that a flash of white that just has to be Tulani's wings. The Sphynx seems to be standing at ease by a small stream and combing her fingers through her feathers.

Alptraum just shakes his head. "He hasn't changed," the Eeee comments to his adoptive mother. "Then again, there was a time I would have done the same. I've changed a lot and in many ways."

"Not too much, though, I hope," Sabine says.

Hexen smiles at the sight, and tries to very carefully approach closer without falling off the river bank. Drunk as he is, he still makes plenty of noise.

"I guess that depends on what you would consider too much," Alptraum comments then takes another long drink. He lowers down and rests his chin on the backs of his arms.

The Sphynx stretches this way and that as though stretching out kinks in her back before proceeding to wade a short distance into the chilly water of the stream. Tulani shivers slightly before her body begins to 'Mist' on contact with the water. She quickly turns as she hears Hexen approach, looking at him with an odd smile. "My scales itch." The Sphynx states blandly before the 'mist' rappidly thickens and condenses on her form, misty silver scales flowing and knitting over her body. Her form stretching into long, sinuous curves, before leaving behind… a dragon… "No such thing as dragons huh?" Tulani-dragon rumbles with a toothy grin.

Hexen barely has time to leer at the Sphynx's turn… before his eyes grow as big as saucers and falls on his tail. "Aieee! Please don't eat me! I believe in dragons, I do I do!" he babbles, waving his hands around in front of him!

The Silvery dragon steps out of the stream on all fours, stretching its wings to the sky and shaking icy droplet from her form, "Oh really now? And how can I be sure?" With Hexen fallen on his rear Tulani practically looms over him, turning her draconic head this way and that… "And I havent devoured anyone… yet… " she continues with grin.

Even though he hasn't fallen into the water, Hexen's pantaloons are suddenly damp. "You don't want to eat me, I'm… sour!" the fox claims, nearly on the verge of crying now. "I can find you some nice fat local boys though, full of… corn… or whatever they grow here!"

The Tulani-Dragons tongue flicks out to lightly lick the edge of Hexens cheek and chuckles… "Hmm… you may be right, and I'm not hungry at the moment anyways. My scales just itched… Just remember Hexen, dragons dont like to be told they don't exist… And women like to have their privacey."

"Sorry, I… couldn't help it!" Hexen explains. "Powerful women override our male sensibilities," he flatters.

The tip of Tulani's tail tickles briefly beneath Hexens chin as the dragon chuckles, "Good. You know how to appropriatly flatter a dragon." She sounds pleased. "Now, perhaps you should get back to the camp?" the Sphynx turned dragon suggests in a low rumble before taking a few steps back into the cool water of the stream.

"O-Okay… " Hexen says, and reconsiders offering to scratch the dragon's itches. Before he leaves, he regains enough sense to jump into the river and get soaked first, then scrambles up the bank!

The dragons rumbling, amused laughter echoes after Hexen as he flees the forest, and Tulani takes a little time to enjoy the cool of the water around her as her other self waiting a bit to change back.

Hexen stumbles back into the camp, soaked and muddy and a bit frazzled from the run. He sits down hard next to Alptraum, getting a bit of water on him.

"Gah! What is your problem? Get into a fight with Tulani? Failed grope?" Alptraum asks him as he scoots to the side a bit. "I did warn you."

"I… would never be so uncouth to such a… fine woman," Hexen says, looking hurt. "I merely… slipped and fell into the river."

The fox then leans in to whisper, "But not before getting at least a short glimpse of beauty."

"And all those stories you used to tell me about your village conquests… ?" Alptraum asks, his bloodshot silver eyes widening a bit as his brow arches. With a smirk, he then asks, "And was it all you had hoped?"

"Er, much more than I imagined, I admit," Hexen says, brushing his matted fur. "I think I should go… clean up. Yes… " he says, and staggers to his feet again to lurch towards his crudely fashioned trailer-wagon.

"Your pants do need changing," Alptraum agrees with a stifled laugh. To his parents, the moderately drunk bat asks, "Are you … disappointed in me? I am not the son who left two years ago. Here I am … back and talking of love of a gorgio woman."

Sabine rubs Alptraum's back, just as she used to after the aerial performances. "You are our son, there is not disappointment – only love. We will always support you, even if you stray from us."

Not wanting to intrude on anything, Tulani walks around the edges of the camp for a minute before returning to the gathering and finding herself a seat again.

Alptraum winces a bit as the rubbing reminds him just how much his wings still hurt. And given his current state, he's also finding it difficult to keep the shadow from acting on that pain … though he manages it somewhat. "Good," the Eeee murmurs. "I've had to sacrifice so much to help others. I … worry."

"Still tense here, cha," Sabine comments as she feels Alptraum's strained muscles, and goes into a proper massage of them. "You haven't changed in the way you push yourself too hard, I see."

"You don't have to … ow," Alptraum tries to weakly argue as his mother begins working on his wing joints. He then has to stop talking and actively focus on keeping the shadow beneath his skin, given the touch does hurt some. After a few deep breaths, he admits, "No, I haven't. Carried the weight of the world and the past sins of those who sired me."

"None of that is yours to carry," Sabine says firmly as she kneads. "So… you push too far to carry them."

"Even though I can do things to right them," Alptraum murmurs weakly.

"I'll be leaving in the morning," Alptraum admits to his adoptive parents. "I have to get back to Draco County."

"So soon?" Sabine asks, and looks to her husband. "We will go next to the Capitol then."

Alptraum nods as much as he can manage. "Avralie. I have things I must to there. A mage to save and my mentor to work with," he admits. "I am … an assistant to Draco County for dealing with supernatural threats … more or less."

"Then you need us there to take care of you!" Sabine says. "And to meet your Rose."

"That would be … complicated," Alptraum admits. "Rose is very busy, though I am sure she would like to meet you. She lost her parents some time ago. As for my mentor … well, that I cannot speak much on."

"You are not interested in wedding your mentor, are you?" Sabine asks archly.

"No," Alptraum says very quickly.

"Then I don't particularly care to meet him or her," Sabine notes. "Only those you would consider bringing into the family."

"Oh, the mentor is a 'her'. Sort of," Alptraum comments blearily, eyes half-lidded from being weary as well as drunk. "Just please … do not be too hard on Rose. She is a good woman with a good heart. She is a lot like me; in more ways than I can explain."

"Stubborn?" Sabine teases.

More than I am," Alptraum teases right back. "One might say she has a draconic personality."

"Tcha, you and your dragon talk," Sabine says, shaking her head. "Such are things one sees from staring too long into the fire while drinking too much vine."

At that, Alptraum smirks. "I've seen more than I ever thought possible," he murmurs. "And stood against a great evil. Been called a hero, even. But I'm not; I've been lucky and had good friends."

"The gods look after fools and children," Sabine says, nodding. "And gypsies sometimes, too."

"And their children," Alptraum mutters drunkenly.


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