Sinai Player Guide v5.0: 1.0 - Introduction

Sinai Player Guide v5.0

1.0 Introduction to Sinai
  • 1.1 Notes on Sinai's Theme
  • 1.2 Sinai's AUP
  • 1.3 Imagination Chronicles Website
  • 1.4 Purpose of this Guide
  • 1.5 Player Questionnaire
  • 1.6 Gen's Introduction to Sinai


    1.0 Introduction to Sinai

    "SinaiMUCK" and "Sinai" are sometimes treated as interchangeable in these documents, for simplicity's sake, though this is somewhat misleading. Sinai the setting is a fantasy world that attempts to depict a world very unlike Earth, where human and animal-like characters (anthropomorphic) live and struggle to win fame, love, power, glory, and wealth against a background of airships and ruins of ancient races, a social background ranging from the Middle Ages to the Regency period, and the conflict of characters from all social levels.

    Sinai the MUCK, however is really just a place for us to meet together to play in this universe - and others. In fact, sometimes when SinaiMUCK is down, we will regroup on another MUCK ... and now and then, we even run other adventures completely separate from the Sinai chronology on the MUCK. It's just that Sinai is the primary setting, and the bulk of these documents are written for potential players within that setting.

    Think of it as a cross between a shared creative writing universe and a gaming group: players on Sinai interact in "real time" and the resulting logs are then posted to a web site so they can be read at leisure.

    The world of Sinai itself is a ringed planet in many ways like Earth in its composition (such as the fact that most of the surface is covered with water), but poor in heavy metals. It boasts three continents, numerous islands, and more than twenty 'sky islands' which are floating mountains that drift over its surface. It has no moon, but instead a ring that is visible from the surface during both day and night. Diverse races live at a pre-industrial to early steam age level of technology. Ruins dot the surface, and airships travel through the sky. Magic works, but where it is strongest, technology fails or works in curious ways.

    At the beginning of recorded Sinai history, a great Ark brought many peoples to this world for a purpose now unknown. Each race has its own beliefs that explain that it is truly the child of the Ark and that the secrets of Sinai are its legacy. Wars have broken out over attempts to "explain" these beliefs to others. Rephidim, an inhabited sky island, keeps an uneasy peace between these aggressive cultures.

    1.1 Notes on Sinai's Theme

    Sinai is envisioned as a cooperative role-playing venture, but we have gamemasters (GMs) both to guide "overall" story-arcs that span multiple logs and characters, and to ensure some kind of continuity and balance. The typical character will not be overly powerful - they can be highly skilled, wealthy or influential, dangerously strong or amazingly swift, but not all at once, ensuring that they must either work with other player characters (PCs) or use their wits to overcome obstacles, rather than using some miraculous special ability to prevail.

    To that end, some caveats and observations:

  • Sinai is not a "pencil and paper" role-playing world ... even though it resembles one in many respects. While some GMs do use dice for the resolution of combat and other conflicts, for the most part the players say what they want to do, and the GM writes out the results. When there is no GM moderating the role-play, then it is up to the players themselves to come to an agreement regarding any conflicts that may arise. Sinai is not about number-crunching or dice rolling; it is about telling a story with many participants.
  • Sinai is not a public role-playing world ... unlike many MUCKs where anyone can join in as long as they fit in theme. It is closer to a gaming group. If you're interested in joining Sinai, being cooperative, teachable and friendly is more important than experience or credentials.
  • Many of the species on Sinai are "anthropomorphic animals" -- that is, roughly, "animal-headed people". For the sake of brevity, they are often referred to in narrative by their Earth-parallel species -- such as "cats", "wolves", or "bats" -- or, that is, humanoid versions of these species. They may also be referred to (especially in dialogue) by their race names. In the above examples, that would be "Khatta", "Jupani" and "Eeee", respectively.
  • Not all characters work well on Sinai. In particular, characters with miraculous powers, with backgrounds that would preclude them from interacting with other PCs, or with particularly difficult morals that would "squick" the GMs are politely asked to consider other role-playing MUCKs.
  • Sinai is not a chat MUCK. Yes, we do hang around and chat a lot, in between role-play. However, SinaiMUCK is primarily a role-play oriented MUCK. Players are expected to participate in some fashion. The most obvious way would be through role-play, either as a PC, a GM, or an NPC or "GM assistant". Some players contribute by helping GMs with ideas for plots ... or at the least by providing some sort of feedback on the way the plots are going. Players that sit around and show no interest in role-play for an extended period (say, six months or so) may be in danger of having their characters purged during the occasional housecleaning.
  • Sinai is not a building MUCK. The locations we role-play in only exist as narrative descriptions by the GM and PCs, as descriptions in logs, or as temporary descriptions on the "holodeck" rooms we use as virtual gaming tables. You don't build a home for yourself here, and there's not very much to explore.

  • 1.2 Sinai's AUP

    SinaiMUCK exists solely for entertainment purposes, and access is not guaranteed. Its players tend to be mature roleplayers who like creating interesting literary characters and writing stories about them in real time. As well as being an impromptu theatre where we are both actors and audience, Sinai is a place to hang out, have some fun, and make some friends worth keeping. The Sinai mileu is a richly developed fantasy land of unknown purpose and destiny.

    1. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that SinaiMUCK is here for nonprofit entertainment purposes only. Access is provided on an "as we feel like it" basis, and is not guaranteed and can be restricted or denied at any time.
    2. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that you must conduct yourself in a law-abiding, mature manner, whenever you are online with us.
    3. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that "virtual" sexual activity is not permitted on SinaiMUCK, and that participating in such behaviors while online with us is grounds for immediate and permanent removal of all your characters from the MUCK.
    4. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that in the event of a dispute with a player on the MUCK, your recourse is to settle that dispute in a mature manner. In the event of an unresolvable dispute, you agree to politely disagree with that player or go your own way. We're adults here, playing a game for fun. No one has the time or energy to parent you.
    5. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that in no way can the players, builders, GMs, wizards, host domain, or anyone else associated with the MUCK, be held criminally or civilly liable for any damages, real or imagined, resulting from your participation.
    6. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that SinaiMUCK uses a "shared world" copyright: the world concept is copyrighted 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 by Conrad "Lynx" Wong, but the characters and concepts that you invent and develop are copyrighted by yourself. Works involving your character will not be published without the consent of the people whose characters appear in them.
    7. By logging onto the MUCK with a registered character you attest that you agree and understand that all roleplay, stories, artwork, and other related creative works produced as a result of collaboration in SinaiMUCK constitute a publication of your work. In particular, if you should choose to withdraw your character and its concepts for any reason, you agree to let your character's prior appearances stand in the logs, and to have your character be written out of the game in an appropriate manner in keeping with Sinai's themes. Concepts developed by you such as races or legends remain a part of Sinai's world, and cannot be withdrawn.

    1.3 Imagination Chronicles Website

    Thanks to Paul Osze (Envoy on SinaiMUCK), Sinai has one of the best role-playing resources and campaign log sites on the web. The Imagination Chronicles website can be found at and includes:

  • Full Log Entries of our role-play can be found herein, along with synopses, threaded so that you can follow the adventures of different characters, a major adventure plotline, or read them in chronological order.
  • An Encyclopedia that's always being updated as new creatures, plants, races, objects, or legends are generated. It is more complete than the Player Guide which will only seek to list "commonly known" data.
  • A Dramatis Personae which describes the various characters in more detail.
  • An Art Gallery of characters, scenes, maps, and events.
  • And just plain silliness, courtesy of the Moz Ezley Asylum for the Disturbed in Spirit!

  • 1.4 Purpose of this Guide

    In this guide's latest revision, a considerable amount of material has been added to bring it up to date with the setting of Sinai (as of this writing). In February of 2000, we "fast forwarded" the timeline by four years - whereas it had previously had been more or less progressing in "real time". This allowed us to make some fairly major changes in the setting, and observe the results of some previous adventuring.

    The ambitious goal of the Players' Guide is to serve as an exhaustive reference for players and potential players on Sinai, with a focus on providing information for the "Sinai" setting ... though rules on proper conduct and role-playing style generally apply to any other game settings we may use on SinaiMUCK as well.

    You don't need to read all the sub-articles contained on this site. A great deal of information has been added in the hopes of helping players to better know how to play particular types of characters. For instance, if you wanted to play a Temple Inquisitor, there is a lot of information here about the breakdown of the Temple hierarchy. If, however, you wanted to play a barbarian in the wilds, you hardly need to know anything terribly specific to the world of Sinai that wouldn't apply to a "generic" fantasy setting, except that you're on a planet with anthro animals, a ring in the sky, no moon, and occasionally sky islands or airships drift past.

    If you find things to be unclear or incomplete, let the GMs know. Provided things go well, this guide will be edited and updated from time to time as needed.

    1.5 Player Questionnaire

    As part of our standard procedure (subject to change, since honestly we don't get queries all that often) we have a questionnaire to send out to prospective players (and GMs).

    Please be aware that we are not currently seeking out new characters. We have relatively few GMs compared to players, and are unlikely to have new openings for players anytime soon. However, it probably won't hurt to inquire, as long as you aren't too insistent on being accepted.

    1.6 Gen's Introduction to Sinai

    One of the major GMs on Sinai, Gen, has written up an introduction for new and prospective players on How to Get Along on Sinai.