15 Mar 1998. Candlemass is celebrated in Rephidim in Freedom Park.
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Freedom Park
This park lies within the less used parts of the Crafters' Quarters in the city proper – as a walk goes, it's a considerable way from the College Esoterica in the Scholars' Quarter, but it's much easier to find. Within its cozy spaces trees shade people as they walk its maze-like paths. The only pond or indeed, any kind of body of water to be found within is the crickhen pond, where a few passing Kavis and Skeeks stop to give crusts of bread to the small birds with rainbow-colored bat-wings that float serenely on its surface. Statuary sprout up here and there, including a representation of the First Ship believed to have brought the first people to Sinai, and various monuments to once-prominent persons, now long-forgotten, their features (and the inscriptions on the bases) worn smooth.

Candlemass! Freedom Park is full of joyful citizens, each ready to celebrate. Today, the elite mingle with the common … though the quality of their dress, and the candles they carry, make the distinctions clear. Kavi children scurry about, singing tails 'accidentally' with their candles, while the house-lights in the city slowly dim…

And Freedom Park is one of the loveliest places to be during the Candlemass festivities… especially as here, ladies are generally more free about whom they give their gifts of flowers to. While traditionally one only gives a flower to a true love… a handsome stranger is quite all right here, and many relationships have, to pardon the pun, blossomed here.

So it is that a winged snow leopard makes her way through the park, admiring the lovely decorations. Buran carries a small bouquet in one spotted paw, just in case she just might happen to meet some kind stranger.

Across the park, Francisco sits alone on one of the benches, with no candle, and not having received any flowers from anyone yet. Not that the Exile really understands what this holiday is all about, but still thinks that if he had his Guy Fox booth, he might have made a few shekels.

A female poodle, trim and black-furred, wanders through the busy crowds. A blue dress fits neatly upon her middle-aged frame, though her face seemingly is years younger. She carries a few flowers in her paw.

A band plays by the shoreline of Freedom Park's pond: two Vykarin drummers, a dark-coloured bat with a wide-brimmed hat, and a Rath'ani playing a string instrument. The drummers tend to drown out the voice of the bat, though the noise of the crowd still does that as well. The sun is just beginning to set, filling the clouds with a russet-red glow.

Lady Ophelia comes wandering slowly through the park, a necklace of yellow flowers around her neck matching those woven into her mane and embroidered on her gown. In her hands she holds a large, multi-wicked candle, the pattern painted on it in coloured wax echoing the flowers which she bears. Behind her, looking slightly silly with their candles, are two of her ever-present Rhians. She seems to be looking for someone…

The poodle steps aside as the Rhians pass, and Lady Ophelia follows between them. In doing so… she comes face to face with a heavyset but handsome Gallah, possibly of Samoyed stock … without a flower. "Ah. Hello therre handsome. Flowerr for you, hokay?" She presses a paper flower, dyed brightly, into his palm…

A older Zerda wanders up to the five-tailed kitsune. "Francisco! Good to see you, it is. You here to get a flower from some lady, eh?" He wears a flower in his own lapel. "The wife, mine gave to me earlier."

Ophelia catches sight of the person she's looking for – a slender, toast-coloured Lapi maid, dressed in a plain, though probably expensive orange gown. She begins to steer a course toward her, walking slowly so as not to extinguish her candle.

The Gallah smiles at the poodle female, and the two disappear into the crowds, joining the other happy couples with flowers.

Buran smiles and waves to those she passes, wishing them a happy Candlemass and companionship for the coming year. Overall, her lazily winding path brings her closer and closer to the concert and the enthusiastic crowd upon the grass by the shore. Like many of those here, she is dressed in her best, a dress of deep navy blue with light gray patterns woven into its fabric.

Francisco looks up at the Zerda, his gaze previously on the pond. "Flower? Uh, actually, no I wasn't. I've seen a fair number of people with them though," the kitsune notes, "or at least flower imitations. What's the deal behind that anyway?"

The Old Zerda settles down next to Francisco on the bench. "Oh, no one remembers the starting, but it is old tradition. The ladies give to a man they like, and if he accepts, *poof!*" He gestures with his hands. "They are in love. Or they are in love already, just wanting to show it. Or in Freedom Park here, maybe she just wants the chance for love. Candlemass. So beautiful."

A strikingly beautiful golden vixen in a dress tight over her front, corseted, flowing out over her ankles, passes through the park slowly as if searching for someone. After some time, she appears not to have found what she looks for, and slips away down an alley, a real flower with purple-edged blooms drooping in her hand. Her tail hangs low.

The Kitsune nods softly. "The only lady who I thought liked me that much, I think I freaked her out last time I saw her," he says. "Well, I certainly freaked out, but it wasn't because of her."

Ophelia loses sight of her errant maid, and begins to wander idly again, toward the general direction of her last sighting. She doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to catch her, looking right and left at the various couples as they trade their flowers. A careful observer might detect a certain puzzlement in her attitude. On the whole her attention seems drawn more by the pretty flowers and candles than by anything else. She pauses to pour the excess wax from her large candle, making it flare brightly for a few seconds.

Avram pats Francisco's shoulder. "Keep eyes open, Francisco. Better to be looking up to find a lady than looking down, yes?" He glances down at the Kitsune's paws. "Brought you not a candle?"

Buran stops for a time to listen to the music, her folded wings still visible above the heads of the crowds there. She watches the drummers for a time, fascinated with the way they keep in sync even with so many distractions, the way their hands weave complex patterns with the simple-looking drums, and the depth they lend to the other performers. She moves on, walking around the lake and admiring the reflection of hundreds of candles in its shimmering waters.

Shaking his head, Francisco replies, "No. Is that part of this tradition as well?"

More and more candles are being lit, as the sun dips further and further… well below Rephidim's edge, though not the curve of the planet. All other lights slowly fade, lamps turning off in homes, and in the streets… just tiny flickering flames.

One Vykarin's tail wags as Buran passes by. "Rhatta rot rowrer ror Rawrii?", he asks.

The Zerda says, "We light the candles, the First Ones to signal. That they see our light and the Procession the both, and it calls them here for us." He reaches into his pocket, and hands a plain wax candle… an ugly shade of yellow… to the kitsune. "Here you go. One for you."

The Sphynx's whiskers perk forward as she smiles. "Such beautiful music, and not a single flower. I think you've been overlooked." She surveys the paper flowers she holds, selecting a lovely purple one that's almost the color of the swiftly-darkening sky, offering it to the Vykarin drummer.

Francisco doesn't seem as put out by the color as one might be. Taking the candle, he shrugs and lights the candle on Avram's, and holds it awkwardly – not really sure what to do with it now.

The drummer stops drumming instantly, taking the flower in his hands, tail wagging furiously. "Rhut retty Rhatta's name?"

Everyone seems to be just holding their candles and talking, or giving flowers, as far as Francisco can see. His own gives off a somewhat fatty smell, though it's not really bad. It actually makes him more hungry than anything else.

"A friend," Buran answers, "who enjoys your music."

The kitsune, still feeling kind of awkward at the surroundings, gazes into the flame of the candle. Not only does it make him hungry, it reminds him of home too.

Ophelia's maid finds the countess in the end, chasing through the crowd after the Unicorn. There's a brief, whispered conversation which sets the maid to giggling, and the pair resume their perambulation together, wandering slowly along the margin of the lake, trailed by the Rhians. The Lapi maid comments at length on most of the cute males that they pass. The countess seems more interested in her candle, and the wares of a wandering cookie dealer. Slowly, they vanish into the crowd…

Rawrii looks up at Buran… well, as best as can be seen, with his chitinous mask covering his face. "Rawrii rikes to rum! Retty Rhatta can risit Rawrii, Rard Rild, hear rums ranyrime!"

Buran says, "I certainly will. You play the drums very well, too!"

The Vykarin's tongue lolls from his mouth. "Ranks! Rawrwii Ruvs Rums!" he says, as he balances the flower proudly atop his carapace, and drums eagerly, THOOM THOOM THOOMs resounding.

Francisco sighs and looks at Avram. "If you'll excuse me. I think I'm going to see what kind of food stalls are open at the moment," he says. "Thanks for the candle though."

Avram nods. "No trouble, Francisco. Good Candlemass to you." The Zerda stands up from the bench, and walks off into the crowd…

The kitsune gets up and walks off in the other direction heading around the pond in the middle of the park, trying to sniff out the food-stalls.

Haji wanders in, holding a melting candle and trying not to catch his fur on fire. He shields his candle with care with slightly singed paws.

The others in the band, spurred on by Rawrii's energetic drumming, sing and play a little louder… a familiar tune that seems to be sung every Candlemass. o/~ First Ones return, oh do… our fires we burn, for you… o/~ Some in the crowd begin singing along.

A green shiga in a plain gray cloak roams the streets tonight as well. No fancy showman's cloak, no peddler's costume. The Wooden Shekel wanders restlessly, marked in no particular way, thinking about the unlit beeswax utility candle in his everpresent toolkit, and simply watching the couples stroll about.

Gloom, and if the rumours are true, eventually Doom walks by in the form of a horned, cloven-hoofed Khatta. In contrast to her entirely black colouration, she wears a brightly coloured uniform. A tray is suspended from around her neck, supporting her selection of candles. Uncharacteristically, she also has a garland of blue roses around her neck, that look somewhat worse for wear.

"Buy candles from Zsofi and she will not turn you into burning dripping pillar of flesh when she destroys everything." The Exile's salespitch needs some work.

A few people do seem to be buying Zsofi's candles… despite her unique 'sales pitch'. Some have had to rush here, and no one wants to be without a candle today…

Buran resumes her walk around the lake, laughing quietly to herself at the newfound enthusiasm of at least one of the musicians. The music is familiar to her, and soon she finds herself humming along to the tune. Also unconscious is her decision to steer clear of Zsofi… she's not in the mood to deal with the strange Exile's ranting. It is a holiday…

Haji nearly catches his green cloak on fire as he continues to stroll through the park. He looks about, enjoying the music, seemingly oblivious to the small flame in his hand. Noticing his care-free spirit, several bystanders steer clear of him.

Of course, some of those bystanders mutter worriedly about a Savanite with fire, especially due to the riots recently. But other Savanites are scattered throughout the crowd, and seem to have been causing no trouble… so far.

"Zsofi is pleased! Zsofi is glad to see everyone trying to hasten the end with cheap fire sticks. Zsofi is joyed by the display of pyromania. Buy Candle!" The black Exile's hoofs spark as she stomps around, but despite a few people's best efforts, the blue flashes won't ignite the wick, and people have to settle for more mundane methods.

Zsofi notices Haji, "Spotted one with fire in hands, you come here!"

Haji perks his ears at the black Exile, eyes widening.

Haji looks around and signs, {Who? Me?}

The grayish shape that is Bambridge slips through the crowd, walking to… "Where am I going?" wonders the lizard. The Shiga's scales blacken, though the change is difficult to discern in the dim light of dusk. He sighs. (Home? Ever? No. I don't miss it… )

The voices in the crowd grow louder. o/~ Our lights we shine skyward todaaay… to guide your path to turn our waaaay… o/~ And then, again, in hushed tones, o/~ First Ones return, oh do… our fires we burn, for you o/~

Rasha steps puzzledly through the crowded streets, keeping a (literally) low profile to avoid bumping into people; of course, this means some people bump into her without noticing. She's carrying an unlit candle, but doesn't know why.

Zsofi glowers, which is her usual expression, so it's hard to tell exactly how she feels about this particular situation. She looks at the signing Savanite and repeats, "Yes, fire-in-hands. You come here. Light candles for Zsofi and she will not turn you into wineskin to hold the blood of her enemies."

Francisco ambles back around the pond, lightly nibbling at something the stall vendor called 'rhugrat-on-a-stick' in one hand, trying to balance it with the yellow candle in the other.

Haji signs, {Blood?! ENEMIES?! . . . yesma'aamwhateveryousayma'amhereletmehelpyouwiththatWOOPS!}

Haji drops the candle at the black Exile's feet, singing the fur around her hooves.

Natilie, a pretty young Hekoye, smiles as she looks over at Francisco, walking towards him with her flowers.

The Kitsune continues onwards unawares of the approaching Yelf, still toying with his snack.

Subconsciously meandering toward the sounds of music, the Shiga collides lightly with someone. For once, it really is an accident, and he doesn't try picking anyone's pockets. A candle falls from his cloak as he tries to steady himself and the other person, mumbling, "Umph… excuse me. Sorry about that… clumsy of me… "

Zsofi doesn't seem to notice; burnt fur might be a smell she is used to, or likes. She waits for Haji to finish whatever he's doing.

Haji picks up his candle, patting down Zsofi's singed fur. He nearly sticks his candle into her leg while doing this before standing up, waiting to light candles.

Natilie hmms at the multitailed fox, and stands right in front of him, smiling up at him, displaying her flowers.

Francisco practically walks straight into Natilie, which causes him to look up. "Eeeep? Oh, Natilie!" he yips.

Buran, entranced with the lake and the shimmering reflection of the Procession in its surface, is as much to blame. The Sphynx quickly apologizes and retrieves the candle from the grass before it can be stepped on; a paw covered in soft gray fur offers it to its owner.

Zsofi waits till the slave is standing, then takes her necklace of battered blue roses off. She drapes them around Haji's neck; apparently the thorns are still on. "Now you have selling candles uniform."

"You're lucky it wasn't lit," the Sphynx says. "Are you all right, sir?"

The signing of the crowd continues for a few more verses, then steadily dies off. The band switches tunes to a slower, romantic song, as the last rays of the sun disappear…

Natilie plants a kiss on Francisco's muzzle and places the ring of flowers over his head.

The fox's tails go still for a moment, then start to swish. On top of that, Francisco almost drops his rhugrat-stick and candle in suprise.

Natilie giggles.

Haji looks at Zsofi, and then at the roses. He looks back to her, wide-eyed… then bows, forehead at her feet. {Oh THANK you First Ones! Your humble servant is blessed to have this beautiful one grace his presence! I shall make a shrine to you soonest!}

The black Shiga looks briefly startled as he spots Buran's gear-pendant, shining in the candlelights. (Grief, of all my luck, I hit a Technopriestess… still… seems a nice sort.) Bambridge accepts his candle back, smiling wanly. "Ah, forgive me, Technopriestess. I'm fine, an oaf like me is hard to hurt. I'm dreadfully sorry about that… "

Zsofi stares. Zsofi sees someone worshipping her, properly prostrate on the ground before her, his head pressed against the ground. There's an instant where nothing happens, then the black Exile… smiles. Her growling voice has a touch of glee as she says, "Zsofi is pleased with your humility! Zsofi is overflowing with happiness to find someone who recognizes her true identity. Zsofi will not kill you, but Zsofi will make you head high priest of her cult that rule over thousands."

Haji lowers an ear, {Did she say something about 'high priest'? Oh well, it can't be horribly important.}

Catching his breath a little, Francisco asks the yelf, "Uh, ah… Thanks! I didn't think you'd want to see me again after I ran out of Envoy's dressing room?"

Natilie smiles brightly, "I care too much about you to hate you."

A pair of very young Kavi make loud smacking, smooching, and slurping noises behind the fox and coyote, then quickly run away.

The kitsune splays his ears a little, trying extremely hard to blush. "Aww," heintones.

Zsofi is walking on air, and Haji occasionally. That is a risk her worshippers take, of course, accidental grindings beneath her obsidian hooves. The sparks that flash from them induce a tingling in the fur, and as far as Exiles go, Zsofi isn't particularly heavy either.

Haji smooches Zsofi's hooves and proceeds to follow her around like a lost puppy. o O ( Oh, how her horns sparkle in the candle-light! First Ones, what task is it you want of me to send such a creature? I may swoon… )

Natilie smiles at Francisco and offers her hand.

Francisco smiles back, and in taking it, walks off with the Yelf back into the crowd.

The crowd near Zsofi and Haji parts abruptly, a few calls of "Hey!" and "Watch it!" striking a discordant note in the night air. Through that gap, a preoccupied Vykarin slides, still contemplating the candle that was pressed into her hand not ten minutes ago. Therefore, she doesn't even notice when she bumps into Zsofi, then adds a much heavier hoof to one of Haji's.



Zsofi glares.

Haji bows his head at Zsofi, then tries to work the pain out of his foot.

Rasha blinks, coming to a stop when she hears the sound, then turning around. She peers out from under her 'visor' at the horned woman and the Savanite. "Excuse me," she replies, in a surprisingly unaccented voice, for a Vykarin anyway.

Zsofi rests her hand on Haji's head, then shoves her tray in Rasha's direction, "Buy candle for ceremony of burning each other in the streets."

Haji looks at his foot, then at Rasha, then at the tray. He whimpers.

The Templar in the dark blue dress smiles. "Happy Candlemass to you, then. Did you come for the concert? It's really nice, though a little heavy on the drums."

Rasha looks at the candles. "I arready have a canderr. Burning in streets? Are you sure?"

Rasha looks nervous. No one said anything about riots

Haji nods absent-mindedly, looking at his foot. {Oh quite positive.}

"Ah… no, Priestess… I… " Bambridge starts to say 'just out for fresh air' to excuse himself, but something makes him pause. "I… ah… was just wandering the Square. Candlemass is a new experience for me." He pauses a moment. "Uhm… I notice you don't have a candle yet. Would you like one of mine?"

"Zsofi knows it is the start of ritual where people burn their lovers, for she has seen the enthusiastic start early. Zsofi is pleased to see such masochistic destruction; it makes her endothelial cells tingle with pleasure," the black demoncat says, then checks on the state of her only worshipper.

Haji looks at Zsofi, {What's an endo . . .endo . . what makes them tingle?!}

Rasha replies quite earnestly, "I'm grad I have no rovers. I don't rike being burned."

Haji looks at his burnt paws.

Haji looks at Zsofi.

Haji signs, {Are you sure you don't want a candle?}

"Then buy candle from Zsofi and go burn something else," the black almost-Khatta growls, "Destruction gives Zsofi pleasure."

Rasha reiterates, "But I arready have a candurr." She holds the unlit stick of wax up as high as she can. "See?"

Haji signs, {Oh okay. Hope to see you at the mass burning then!}

Rasha peers out from under her visor again, as if doing so would clarify what Haji means by his hand gestures. It doesn't help.

With a wave of the same gray-furred hand, Buran invites the cloaked Shiga to walk with her as she continues around the lake. "I brought a candle," she says, "though I haven't lit it yet." The candle turns out to be an average-sized one made of uncolored wax, but at least it doesn't seem to be the sort to drip too much on unshielded fur.

The black Exile looks at Haji's hands. "Zsofi sees she has hurt you; she will try not to, as you are very special, Fire-in-Hands." She looks at Rasha's unlit candle, then tells the Savanite, "Light that for bugwolf."

Haji earwiggles at the Vykarin and lights Rasha's candle.

Rasha holds out her candle politely, though she certainly doesn't plan to burn anyone or anything with it. "Thank you," she says.

"Spread fire and cheer," Zsofi commands.

Haji bows and begins lighting the candles of nearby bystanders. {Yes, oh Black Beauteous One, I will make it so.}

Rasha dips her head in a nod, then moves into the crowd once more; she isn't spreading cheer, but she's very nearly spreading fire…

The Wooden Shekel nods slightly, and falls into step, strolling along beside Buran. On any other day, the reptile would consider himself insane for doing so, but from his perspective now, it just seems like a pleasant walk. "I'm quite surprised, Priestess," he says. "I would have expected a lady of your charm to be surrounded by young men clamouring for flowers."

Haji's attempts to light candles… prove pointless after a few moments, as nearly everyone's candles are lit. Save for those who are on their second candle of the night already.

Zsofi watches her head, and only, cultist obey her commands. She is pleased.

Bambridge's query is met by a quiet chuckle and a small smile. "I don't know anyone," she confesses. "I've been gone too long. But the drummer, over yonder" – she points off toward the sound of music – "was happy with his flower. The music has been most enthusiastic." One of her ears perks up, and some concern creeps into her voice. "Is something wrong?" Perhaps something about her companion's posture or tone has provided a clue.

The black reptile raises his head a little bit, the tip of his nose protruding from his cowl. "Oh… feeling a little homesick, I suppose. I lived… very far away, and I'm afraid I can no longer go back. I have some… ah, family nearer by, but circumstances mean I can seldom see them. Candlemass reminded me a little."

Buran alters her course toward the candle-lighting Savanite. "I'm sorry," she says after a few minutes. "It must be hard. But I like to think that our families are always remembering us, watching." Her hand now indicates the Procession, shining bright with reflected sunlight. "It's always there. It's helped me through the years."

The black demoncat holds out her tray as Buran and Bambridge approach, "Buy a candle from Zsofi and she will not roast you over a pit of flaming lava so slowly that your feet have cooked and fallen off before your face even warms."

"Mmm. Yes, you're right, of course," agrees the Shiga, his cloak trailing after him. "I won't ever go home, but I'll see my family, eventually. Candlemass is a time for happy… er… " The lizard gives Zsofi a strange look, then glances back at the Technopriestess.

Zsofi waves for her candle lighting high priest to come over.

Haji pads closer to Zsofi, {You waved, oh Black Beauteous One?}

Buran glances at Zsofi and mutters something unintelligible under her breath in heavily-accented Bosch. To anyone who knows the language, it would refer to Zsofi as a cogwheel which has slipped from its mounting and jammed the Machine. She displays her unlit candle, however, and politely explains that she and her companion only desire to have their candles illuminated.

Zsofi points at the Sphynx and Shiga, "These two lovers wish to inflame their passion with burning candles that sear through the fur and skin. Light them on fire so they may burn to a crisp, Fire-in-Hands."

Haji nods to the horned one and looks at the newcomers, {Isn't she great?}

Bambridge starts to raise his candle hesitantly, but at the demoncat's words, his yellowish eyes pop wide open. "Ngk… what?!"

Haji signs, {Um, you did say light their candles, didn't you, Oh Seductive Horned One?}

"Make them burn," Zsofi gestures at their candles, "so they join everyone else."

Buran, too, is surprised; she tries hard to stifle a giggle – wouldn't be polite to laugh at the self-styled goddess. She succeeds (almost) and offers the candle to Haji. Her eyes, still laughing, watch Bambridge to see how he'll react.

Haji ahs and lights Buran's candle.

The black Shiga looks a little flustered, but offers his candle up, casting apologetic looks at Buran. (Hoo, boy… street scum and Templar, now there's a match made in the Procession… ) "Eh… thank you, candle-vendor… it's not like that, but… here's a fiver for… er… setting us ablaze. Thanks."

"May strips of roasted flesh slough off in symbolism of your affection," Zsofi well-wishes once their candles are burning.

Haji earwiggles, {She has such a way with words, doesn't she?}

The Wooden Shekel coughs. "A delightful sentiment, yes… " he hisses at the Savanite, taking his lit candle back.

The Sphynx watches Haji's hands, but their motions are meaningless to her. Nevertheless, she wishes the Savanite a happy Candlemass and a good night, Turning to Bambridge, Buran says, "The musicians are still setting the night ablaze. Would you like to listen for a while?"

Once he's a few comfortable steps back, the Shiga looks at Buran and breathes a sigh of relief, smiling a little in spite of himself. "Interesting traditions you Rephidimites have." He looks in the direction of the music. He nods gratefully, and offers his arm. "I would very much so, Priestess."

The demoncat smiles at Haji, showing her gleaming black fangs. "Zsofi is pleased with your obsequiousness, how you know the ritual of the kissing of Zsofi's hooves, and the importance of remaining quiet so your noise does not distract Zsofi from hearing the screams of her victims. Zsofi commands you to vow to never speak again, and she will indoctrinate you as her high priest and overseer of those to be slaughtered."

Haji earwiggles, {Yes, my Black-eyed Queen!}

Haji follows behind Zsofi, stars in his eyes . o O ( What was that about overseeing slaughter? Oh well. It mustn't have been important. )

"Zsofi is pleased. Follow her to a high point on the hill where the flickering flames of the burning city can be observed against the night sky." The demoncat stomps across the park, her worshipper in tow.

Buran takes the proffered arm while simultaneously edging away from Zsofi. The Sphynx and the Shiga walk to the concert, their conversation fading away on the cool evening breeze and the sound of drumming.


GMed by Chiaroscuro

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