Midsummer 16, 6107 RTR (Sep 16, 2008) Zahn is subjected to a traditional Kadie courtship ritual that involves driving him crazy.
(Amelia) (Stonebarrow) (Sylvania) (Zahnrad)

    Inside Zahnrad's Cabin.
    The inside is no more normal than the outside. The inside is much like that of an airship cabin, complete with hammock bed. One wall is lined with a bookcase that's crammed full of documents as well as books on mechanics and machines it's also apparently all in alphabetical order. A chest to the side is piled high with various gears, sprockets, springs, bars, and un-named thingies. A drafting table sits in the corner, with a design of a complex new waterwheel with some sort of strange, multi-geared connection to the power axle. However, along the edges of the plans are doodles of various airship designs, propellers, and wing-types. There is also a small stack of papers sitting on a side table with sketches of Eeee wings and various notes. On the edge is written 'Wing Structure. Subject: Reisender, Alptraum. Male Eeee."

Parsley fidgets on the bed. Where is he? she thinks. He's been gone all day!

As if on cue, the door to the cabin swings open and Zahnrad staggers in and stifles a yawn. For a few seconds he doesn't even notice the Lapi doe on his bead. He even starts stripping down and has his shirt off before he finally notices Parsley. The Kadie blinks a few times then holds his shirt over his exposed chest! "Parsley!" he squeaks.

"Zahn!" the Lapi says, jumping to her feet and coming over to him. "Where have you been? You look a mess! Give me that shirt," she chatters at him.

"Helped Olivia move a lot of really heavy stuff that took most of the day. Looked in on Clover and ended up falling asleep in her bed for a couple hours," the Kadie admits. It actually takes him a moment to release his shirt to the doe.

Parsley gives the shirt a sniff, wrinkles up her nose, and then tosses it into the hamper. "Oh, I saw her earlier," the doe comments, and goes to her basket. "She seemed much happier knowing that he scars were gone. Did you eat anything yet?"

"Not yet. Haven't really thought about it," Zahnrad admits as he combs his chest fur with his hands. "Er, have you been waiting here all day? Did I forget something?" he asks worriedly.

"Don't be silly! I can't wait around all day," Parsley notes, and thrusts a large sandwich from her basket at the Kadie. "Eat this!"

Zahnrad sniffs at the sandwich. "What is it?" he asks.

"A sandwich!" Parsley says, rolling her eyes. "I made it myself, so don't worry about what's in it." She picks up a bucket full of… well, who knows, since there's a folded bathrobe covering the top of it. "You can eat on the way," she says, and goes to open the cabin door. "But don't dawdle!"

"What's going on?" Zahnrad asks, sounding confused. He follows after Parsley and takes a moment to sneak a peek into the sandwich to see what's in it.

The sandwich is filled with cheese, carrots, several kinds of bread and some sort of yellowish paste with what might be chunks of potato in it.

Shrugging, Zahnrad starts eating the sandwich. He doesn't even bother getting another shirt for the moment. "Where are we going?" he asks between bites.

"You need a bath," Parsley points out, closing the door behind them so Zahn can't quickly escape back into the cabin.

"Ack! You tricked me!" Zahnrad complains. "I don't smell that bad. Just like dust and, er, doe."

"Exactly!" Parsley notes, taking Zahn's free hand to lead him along. "You should smell nice and clean, and have your hair washed too."

"Is there some sort of ceremony tonight people forgot to tell me about?" Zahn asks as he dutifully follows along in Parsley's tow. "Did we have a date I forgot about?" he asks worriedly.

"Yes and no," Parsley notes as she takes Zahn to the baths. It's still early evening, so the only ones about are taking in the day's laundry when they arrive. The doe drags Zahn past their curious looks, and pushes him into the changing area of the common bath. "Now strip and get into the water."

"Are you going to watch?" Zahn asks worriedly from inside the changing area. He tosses his dirty clothing back outside one piece at a time.

"Do you want me to?" Parsley asks, as she collects the clothes and takes them back to the laundry area to be dealt with later.

"Er, I'm not sure," Zahn admits as he waddles out of the changing area with his tail wrapped around his waist. He hustles over and hops into the warm bath water. A cloud of dirt spreads out around him in the pool.

A moment later, a stripped-to-the-fur Parsley follows, carrying her bucket. She dumps it out on the walk behind Zahn, then has to grab at various bottles that threaten to roll away.

Zahnrad blinks, repeatedly, his nose twitching wildly. His eyes go unfocused for a second, then he asks, "Um, Parsley? You smell a little different. Uhm, er, excited? I think? And what's with the bottles?" He disappears under the water briefly, then comes up and shakes out his head.

"Shampoo," the doe explains, finding the bottle she wants and getting into the water. "Now, keep your tail out of the way," she instructs, taking up a position behind Zahn.

"That's kind of hard to do when you get close," Zahnrad admits as his tail vibrates a bit, but does stay out of the way for the moment. Up close, Parsley can tell just about every muscle in his back and neck has suddenly tensed…

The Kadie feels Parsley's fingers dig into the fur of his neck and attack the tension. The shampoo she's selected smells vaguely musky too. A very masculine scent. "All this long hair, and you just let it get snagged and broken," she chides, moving to shampoo said hair.

Zahn's nose twitches again. "What is in that shampoo?" he has to ask as the tension slowly starts to melt away.

"Special herbs and spices," Parsley notes. And just as Zahn seems relaxed, she has to go and press herself up against his back so she can reach around and wash his cheeks and neck.

Zahnrad gets all stiff again. "Parsley," he squeaks, "If you … I feel like … boy do I want… "

"Hold that thought," Parsley whispers into Zahn's ear, and moves her hands further down his chest. It wasn't too long ago were it was Zahn and Amelia in here doing the same. It's just that Zahn's on the other end this time. "Now, close your eyes," the doe whispers.

All the Kadie can manage to do is burble incoherently as Parsley slides her hands down. Even through all sorts of little warning alarms seem to be going off in his head, well, the Kadie closes his eyes.

SPLADOOSH It becomes apparent why Parsley emptied out the bucket now, as she uses it to rinse off Zahn's upper body.

"Blurg!" goes Zahn and coughs a few times. "Okay, that feeling is gone," he admits as he wipes water out of his face.

"Sit up on the ledge now," Parsley says. "I need to get your tail and legs and stuff."

Zahnrad sloshes over to the edge and climbs up on it. He splays out his tail behind himself and dangles his feet in the water. "You know, I could get used to being bathed by you," he jokes.

Parsley grins at that. She stays in the water, and starts soaping up Zahn's legs. "Is this the first time you've been bathed by a woman since your mom did it? I thought you bathed with Amelia all the time!" she comments.

"Well, I usually bathe her. It's, uh, rather fun, really," Zahnrad points out, "I haven't really been bathed in return yet."

"That's right, she doesn't have any younger siblings," Parsley notes, as she uses the bucket to rinse off Zahn's legs. "I'll have to teach her!" She then reaches for another bottle, leaning right across the Kadie's lap to get it.

Zahnrad really tries to not look and fails miserably at it. "You have a really nice view from behind," he blurts out, then covers his mouth. "I can't believe I said that," he says muffledly. Parsley can also tell what the Kadie was probably thinking, too, given what she's pressed up against.

"Now, spread your legs please," the doe says, grinning and waggling a smaller, fancier looking bottle.

"Are you sure that's necessary?" Zahnrad squeaks worriedly.

"Trust me!" Parsley says, popping the cork. There's a scent of mint.

Zahnrad spreads his legs and looks upward. "Just don't look. Whatever she does will be less traumatic if you don't look," the Kadie thinks, trying to convince himself.

It doesn't help. Parsley works up a lather in her palms, and then washes Zahn's privates with very tingly soap.

"Eeeeeee!" goes Zahnrad and arches upward a bit. His wet tail thumps around and his toes wiggle and splay. He doesn't need to look to know what kind of reaction that soap is causing because … boy can he feel it. He's now praying Parsley doesn't start giggling.

SPLADOOSH goes the bucket again. "Don't get your tail dirty!" Parsley begs when it thumps around.

Boy is Zahnrad thankful when the water hits since it deadens the tingling some for the moment. "Sorry!" he blurts again, "but with your hands … your rubbing, uh, excitement, uh, things, uh … blrugphtht."

Parsley hops into Zahn's lap and kisses him. "You're being a very good boy, Zahn," she notes. "Most boys complain or squirm or try to grab!"

"If I grab I'm not sure we wouldn't, uhm … be busy for a long while," Zahnrad says weakly after the kiss, "It's really hard to not … well … there are certain things I really want to do to you right now." Looking worried, he asks, "What do you have to do to my tail?"

"Let it dry for a moment," Parsley says, sliding off of Zahn and around behind him, where she picks up… combs! "Need to work on your hair before it gets tangly again!"

"Good, if I don't see her, I won't feel like I want to … " Zahnrad thinks, then lets our a relieved sigh. "You never said why you were doing this," he points out, trying to think logically in hopes of over-riding the rather hormonal thoughts occurring.

The combing at least is soothing, except for the parts when Parsley returns to Zahn's lap to adjust how it lays across his face. The rear ends up being braided. The Kadie barely notices when the doe has moved on to brushing out his tail.

"Are you trying to drive me crazy?" Zahnrad finally asks, finding himself completely unable to shake the hormonal thoughts that keep returning. "Not that I'm complaining about going crazy this way… " he babbles.

"Oh no, just keeping you at the proper balance of just-about-to-go-crazy!" the doe says, and wraps Zahn's tail around herself for a moment. "It's so nice and fluffy now! Towel time!" she declares.

"Do I get to dry you?" Zahnrad actually jokes as he gets to his feet. The Kadie then goes "Eeee!" again. "Er, sorry," he quickly apologizes, "That mint soap as left some areas a bit … sensitive."

"Of course you can," Parsley offers, handing Zahn a towel and then standing with her arms up for him.

So … Zahnrad works on drying off Parsley now. In a rather uncharacteristic manner, though, his hands explore through the towel as he dries her off … and one thing also can be said … he's very thorough about it, down to drying her off well in very private areas.

The doe giggles, and then says, "Remember, I get to dry you off next!"

Zahnrad slides in behind Parsley and pulls her back against him as he finishes drying off her front by having his arms wrapped around her. "I know," Zahn rumbles soft and deep in her left ear. Okay … now that's a tone she's never heard him use before. Another few minutes pass and the Kadie finally releases her.

"I think you're almost ready!" Parsley notes, then turns around and attacks Zahn with the towel. She practically buffs his fur until it shines.

As Parsley works, Zahnrad's head tilts and he lets our a strange rumbling sound. As his head slowly rolls to look at Parsley, his eyes have an odd glint to them, as if some other part of his mind is in control. The look is almost … predatory.

The Lapi seems to notice, and waggles a finger at Zahn before tossing him one of the bathrobes. "Okay, time to head off to… someplace private," she says, putting on her own robe.

Zahnrad slips the bathrobe on, though he only ties it loosely. Before they leave, though, Zahnrad actually buries his nose briefly in the side of Parsley's neck. "Okay," he whispers as he pulls away.

The Lapi squeaks, and gives Zahn a teasing kiss before she jogs out of the bath area. "Try to keep up!" she says.

She doesn't have to ask Zahn twice; the Kadie darts after her, light on his feetas he goes.

Parsley leads Zahn into the trees, and to the very edge of the Wingnut territory, next to the big old tree. There she leans against the trunk of one of the forest trees and waits.

Zahnrad, still very much in robe, darts after her, rebounding off trees as he goes to get boosts of speed. When he finally catches up with Parsley he lands lightly on the ground on all fours, tail curved up and over his back. He stalks towards her like this for a few steps, then rises up and blinks a few times. "Sorry," he says distractedly, "I don't understand why I'm acting like this… "

"That's okay… because I do!" Parsley says, beckoning Zahn closer with a finger (and a half-open robe).

"There's that scent again," Zahnrad murmurs, his pupils oddly dilating briefly again. He walks slowly towards Parsley … and that odd rumble he was making earlier resumes.

Teasingly, Parsley drops her robe, and then slides around to the other side of the tree trunk, out of view.

The Kadie emits a rumbling chuckle and drops back down to all fours to stalk after the Lapi. "Cooome baaack," he calls after her as he slowly circles the tree.

There's a flash of something white as Zahn rounds the trunk, but the bunny must be playing hard to get!

Zahnrad continues to circle … only about a third of the way around, he double-backs to try and intercept!

Bump Something intercepts Zahn as he doubles back! It's short, and dark, and wearing bright white lace… lingerie! It grabs his cheeks, and pulls him into a deep kiss.

Zahnrad nearly growls as he thinks he's caught her. Something does trigger in his mind that's it's not Parsley … followed immediately by the realization that it's better. It's one of the few times Zahnrad actually tries to use strength to take a hold of this person and kiss back. There's no logic for Zahn right now; his brain is operating on a very primal level.

Amelia's teeth flash white in the darkness, and then she reaches up with her right hand, grabs something, and yanks down. There's a zwipzwipzwip sound and the smaller Kadie literally flies up into the upper branches of the tree… leaving Zahn holding a lace teddy.

Zahnrad watches Amelia disappear into the branches. He brings the teddy up to his face, burying his nose into it. He holds it there for a moment, just breathing. Then in a flash it falls to the ground as Zahnrad literally launches himself up the tree in a flurry of claws digging into bark. All the way the Kadie emits a low rumble.

Up ahead is the prize, signalling with her dark tail and wearing lacy underthings… including what might be garters! It makes her easy to spot with Zahn's nightvision. But just as he closes in… zwipzwipzwip. The quarry flies away to another tree, farther than a Kadie could ever jump on their own! It'll take jumping to several other trees to catch up now!

The trees are only a small thought that flits through Zahnrad's mind. The sensation is strange … as part of him realizes he's hunting … and another part realizes he likes it. Instead of directly pursuing, he goes higher into the trees and then uses fall distance along with crazy-dangerous leaps to bound from tree to tree after Amelia!

A flash of white! But it's a garter, stuck to the branch where Amelia must have leapt to originally. zwipzwipzwip The sound gives a hint to direction, and Zahn can see more bits of white flashing off through the trees.

Zahnrad slips by the garter, snagging it in his claws, then slipping it onto his wrist. "Mine," he rumbles as again he goes high, then dives from tree to tree, claws barely catching on branches in time, pushing the distances he can traverse with each to their limits.

At times, he seems to fly himself! But whenever the gap closes, it suddenly opens up with another ratchety-spinny noise. He does manage to collect another garter though, then a bra. And up ahead is one last bit of taunting white.

Each bit seems to be part of a prize … and for now he holds onto them. Eyes narrowing, Zahnrad goes high again … only this time he doesn't follow straight after the sound … he circles high in the trees and tries to dive down and surprise his prey by catching her from the opposite direction!

The bit of whiteness doesn't move or dash away, it just seems to hang there over a branch below.

Zahnrad drops down on it from above, trying to pounce!

The branch vibrates with the weight of the Kadie's landing, and before him hang a delicate pair of lace panties, attached to a dangling string.

Zahnrad takes the panties and tries to jerk them off the string. Were he in a more logical frame of mind, he would be checking where that string goes … but right now he simply wants them.

Click The branch swings away below him, as if on a hinge, and Zahn drops about ten feet into a giant straw nest. "You caught me," purrs the Kadie waiting there for him, lying provocatively on her side with her tail curled over her.

Zahnrad actually manages to land on all fours. His fingers release the lacy panties he was holding and he moves the few feet to be face to face with Amelia. "Mine," Zahn says in an unusually forceful way … as if he has to defend the claim. The normally techy and disheveled male Kadie looks … well, a little more puffed, certainly more groomed … and definitely more assertive than he normally does. And even with this, though, he doesn't force things further … as if part of him is giving Amelia the chance to refute his claim if she chooses.

"You smell nice," Amy purrs, and pulls Zahn into a kiss.

"So do you," Zahnrad murmurs as he slides in close to the black Kadie, pressing up against her and for the moment, her tail. Her tail doesn't remain where it is long, though, as he uses his feet to take a firm, but not painful, grip on it and lift it up, then around himself.

"So, now that you have me, what are you going to do?" Amy asks teasingly, and grabs Zahn's own tail.

Zahn's head tilts and his lips draw back in an almost predatory smile. "Have you … repeatedly," he answers as he once again actually uses his strength to pin Amelia to the nest, as if trying to prove he he is now in charge. (Though in reality it's fairly obvious which of the pair is really in control!)

Despite Amy's defense training, she doesn't seem to be resisting at all, beyond biting Zahn's shoulder. "Well, that's what I was hoping to hear!" she whispers…

Dawn comes as an unwelcome intrusion, especially when one has finally gotten to sleep. Along with the pale light comes something else; mild cursing. "Why did she have to make it so high," comes the soft voice. "I don't like ladders." Eventually, two long ears poke up over the side of the nest, and a large basket is swung up over the top.

Zahn is currently curled against Amelia's back, his arms are wrapped around her and holding as if she might decide to dart off again. His eyes slowly creak open as the words filter into his brain. The fog of last night is fading … and the reality of what he and Amelia just did starts to set in. "I hope she's not pregnant," comes a little voice in the back of his mind. What he voices weakly, though, is, "Parsley… ? Is that you?"

"Oof!" the doe says as she gets her arms and torso up over the edge of the nest, and then tumbles the rest of the way in. "Of course it's me, silly," Parsley says. "Who else would be bringing you breakfast and fresh clothes. And… you didn't ruin my lingerie I hope! I'm amazed we got it to fit Amy… "

"I smell muffins," Amy mutters from inside her curl.

"That was yours?" Zahnrad says as he slowly disentangles himself from Amelia and pushes himself upright. He does happen to leave his tail entwined with hers, though. "Last night was … wow," he manages out, "I didn't know that … I would act like that."

"Well, you won't always," Parsley says. "You don't mind that I got you a little worked up first, do you?"

Zahnrad has to actually think about that. "No, I'm not. I don't think anyway," he admits, "Brain slow. Sorry."

The doe brushes some hair out of Zahn's face, and notes, "You got all mussed up again! All my hard work! I'll have to do it all over again now. But… well, I need to show Amy how it's done anyway.

Uncurling, Amy stretches like a cat, then pounces on the basket and stuffs a whole muffin into her mouth, puffing out one of her cheeks. Then in goes a second one, for the other cheek.

"I don't think I would survive it again," Zahnrad says with a long yawn. He watches Amelia for a moment, then covers his mouth to keep from laughing.

Amy looks down at her chest, then back at Zahn. "'oo I habe crumms omme?" she says through a full mouth.

"No, I just haven't seen you this hungry before," Zahnrad admits as he takes just one muffin and eats it a bit slowly.

"It was a lot of work!" Amy notes, after her mouth is a little clearer. "Those zip-lines were hard to set up. I was afraid I'd slam into a tree," she explains.

"Oh … that's what those were. Mom will be proud of you when she hears," Zahnrad notes inbetween bites.

"I think you should have gone with the mittens idea," Parsley comments. "I could have gotten them on him."

"He'd have just chewed them off," Amy says, and then goes over and sits next to Zahn, whereupon she lays his head back into her lap and tries to feed him some more muffin.

"I had a hard job too," Parsley claims, crossing her arms. "I mean, he was so… ready! But at least now you've broken him in, and as per our agreement, I get to have him whenever I want now," the doe points out.

Zahnrad munches happily on the muffin. "I could get used to this," he murmurs playfully, smiling. At Parsley's words, though, his tail puffs out again. "Eek?" he asks.

"Hey, I still have a lot of safe days left," Amy points out. "So you'll just have to share. I don't want him all worn out all the time."

"Safe days?" Zahnrad asks, confused. He looks between the two women.

The doe responds by resting her own head on Zahn's stomach. "Yeah, safe days. Um… when she isn't gonna get pregnant, you know? Kadies have a cycle for that sort of stuff, unlike Lapis."

"On the days when I'm not safe, you'll have to put up with the twins," Amelia warns Zahn.

Zahnrad rubs at one of his ears for a bit. "Parsley, uhm … you remember the things you mentioned to me once about how to handle you and Clover at the same time?" he asks nervously.

"Mmmm-hmmm," Parsley says, her eyes twinkling. "Are you ready to practice now? I mean, you had a nap yesterday and at least a whole hour of sleep before I climbed up, from the sounds of it."

"I was just wondering if it would work with Amelia in place of Clover," Zahnrad says quickly, "So there isn't, uhm, competition for time." He looks at Amelia, ears twitching nervously, and asks, "As long as Amelia would be okay with that sort of arrangement?"

"Sure!" Amy says, looking curious.

"I'll let Parsley explain it to you," Zahnrad says, then looks at Parsley.

Parsley is already shedding her clothing. "Now, since this is the first time, you might have some trouble walking later. And… maybe even talking… " she starts to explain.

"I'm doomed," Zahnrad thinks as he downs another muffin. A few blinks and he looks between the two girls … and he can't help but think, "But … it's not a bad way to go." He runs his hands through his hair, trying to wake the rest of the way up, and adds, "Just give us some time to eat breakfast and we're all yours, Parsley."

The nest lasted another three hours before collapsing. Luckily it wasn't that far of a drop for the Kadies, and Parsley was in good hands. Amelia promised she'd build her new cabin a bit sturdier…


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