Fox 2, 6104 RTR (27 Dec 2000) Aftermath of the inquiry at Caroban.
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Fox 2, 6104 RTR

Council on Dean's Privilege
On The Question of the Possession of Mage Envoy of Lothryhn, Journeyman ofthe Sphere of Earth, by a Spirit

Members of the Council:

Mage Hio of the Deeps, Dean and Master of the Sphere of Water
Mage Fyiara, Dean and Master of the Sphere of Chaos
Mage Mystico, Master of the Sphere of Dream
Mage Whitehunger Hyacinth, Master of the Sphere of Spirit
Mage Whimver de Boathe, Journeyman of the Sphere of Mind

Summary of Findings

Mage Ssrithiri of Nightmares, Dean and Master of the Sphere of Dreams, of the College Esoterica, testified that Mage Envoy's current state was the result of her own diligent work and research in the realm of dreams, and part of her ongoing efforts to: (i) free her "friend," a Spirit of unknown powers termed "Morpheus", and (ii) remove the perils which have threatened the Sphere of Dreams for the last five years.
As Mage Envoy's current state, which Ssrithiri was unable to identify but testified, as a non-expert, did not qualify as "possession" because of its consensual nature, was part of her own efforts, it would be inappropriate for the College to attempt an exorcism upon her.
He further asked that Mage Envoy be released from Watch custody and allowed to work with the Sphere of Dream in pursuit of the aforementioned goals.

Mage Hymu Rosho, Journeyman of the Sphere of Spirit, of the College Esoterica, testified, as an expert, that Mage Envoy was possessed by a foreign spirit, sent by means of an unsanctioned ongoing ritual supposed to have originated in the vicinity of Babel. Mage Hymu further stated that there were noconditions in her experience under which such possession could be construedas "voluntary". However, she also testified that Mage Envoy had an unusual degree of apparent "free will" and displayed certain signs of her own personality that would be unlikely in what Mage Hymu has experienced as a"typical" possession. She advised that Mage Envoy be exorcised promptly.

Mage Rageson Viscoi, Dean and Master of the Sphere of Mind, of the College Esoterica, concurred with Mage Hymu's assessment of Mage Envoy's condition. He further testified that he believed the Spirit possessing Mage Envoy had altered and damaged her mind, although he could not precisely identify the extent and nature of the changes without deeper investigation. He did notfeel that such investigation was warranted or advisable until Mage Envoy had been exorcised. He further testified that he believed such exorcism shouldbe conducted soon, though he allowed that factors such as Enovy's nature as an Exile might affect her possession and subsequent exorcism in an unforeseen manner.

Mage Cyprian, Master of the Sphere of Mind, of the College Esoterica Embassy at Babel, testified that Mage Envoy had been involved with what he called "trials of the Seven Sisters" as part of a dream ritual constructed by what he believed were rogue Babelite mages. He testified that he had personally though unwillingly been drawn into this ritual and had been one of Mage Envoy's "challenges" in the "trial of the Goddess of Pleasure." He further stated that certain of Mage Envoy's comments prior to her possession might indicate that she had desired an outcome related to the one she had achieved. Although Mage Cyprian testified that he believed the dream ritual to be created by mortal, if renegade mages, and the tests and spirits therein involved to be their creations, he declined to advise the Council ona course of action regarding Mage Envoy, citing a conflict between his religious beliefs and College teachings. Mage Cyprian did advise the Council to seek the testimony of Lady Elise de Bellefeuille, Lieutenant of Ambassador Dunbarre's Honor Guard, from the Temple of Rephidim.

Lady Elise de Bellefeuille, Lieutenant of Ambassador Dunbarre's Honor Guard, from the Temple of Rephidim, testified that the discrepancies between Mage Envoy's present observed behavior and her prior mannerisms might be attributed to what Lady de Bellefeuille termed Mage Envoy's "Aspects." She described Mage Envoy as having five distinct but related "personas" which she had observed while participating with Mage Envoy in the same dream realm "trials" that Mage Cyprian described. Lady Elise stated that she was suspicious of Mage Envoy's current state, which she believed was possession by a Babelite goddess termed "Inala", but did not believe that exorcism was the appropriate course of action at this time; she advised that Mage Envoy be held under close observation.
She then testified that Mage Hyacinth, who was serving on this Council, was a murderer and practitioner of forbidden arts. The Council asked Mage Hyacinth if he wished to confront his accuser at this time or exercise his right to formal investigation by the Watch. Mage Hyacinth agreed to testify on this matter before the Council, with the understanding that our findings could not be binding.

We then recessed so that Mages Cyprian and Whimver could prepare rituals so that they might scan both Hyacinth and any others testifying simultaneously for the truth. At Lady de Bellefeuille's urging, and by vote of the Council, no one left the chamber during this recess. During the casting of the rituals by Mages Cyprian and Whimver, Mage Viscoi interrupted Mage Whimver's. Mage Viscoi then accused Mage Whimver of attempting to subvert Mage Cyprian's spell, so that Mage Whimver would dictate what Mage Cyprian perceived as truth or fiction.

Mage Cyprian completed his spell and asserted that Mage Viscoi's account was correct. Mage Cyprian further indicated that he was well enough to continue.Under examination by Mages Cyprian and Viscoi, and with Lady de Bellefeuille questioning him, Mage Hyacinth confessed to, some five years ago, aiding Dean Ssrithiri and Mage Lucife bar Boathe in ritually torturing a young female Korv, ritually sacrificing her infant brother, and slaying her parents. He further testified that these acts of dark magic were practiced in an effort to assist the heretofore mentioned ritual practiced by renegade Royal Babelite Mages.

When Mage Hyacinth implicated Dean Ssrithiri, said Dean attempted to flee the council chamber and was apprehended through the use of magic by Deans Hio and Fyiara.

While this Council composed our Conclusions, it was discovered that an Eeee mage, Kant Mikanameh of the Sphere of Shadow, had freed Mage Envoy from he rcell. The two apparently were attempting to reach an airship which left when Mage Envoy and her companion set off alarms in the Garden through the use of Earth Magic on the part of Mage Envoy.

The Council has been informed that Mage Envoy has credibly denied knowledge of where Mage Kant was taking her, and shows no signs of understanding that Mage Kant was acting outside the wishes of the Watch.

On hearing this news, Mage Cyprian advised that no believers in the Babelite Seven Sisters be permitted in Mage Envoy's presence, as her current condition poses special risks to followers of these goddesses.

Conclusions of this Council

As two of the five Council members were credibly implicated in various crimes over the course of this evening, the remainder, being Mage Hio of the Deeps, Mage Fyiara, and Mage Mystico, do not feel the Council retains sufficient authority to mandate a final response on any of our findings.

Hereby, be it resolved that:

This Council charges Mage Ssrithiri of Nightmares, Dean and Master of the Sphere of Dreams, of the College Esoterica, and Mage Whitehunger Hyacinth,Master of the Sphere of Spirit, with murder, torture, and the practice of forbidden Arts.

This Council remands said Mage Ssrithiri and Mage Hyacinth to the custody of the Caroban Watch and instructs the Watch to investigate the charges and to determine their guilt or innocence.

This Council charges Mage Whimver de Boathe, Journeyman of the Sphere of Mind, with attempt to use Arcane powers of the Sphere of Mind to obstruct justice.

This Council remands said Mage Whimver to the custody of the Caroban Watch and instructs the Watch to investigate the charge and to determine their guilt or innocence.

The Council charges Mages Cyprian and Viscoi, as counter-accused by Mages Whimver and Ssrithiri, of conspiracy and arcane sabotage, and instructs the Watch to investigate the charges and to determine their guilt or innocence.

This Council cannot make a determination on the Question of Mage Envoy, and therefore remands the matter of exorcising her or not to the High Council. Until the High Council may be convened to discuss this Issue, Mage Envoy will be kept under close observation by the Caroban Watch.

This Council forbids any known worshippers of the Babelite Seven Sisters from contacting or attempting to contact Mage Envoy in any way. Further,the circumstances of her possession – to wit, her claim that she is an Avatar of Inala – is hereby classified information. None who know this fact are to discuss it without the express permission of the High Council, and the Watch is to prevent Mage Envoy from spreading her claim beyond those to whom it has already been exposed.

The Council also remands the matter of the renegade Babelite Royal Mages to the attention of the High Council, that they may study the testimony given herein and its veracity as determined by the Caroban Watch, and take appropriate action thereon.

The Lapine mage nudges at the calico cat, where she sleeps curled with her head against her arm, resting on the side of her chair. Fyiara mewls and bats a hand at him in protest. "Wake up, Dean Fyiara. We're done with it,"Mystico tells her.

She stirs and rubs one paw against her left eye. "What, already?" she mews, "How long's it been?"

The dream mage rubs at one long ear. "Um … four hours."

The feline cringes. "Oh, that's Hio all over, isn't it? You should've slept too; he could've done it alone. Bet he didn't let you get a word in edgewise anyway, sugar." She pats the other mage on the shouldercomfortingly. "Here, lemme have a looksie; I'll put my seal on it and we can call it a night … or morning … or afternoon. Whatever the vhai it is." She holds out her hands, and the rabbit places the sheaves of parchment in them.

Fyiara glances at the date briefly, "It isn't still Fox 2, is it?" she asks rhetorically, then scans down the pages, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "Mage Blah blah testifies blah blah, further testifiesgibber, blah, okay, yeah, it's all in here. Got a bloody transcript attached, you'd think that'd be enough for him … shoulda been an air mage, he's got so much wind in him… " She flips through the pages to the end, scrutinizes the conclusions, then nods. "It'll do." The Dean chants a few soft words and gestures with her fingers, tracing the symbol of Chaos onto the page.


GMed by Rowan

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